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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

[FL] MISSING FOUR YEARS TODAY: Malabar Fire Lt. Brandy Hall

..."There are a lot of rumors revolving around this case... But somebody knows where she is and might have a moment of conscience. "There's still hope that she could be found."

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Florida Today
By J.D. Gallop
August 17, 2010
[Excerpts] Lynn Troup simply wants to know what happened. But four years after Malabar volunteer firefighter and mother Brandy Hall vanished, the answers grow harder to come by for the longtime friend. This year, unlike others, there won't be the immediacy of any candlelight memorials, barbecue fundraisers or formal get-togethers organized by Hall's close friends to draw attention to the case. "Everybody's aware of the anniversary. We need to find an answer to something," said Troup, who instead tacked up a fresh round of posters with Hall's picture across Palm Bay. Her fear now is that time will diminish the urgency that brought Hall's family and friends together in the months and years following the mysterious disappearance... Hall, then 32, was last seen Aug. 17, 2006, as she left the Malabar Fire Department for home... After years of chasing leads, talking with psychics and pouring over Hall's home life and family background, detectives continue to view the case as a homicide. "It's still an active investigation. We did give her husband, Jeff Hall, a polygraph test within the last two months. He did well and he's been good about getting in touch with us," [Palm Bay Detective Mike] Pusatere said... Jeff Hall lives in Orlando with the couple's two children and could not be reached for comment. He is a former fire chief for Osceola County... Brandy Hall's fire fighting gear was found floating in a small pond off of Treeland Road near Brevard Community College's Palm Bay campus just hours after she left the fire station. Her pickup also was found in the pond, with what appeared to be blood in the cab... Her body has never been found, but her cell phone, notebooks and even a helmet belonging to the firefighter have turned up from Viera to Vero Beach... "There are a lot of rumors revolving around this case," Pusatere said. "But somebody knows where she is and might have a moment of conscience. "There's still hope that she could be found." [Full article here]
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