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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

[IL] Ex-Police Sgt. Drew Peterson wife-murder trial postponement painful for family.

...."I wish no one else to have to go through this, this is a terrible pain, you not only relive the pain, but you miss your sister even more... She [Kathleen Savio] actually told me that he [Bolingbrook Police Sgt. Drew Peterson] was going to kill her and he told her it was going to be an accident and no one would ever know," said [Kathleen's sister, Sue] Doman... A state police crime scene investigator said Thursday that he gathered no evidence after Kathleen Savio was found drowned in her bathtub in 2004, and a state trooper there that night [Master Sgt. Bryan Falat] testified he was "disgusted" by how the investigation was handled...

Plainfield Sun
August 24, 2010
[Excerpts] Two days before state police got around to serving a search warrant on the home of Drew Peterson, the alleged wife-killer smuggled some of his "favorite" guns to the North Aurora residence of his son Stephen. One of those "couple, three" guns [Oak Brook police officer] Stephen Peterson said his father brought over for him to hide from state cops was an AR-15 with a barrel prosecutors claim had been illegally shortened... Stephen Peterson's estranged wife, Housing and Urban Development agent Teresa Peterson, also took the witness stand to tell of Peterson stopping by Oct. 30, 2007 -- just days after the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, whom Drew Peterson is suspected of slaying... While Drew Peterson has not been charged with harming the missing Stacy, he was arrested in May 2009 for allegedly drowning his third wife, Kathleen Savio, in March 2004. During a break in Monday's pretrial proceedings for his gun case, the shackled Peterson was shuttled across the hall for a brief status hearing for his murder case... The case will not come to trial until long after [Judge Stephen] White's retirement in October, a fact he pointed out during the hearing... Chief McCarthy testified that Peterson was not granted permission to modify the rifle, and in fact never asked to do so. McCarthy also said shortening the barrel is forbidden by state law... [Full article here]

Lauren Kravets
Aug 18, 2010
[Excerpts] "I wish no one else to have to go through this, this is a terrible pain, you not only relive the pain, but you miss your sister even more." Sue Doman is forced to relive the painful death of her sister yet again, after an Illinois court granted prosecutors' late appeal to allow more hearsay evidence. And that's the only main evidence they have. "She actually told me that he was going to kill her and he told her it was going to be an accident and no one would ever know," said Doman. An accident is what police initially thought it was. Kathleen drowned in her bath tub back in 2004, but after Drew Peterson's fourth wife, Stacy, went missing three years later, they re-opened Savio's case and charged Peterson with murder... Jury selection was supposed to begin last month, but now because of the appeal, it's likely the trial will not begin until next year... The judge in the case originally said jurors could only hear 5 of 13 hearsay statements, which is why the appeal was filed. Hearsay is the main evidence prosecutors have against Peterson, so winning the appeal could be crucial to their case... [Full article here]

WGIL Radio News
[Excerpts] Add Galesburg to the list of places police have searched for the body of Stacy Peterson -- for the second time... [Illinois State Police is spokesperson Sergeant Tom] Burek tells WGIL the same tip that led investigators to Peoria County in June lead them to Lake Storey in Galesburg Monday... Burek believes the search at Lake Storey is over for now but says the lead has not been totally exhausted... Authorities searched in Knox County for Peterson August 3... [Full article here]

Chicago Sun-Times
By Michael Sneed
August 15, 2010
[Excerpts] He says he sleeps on a lawn-chair mattress in a cold cell, where he is being housed in isolation and is frequently strip searched. Besides his lawyers, the only human contacts for Drew Peterson - who is awaiting trial in the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio - are prison guards and an inmate who brings him meals, clean clothes and linen "passed through a chuckhole," Peterson says in a handwritten letter to Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed... The letter from Peterson was given to Sneed by a confidential source, who removed parts of the missive. The Sun-Times also edited the letter for space, but Peterson's words were left largely verbatim... "My telephone privileges have been limited to only my lawyers and my family after my 30 minute calls to both NBC Today Show Matt Lauyer which was broadcast live and to MANCOW broadcast live to chicagoland where I gave my standup comedy jailhouse routine. Someone is afraid of what I have to say. With few exceptions I have been treated professionally by the staff here sometimes even with kindness... My cell is searched regularly. Very special times in here is when my cell is raided in the middle of the night by ten or so very large men dressed in black swat type uniforms (ERTs)... I was then strip searched, as in each raid, while all ten watched. I hummed the stripper song as I tossed them my clothes one piece at a time. When I got down to my underpants I told them if they tried to put dollars in my pants we were gonna fight. I was later told that they were trying to humiliate me but I don't think they got the response they were looking for as I left them laughing. I'm here to tell you I have been looked at naked here more than I care to remember. If you are modest at all this is the place to avoid. It would really bother me if I ever learned that while they were making love to their women that they were thinking of me naked. My only source of entertainment is television and all the televisions work off the same cable box so every dayroom T.V. has the same thing on. The officers normally ask me what I want to watch and I try to select something everyone will enjoy like movies or sitcoms. I don't like to read but I have read about different religions..." [Full article here]

Article from February

Chicago Tribune
Steve Schmadeke, Erika Slife
Feb 5, 2010
[Excerpts] A state police crime scene investigator said Thursday that he gathered no evidence after Kathleen Savio was found drowned in her bathtub in 2004, and a state trooper there that night testified he was "disgusted" by how the investigation was handled. A self-described psychic, meanwhile, testified at the hearing in Joliet that Stacy Peterson said during a reading that her husband, Drew, threatened he could kill her and hide her body where it would never be found... Robert Deel said he had been handling crime scene investigations for about one year when he was called to Savio's Bolingbrook house... He said he did not test for the presence of unseen blood in the bathroom, collect a blood sample from the tub, dust for fingerprints and did not take into evidence a glass of orange juice in the kitchen or a bottle of cleaning fluid on a dresser in Savio's bedroom... Savio's fingernail clippings - sometimes a source of crime scene DNA - were never tested... Deel said he also did not notice that night any of the documented injuries Savio suffered, but said it would not have changed his investigation. "The bruises on the body are insignificant to me," he said... Deel also testified that after Stacy Peterson's disappearance in 2007, he was asked by Will County prosecutors to never process a crime scene in their county. Meanwhile, Master Sgt. Bryan Falat testified that [Drew] Peterson and his new wife Stacy appeared to be lying in interviews with state police after Savio's death. But Falat said his concerns were ignored. "Quite honestly, I was sort of disgusted with" how the investigation was handled, Falat said. Despite Falat's objections, Collins interviewed Peterson in the lunchroom of the Bolingbrook Police Department, and Peterson was allowed to sit in on an interview with Stacy to check Peterson's alibi... Stacy Peterson appeared "scripted" and often looked to Drew Peterson when she was unsure of an answer, Falat testified... [Full article here]

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