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Monday, January 11, 2010

[FL] Fired for lying, Officer Suskevich reinstated. (Weed? Wife said that was all her. Gun shot in house? Wife said she did that too.)

Last year a shot was fired in the home of Cape Coral Police Officer Curt Suskevich and his wife Christine. Police came. Christine said she did it. While there police found half smoked joints on the counter. Christine said she did it. An investigation concluded that Curt saying he didn't know about the weed (joints on the counter) was unbelievable. He was fired. Curt is being reinstated. If he was fired for lying then I don't know who shot the gun.

So many victims have told me why they took the blame for their law enforcement husband or boyfriend.

How does an officer determined to not be telling the truth come back?

Previous posts:
Will return to job Monday; was arrested on pot charge
January 8, 2010
[Excerpts] A fired Cape Coral police officer must been reinstated and will be back on the job Monday, an independent arbitrator has ruled. Cape Coral Police Chief Robert Petrovich fired Curt Suskevich, 38, in January 2009, for conduct unbecoming an officer after he was arrested in Key West on a marijuana charge. The charge was later dropped. Suskevich appealed his case, which is allowed under the police union contract, to an independent arbitrator. The arbitrator, Thomas G. Humphries, ruled the punishment was too severe and ordered Suskevich should be reinstated... “I have to respect the decision of the arbitrator. It’s part of the process,” Petrovich said. “We need to support the officer in the hope that he will be successful in the future”... Suskevich and his wife, Christine, were arrested in August 2008 in Key West on charges of marijuana possession. Officers responding to reports of a gunshot searched the home the Suskeviches were staying in and found half-smoked marijuana cigarettes, which Suskevich’s wife said belonged to her, police said. Christine Suskevich also was charged with discharging a firearm under the influence of alcohol and possession of drug paraphernalia... [Full article here]

Back pay and benefits request is denied
Cape Coral Daily Breeze
By Tiffany Repecki
January 9, 2010
[Excerpts] ...Suskevich and his wife, Christine, were charged with possession of marijuana in August 2008 after Christine reportedly fired Suskevich's handgun at a wall inside their vacation home. The couple told responding officers that the drugs discovered in the home belonged to Christine. Christine was found guilty on the possession charge, as well as firing a handgun under the influence of alcohol and possession of narcotic equipment, according to court records. The charge against Suskevich, who said he was unaware that she was using marijuana and did not know the contraband was in the home, was dropped. However, Suskevich was terminated following the internal investigation, during which Petrovich determined Suskevich was aware of his wife's use of marijuana yet did nothing to stop the illegal activity. According to police spokeswoman Connie Barron, the Fraternal Order of Police and the city entered into binding arbitration over Suskevich's firing per the collective bargaining agreement. Independent arbitrator Thomas G. Humphries determined a lesser penalty than termination was warranted... Humphries reported that Suskevich was not found to possess or use illegal drugs, was not convicted of criminal misconduct and had a meritorious record in his years as a police officer. However, he dismissed Suskevich's claim that Christine hid her illegal activities from him. "The portrait of the Grievant as merely a duped husband emerges from the record as a feeble attempt by both husband and wife to establish his naivete when it came to her drug use ... the totality of the evidence in the instant case belies the claim of his having no knowledge of her marijuana use," Humphries wrote. "To conclude he had not been aware of his wife's drug use and the fact that she had brought marijuana into their vacation residence is to cast a blind eye upon clear and convincing evidence to the contrary," he added. Humphries reinstated Suskevich at his previous pay level - $59,945 at the time of his termination - with the condition that Suskevich enter into a two-year "last chance agreement." Under the agreement, Suskevich "would be subject to random drug testing and discharge at the discretion of the department for any proven violation of department rules"... Suskevich filed a grievance with the city manager after his termination, but former City Manager Terry Stewart backed Petrovich's decision and the grievance was denied. Suskevich then turned to the union, which moved forward with the arbitration... [Full article here]
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