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Monday, December 5, 2011

[FL] Police Sgt. Bosque, fired, rehired FIVE times, doesn't want to discuss domestic violence allegations

Florida's flawed system for policing the police

Herald Tribune
By Anthony Cormier & Matthew Doig
Sunday, December 4, 2011
[Excerpts] Forty internal affairs cases would cost most police officers their jobs. But not Opa-Locka Police Sgt. German Bosque. Not in this state... Sixteen of them were for battery or excessive force. Fired five times and arrested three... Off duty, he was accused by women of domestic violence and stalking. During inspections, the agency found a counterfeit $20 bill, cocaine and crack pipes in his patrol car. Still, Bosque has kept his badge. In Florida, the process of investigating and disciplining police officers and prison guards is flawed at every level... Law enforcement agencies around the state employ officers despite cases of serious misconduct in their past, involving everything from violence and perjury to drugs and sexual assault... When agencies do try to rid themselves of problem officers, they are often thwarted by the state's powerful law enforcement unions... "You know what? I like the person I see in the mirror," he says. "I'm conceited about one thing in my life: I'm an excellent police officer..." He was kicked out of two police academies... In an interview at FDLE headquarters, staff members said commission rules prevent them from looking at the scope of an officer's misconduct... Time and again, Opa-Locka bungled misconduct investigations involving Bosque by losing paperwork... In a two-hour interview with the Herald-Tribune, Bosque evaded some questions — particularly those about off-duty altercations with women... [Full article here]
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