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Monday, December 5, 2011

[VA] 15 year old Jordan Drummonds survived state cop stepfather's years of abuse and now wants to help others

Virginia State Police Captain Edward "Ed" Hope's 20 year sentence is suspended but Jordan Drummonds says she finally has some closure. Jordan wants her name used and is aiming to help other young people.

(Jordan you, your mom, and your sisters are amazing!)

Video: [VA] State Police Cpt. Hope abused stepdaughters for years. Pleads guilty.

Edward Hope was a division commander until his 2009 arrest.

EX-STATE POLICE CAPTAIN GUILTY OF SEXUAL ABUSE: Former Virginia State Police Capt. Edward L. Hope Jr. entered the plea to a single charge of aggravated sexual battery.
Times Dispatch
November 30, 2011
[Excerpts] A teenage girl's secret life of sexual abuse and torment at the hands of her stepfather - challenged for two years in grueling court proceedings - evaporated Tuesday with a simple word that brought vindication and relief: guilty. Standing before a circuit judge near the end of a 20-minute hearing Tuesday, former Virginia State Police Capt. Edward L. Hope Jr. entered the plea to a single charge of aggravated sexual battery, never shifting has gaze toward his victim. The single word brought tears of relief to the victim's extended family, and outside the Brunswick County courthouse Jordan Drummonds, now 15, thrust her thumbs upward in a sign of victory. "I feel like people will know now that I was telling the truth," the Chesterfield County high school student said, vowing to dedicate her life to helping young people... He left the courthouse without comment and will be on probation for two years; he will have to register as a sex offender and is forbidden from associating with juveniles, voting or possessing a firearm... The Richmond Times-Dispatch does not typically publish the names of juvenile victims of crime or victims of sexual abuse, but Drummonds and her daughter insisted on public mention of their names. "What this is for my daughter is a vindication, an empowering moment for her that she has been telling the truth and that she has taken control again of her life"... Hope's trial in Chesterfield in 2010 on multiple rape, sexual battery and forcible sodomy charges ended in a mistrial... On Tuesday, [Special Prosecutor Marsha] Garst outlined years of abuse of Jordan and her two sisters and how the incidents became public when Jordan's older sister wrote a long school paper on a personal struggle that detailed the abuse within her family... Garst for the first time revealed Tuesday that search warrants taken out by state police during the investigation turned up evidence of a history of "lascivious conduct," including pictures of his stepdaughters... [Full article here]
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