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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

[OK] Sgt. Michael Dawson's "argument" with girlfriend ends with drunken foot-damage to deputy's cruiser window

...The blood stains on his shirt, which he was unable to explain, were enough to cause the deputy to probe a little further. The 11-year police veteran insisted the New Year’s Eve fight he had with his girlfriend was verbal and that everyone was fine...

[The video news report adds that Sgt. Dawson said the blood was from punching a wall.]

The Oklahoman  
By Michael Kimball 
Published: January 4, 2010
[Excerpts] An off-duty Oklahoma City police officer was arrested in Logan County early on New Year's Day after deputies found him crawling out of a wooded ditch along a rural road while intoxicated and clothed only in a T-shirt, shorts and a single shoe, authorities said. A caller alerted deputies to a man walking near N Western Avenue and W Waterloo Road shortly after midnight Friday, Oklahoma City police Capt. Patrick Stewart said. Stewart identified the man as Sgt. Michael Dawson, an 11-year veteran patrol officer, and Stewart said Dawson was drunk at the time of the incident. The deputy put Dawson in the back of the Logan County patrol car for warmth, and Dawson told him he had left his house after an argument with his girlfriend, Stewart said. Deputies went to the house to check on its occupants, who were not hurt. Dawson kicked out the back window of the patrol car during the incident, Stewart said. Deputies booked Dawson into Logan County jail on a misdemeanor complaint of public intoxication... [LINK]

The Oklahoman 
By Michael Kimball and Johnny Johnson
Published: January 5, 2010
[Excerpts] Oklahoma City police Sgt. Michael Dawson wasn’t immediately arrested after a Logan County sheriff’s deputy found him crawling out of a ditch along a rural road in sub-freezing weather clothed only in a T-shirt, shorts and a single shoe... Dawson wasn’t placed under arrest after he admitted to drinking, when he couldn’t properly stand up or when he could not answer the deputies’ questions in a coherent manner... The blood stains on his shirt, which he was unable to explain, were enough to cause the deputy to probe a little further. The 11-year police veteran insisted the New Year’s Eve fight he had with his girlfriend was verbal and that everyone was fine... It wasn’t until Dawson kicked out the passenger window of the patrol car that he was placed under arrest, the record states... While in the deputy’s car, Dawson told the deputy he had left his cousin’s house after an argument with his girlfriend, Stewart said. The deputy went to Dawson’s home where they found his son and his girlfriend unharmed... "As I was running toward the vehicle, Mr. Dawson kicked out the driver’s side rear passenger window of my patrol vehicle and was attempting to climb out,” the deputy wrote in his report. "Mr. Dawson was yelling and asking us why we were doing this to him” Deputies booked Dawson into Logan County jail on a misdemeanor complaint of public intoxication, Stewart said. He has not been formally charged... Dawson is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation... [LINK]
[police officer involved domestic violence oidv intimate partner violence (IPV) abuse law enforcement public safety oklahoma state]



    ...I for one feel safer knowing we have people like this legally packing heat.

    ..."He has not been formally charged. Stewart said Dawson is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation into the incident."

    ...Policemen are people, there will be mistakes. He didn't commit an offense against a person - so as we know. I think it might be a little bit blown out of proportion because he is a big city officer. Do I think he should return to the streets right away - NO. But I think with some help and time at a desk, he just like everyone else should be given another chance, perhaps first probationary before full trust.

    ...It is funny how so many are forgetting that he was questioned about the blood on his shirt and the News 4 interview with Logan county Deputy said that Sgt. Dawson admitted the blood on his hands was from punching the wall during the verbal altercation!! I just hope the girlfriend thinks twice before going back to this kind of man.I hope she doesn't have children that she is bringing around this magnitude of anger.If she doesn't care then she has issues herself. I pray that He doesn't have children than get into the pathway of his venomous anger!! Then all of you people that are overlooking the less publicized issue of domestic abuse, will have to try to sleep at night, know that you wanted to give the guy a break!! I wonder what you will post then!!!

