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Saturday, December 24, 2011

[NM] Albuquerque police officer who killed dad says he was treated differently than APD officer accused of killing wife

...[Albuquerque Police Officer] Orlando Camacho sued the city and Police Chief Ray Schultz for back pay and to get his job back with APD... In Camacho’s civil lawsuit - he claims he received far different treatment than that meted out to other officers in trouble, among them Levi Chavez, who is accused of murdering his wife [Tera] and faking [her] suicide...

[NM] Ex -Officer Camacho acquitted of murder (Will he get his job back?) - ...A district court jury late Friday acquitted for Albuquerque police officer Orlando Camacho in the shooting death of the man he treated as his father... Police found drug paraphernalia and containers with drug residue on them when they searched Camacho's home... The homicide was investigated as a non-officer-involved shooting, with lower priority (although Camacho was in uniform and used his service weapon)... One of Camacho's girlfriends testified that Camacho had physically assaulted her hours before the shooting of Kirk Carroll, that he had pulled out his taser and threatened her with it, and that Camacho had made a veiled terroristic threat towards her and her young son. "I was really scared for my life and my son's life"... it was soon dismissed by District Court Judge Angela Jewell, who said that it "did not meet the burden of proof that Camacho committed an act of domestic violence."

Published On: Mon JULY 10, 2006
Kirk Dewayne Carroll was born in Albuquerque, NM on August 27, 1957 to Henry Carroll and Jessie Mae Nealy. He is survived by his son Orlando Camacho-Carroll of Albuquerque, New Mexico; his brother... his four sisters... seven nieces; four nephews; and a host of great-nieces, nephews, and cousins...

Nancy Laflin
Thursday, 22 Dec 2011
[Excerpts] Orlando Camacho sued the city and Police Chief Ray Schultz for back pay and to get his job back with APD. Wednesday, a jury ruled in favor of Camacho but he didn't get everything he was asking for. The jury awarded Camacho $6,000, not for back pay but for violating Camacho's civil rights. Jurors ruled the city and Chief Schultz didn't give him due process. City attorneys say Camacho violated several department policies in 2006 when he shot and killed the man he called his father. Camacho fired his service weapon during an argument at the home the men shared. Camacho wasn't working that night, but was wearing his APD uniform. In 2009 Camacho was acquitted of the murder...Even though APD says they will never rehire Camacho, he says he'll keep on fighting to get his old job. He plans to take the issue to court again. [Full article here]


Albuquerque Journal
By Scott Sandlin
Tue, Dec 20, 2011
The emotional toll extracted by the death of ex-Albuquerque Police Department officer Orlando Camacho’s father figure on July 4, 2006, was evident Monday as Camacho testified in a civil trial seeking to reclaim his job and damages for his firing. Camacho broke down as he described his father, angry at Camacho, emerging from a back room at the home they shared, kicking him in the groin and trying to wrest away the service revolver strapped at Camacho’s hip... Camacho’s gun discharged, fatally wounding Carroll in the chest. Camacho, now 31, was terminated by APD some seven months before he was indicted on charges of second-degree murder - charges a jury cleared him of two years ago. In Camacho’s civil lawsuit, which a different jury began hearing Monday before District Judge Nan Nash, he claims he received far different treatment than that meted out to other officers in trouble, among them Levi Chavez, who is accused of murdering his wife and faking a suicide. Camacho knew his father was mad at him because an ex-girlfriend had confronted Carroll to give him details of Camacho’s personal relationships. Camacho said he had put on his APD uniform, although he was not on duty at the time, and returned to the home with the idea that he could defuse the situation, but Carroll rushed him... Deputy City Attorney Kathryn Levy told jurors there was no reason for Camacho to be in uniform, carrying his Glock, badge and a Taser, on a day when he wasn’t working and knew his father would be livid about having been lied to. She said the fact that he was acquitted in the criminal case “is not the issue... Police Chief Ray Schultz made the difficult decision to fire Camacho for conduct unbecoming an officer and other charges that are not related to the Internal Affairs probes launched by Carroll’s complaints... [Full article here]
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