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Friday, January 8, 2010

[TX] Ex-Trooper Fetters' critically injured passenger Anna not mentioned now in the retelling of his fatal crash

It was December 19th 2009. Steven William Fetters, a Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper for over 19 years went for what seems like a deliberately deadly high-speed ride in his white Ford F250 pickup, crashed into an unsuspecting traveling SUV (Billy Parker and her family are ok) - and fled that scene in a blur - "0 to 90". Soon after he was rolling the truck several times after it must have left the road flying. He was pronounced dead shortly after. The memorial articles are out there in the news differing from the original reports - saying he MAY have hit another vehicle before his fatal crash and make no mention of his critically injured passenger Anna Faith Burchell, or that there even was a passenger. Anna was also sent flying through the air from the truck he had turned into a spiraling torpedo. There's no follow up on Anna. It's all about him. No care for the woman who had no control over her life or death.

There was an honoring memorial service for Fetters - as an ex law enforcement officer, as having served in the Marines, and for the overall good he's done.

Is Anna still alive? Improving?
Crippled for life? Fighting like a champ?
Brokenhearted? (Finally safe?)

The local news sources don't bother say.

I'm still waiting. (It looks like a failed attempted murder-suicide to me.)

One commenter after a Fetters tribute article did mention Anna - not by name, but said:

"I feel sorry for his family and his girl friend and I hope she survives. I also hope that the people in the hit and run are all ok."

Sample of Current News:

Hundreds honor life of former DPS trooper, Marine - Montgomery County Courier - Lucretia Cardenas - Steven William Fetters, 48, of Conroe, died on Dec. 19, after losing control of his truck on FM 3083. Police reported that Fetters was allegedly driving recklessly and may have been involved with another accident that evening. However, on Tuesday, family members focused on the positives of Fetters’ life... The Patriot Guard of Southeast Texas lined the entrance to the chapel with flags. Among the guests were dozen of local law enforcement officers who came to pay their respects. So many people attended the simple ceremony that several had to stand during the service... He graduated high school in... He immediately joined the Marines... Fetters served 19-1/2 years as a DPS trooper. He also took time to indulge in activities he loved...

Memorial for former DPS Trooper - Montgomery County Newspaper - ‎Born May 31, 1961, in Bloomington, Indiana, passed away Saturday, December 19, 2009, in Houston, Texas. Mr. Fetters had been a resident of Conroe, Texas for the past 25 years and had completed 19 plus years with the Texas Department of Public Safety...

From the scene of the crash - where Fetters' past is mentioned:

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