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Friday, January 15, 2010

[AR][TN] Marie Cogburn's ex-cop boyfriend, Danny Gardner of Nashville, sentenced to 20 years for killing her

Marie Cogburn
July 19, 1974 - Jan. 10, 2009

A Nashville man received a 20 year sentenced in connection with the shooting death of his girlfriend. According to reports, 43 year old Danny Gardner of Nashville was sentenced 20 years for the January 2009 death of his girlfriend, 34 year old Marie Cogburn. Gardner was charged with First Degree Murder. Authorities said Gardner shot Cogburn in the back with an AR-15 rifle following an argument at a residence on Lockesburg Street . 9th West District Prosecutor Bryan Chesshir said Gardner's plea agreement resulted in the toughest penalty under Arkansas law. Gardner must serve 70 percent of the sentence before he becomes eligible for parole. [LINK]

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  1. AnonymousJuly 06, 2013

    I would like to say that I knew Dan Gardner from the Marine Corps during the 1980s at Camp Lejeune. He / it is not representative of the standards of a Marine, and it is no longer welcome into the brotherhood of former Marines. It is obvious from it's inability to interact on a human level with others, that this was the most likely reason it was with the Murfreesboro Police Department for such a short period of time. I knew it to be quick to temper, spiteful, and a dangerous person. Once someone offended this creature, it started to plot against them. How it did not get life in prison or the death penalty for this CALCULATED heinous act is beyond me. I am truly sorry for Ms. Cogburn's families loss and wish to convey my deepest sympathies. It is also my opinion that this animal should never be allowed parole, for it's exactly the type to commit the same grievous acts upon another helpless victim, because it's actions are more that of animals than a humans, without moral clarity or reasoning.


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