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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

[OH] STILL-A-COP Willard Police Officer Joshua Dorsey accidentally shot himself they say

Willard Police Officer Joshua M. Dorsey was released this morning from Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo after accidentally shooting himself in the leg with his personal weapon Sunday...

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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - Willard cop shoots self
Norwalk Reflector
Monday January 25 2010, 10:46am
Willard Police Officer Joshua M. Dorsey was released this morning from Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo after accidentally shooting himself in the leg with his personal weapon Sunday. The incident happened about 9:55 p.m. in the police locker room as Dorsey was reporting for duty. "Officer Dorsey was removing his firearm and holster from his belt and the gun fired and struck Officer Dorsey in his right thigh, right calf and the top of his right foot. Officer Dorsey was the only person in the locker room at the time of the incident," Chief Joe Daniel said. Dorsey exited the locker room and reported the incident to Sgt. Steve Weiss. "The Willard rescue squad was summoned and first aid was administered to Officer Dorsey," Daniel said. After initially being taken to Mercy Willard Hospital, he later was transported to Mercy St. Vincent. [LINK]


...And believe it or not this happened when he was on probation to get his job at the police station during these assault charges. IT takes a real man to knock down a 5 year old, and assult his ex girlfriend!!!! And Willard better look real close at him after all this!...

...Dont u have to have your finger on the trigger to fire? lol Oh my goodness - How can Willard call this officer one of there finest? This officer was also arrested for domestic violence...

...This does not sound right to me....something fishy is going on. This guy is only allowed to have ONE bullet and he has to keep it in his shirt pocket..."

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  1. his new girlfriend is now at st vincent medical in a coma from falling down stairs!

  2. Please contact me. cloudwriter@gmail.com

  3. Typical of cops...protect thier own, cover up and press on as if nothing happened. Who police's the police? Internal affairs? What a lop-sided system.

  4. It's only typical of bad cops, not cops.

  5. To the girlfriend and wife of officer dorsey,
    YES,YES,YES. Press charges before he does hurt u or your children fatally. At least if cops dont help u then it will be on record if he tries anything.Dorsey is not a man! He was called to my home one night along with another officer and he was rude,obnoxious,very demanding over intruder break-in. I really would not want him in my home for anything bad because he makes women feel inferior and stupid, just as a cop. Why??? why does willard let this go on and think a few classes is going to change him???? Once a woman beater,,, always a woman beater. Well i have never had no trouble in willard but he is the biggest liability they could have if he is kept on force.
    And yes, I personally know about cover-ups in this town.

  6. you know whats funy is the "victim" changed her story on the stand twice. any other case this would have been thrown out but political bs did not this time. so get your story strieght even the reporter from the norwalk reflector changed his mind about the cop


  8. To the person who tried to comment, and who had a perfectly reasonably request - send a comment without the profanity to get your request on the page.


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