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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

[NE] Officer Sean Heyenga will stand trial for felony domestic violence - strangulation and terroristic threatening of his wife

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[NE] Wife of Officer Heyenga says her eyes rolled back in her head and she lost consciousness - ...Documents claim [Omaha Police Officer Sean] Heyenga wrapped both hands around [NM]'s neck and began strangling her until her eyes rolled back in her head and she lost consciousness... Officers wrote that [NM] had "visible marks," of strangulation, which were “photographed by the crime lab”... In court Friday afternoon, details emerged suggesting this isn't the first time Heyenga had attacked his wife... [NM] claims she has been too scared to come forward because Heyenga is a police officer... [A 12 year old child was there during the attack]

January 11, 2010

OMAHA, Neb. - An Omaha police officer accused of choking his wife until she passed out will stand trial on assault charges.

Sean Heyenga also faces charges of terroristic threats in connection with the December incident.

Prosecutors said Heyenga came home after drinking one night and got into an argument with his wife, [NM]. They said Heyenga got on top of her, strangled her and threatened to kill her.

Miller told investigators she had been beaten by Heyenga on several occasion but she didn't report them because of his position in the police department. She was afraid nothing would be done.

Heyenga is on paid administrative leave.

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  1. Why is the SOB on PAID admin. leave ???


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