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Friday, August 6, 2010

[MD] Wife of Prince George's County Deputy Police Chief Major Gary Cunningham was denied protection order

Prince George's County Deputy Police Chief Major Gary Cunningham, accused by his wife of taking a "closed fist" swing at her, was suspended from duty after his wife filed a temporary protective order against him. A couple days ago Hyattsville District Court Judge Mark O'Brien dismissed the temporary protective order saying the timing of Cunningham's wife filing 2 days after her husband filed for divorce was "troubling" and that it's just an allegation with no evidence. In the original request his wife wrote that she ducked to keep from being hit and accused her husband of calling her names, yelling at her 7-year-old daughter and threatening to lock her out of the house. When asked to comment, Major Cunningham reportedly said, "It's a personal matter." [Links here, here, and here.]
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  1. PG County officers are famous for filing false police reports so they know exactly what to write to cover up their abuses, even against the citizens they are to protect.

    In PG County, MD, there is no help for abuse victims. I know this since I am one myself.


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