    ...This is the same officer who had a news story concerning him and a possible VPO charge broUght up but may have sank to the bottom of Lake Dirty Bird never to be seen again (Untill Needed)...

    ...The VPO she is refering to is from the last domestic violence charges against mike dawson on his previous wife. She is saying that no domestic violence charges were filed. You can get online and find all of this stuff out. Logan county is doing him a favor. The charges that are filed will actually let him keep his job just like in the past...

    ...It is apparent that Mr. Dawson has anger problems and attending anger management didn't work. How can you still carry a gun when you have a VPO against you? Ordinary citizens aren't allowed if they have a VPO against them. Mr. Dawson has abused his wives and it is apparent that he was involved in some sort of altercation with his present girlfriend on this occasion. Sure, no charges were filed and it helps when the department you work for are taking the reports but it doesn't mean that it didn't happen. Maybe this time he won't just get a slap on the wrist and be allowed to continue this behavior in the future...


    ...He is formally charged with public intoxication and malicious injury to property. Criminal misdemeanor charges? Lucky you dawson! Now you will get to keep your job just like you have after all of the other crimes you have been charged with in the past. Maybe you can take ANOTHER domestic violence class at the YMCA. Hopefully, all women are watching this and his kids are safe. Because it looks like another cop is going to get away with a slap on the wrist. To all of you police officers that are quality upstanding citizens and conduct yourself with pride and dignity on and off of duty, I want to thank you...

    ...It seems odd that he wasn't charged with destruction of public property.

    ...BOOK 'EM DAN - O On a.... C W I .... (crawling while intoxicated)...10 - 4 and out....
    kenneth, apo - Jan 4, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    ...The nice thing about those posting nasty comments is that unlike the officer, they never have to worry about losing a good job. Jealousy is a great motivator. Teamless in Seattle, your logic is sound but the public, as defined by local ordinances refers more to location than the number (or lack of) people in the vicinity.

    ...Must have been some argument if you leave the house without your clothes on. Hope he didn't hurt anyone. Couldn't have been a good things for the kids to see.

    ...Unless he molested a child, he has done nothing do jeoparize his job. If the City hands out any discipline, the FOP will file a grievance and an arbitrator will reverse any action taken by the City. End of Story.

    ...Cops would have beat me up if I pulled this kind of crap. If I was black they might have shot me...

    ...Give him a slap on the wrist? He got a slap on the wrist when he beat his first wife and nothing happened. Then he got another slap on the wrist when he beat his second wife and was court ordered to domestic violence counceling. He had a protection order from his second wife for 2 years. He isn't under pressure, he is abusing his authority and he has a complex. I just feel sorry for his kids. They are learning from him how to treat women and respect the law. My father is a cop and he never did any of this crap. If he cant handle the pressure get him some counseling and put him behind a desk.

    ...This is a direct result of the pressure and stress that these overlooked, everyday hereos are under! He deserves nothing more than "maybe" a verbal reprimand! Get this guy back on the street ASAP! This should have never been brought to the media's attention NOR should there be a comment section under this. Give this guy and the OCPD a break! This is NOT news!

    ...I wish that I could get put on paid leave after kicking out the window of a cruiser...

    ...Another abuse of taxpayers money. Paid leave? BS!!! Make him use his accrued PTO (Vacation) to sit in the LC jail.

    ...How can he kick out a window in a patrol ca and on paid leave? Answer: Union.

    ...must be nice to kick out a car window and get paid leave. To Protect and Serve....

  3. First of all you can't believe everything the news said. If you watched all the news channels they all said something different and since he is a police officer they are gonna make it to be a bigger deal then it probably was. I've dealt with the news media and you can't ever get the full truth out of them. So don't judge people until you know the whole truth and not all the crap the news or anyone puts out there. If you don't know him then don't judge him.


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