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Saturday, August 28, 2010

[US] [TX] Dallas FBI Agent Carlos Ortiz spoke of brutal plans to murder FBI wife and FBI boss

...FBI agent Carlos Ortiz was fired Wednesday before being taken into custody... Ortiz is accused of making “extreme-type” threats against his wife, an FBI analyst whom he is divorcing, planning to kill her, and also planning to kill his boss... Authorities assigned security to Ortiz's wife... The affidavit also says Ortiz was seen as a threat to himself or others on two previous [armed standoffs] occasions... On both occasions, the affidavit says law enforcement officers convinced Ortiz "to check himself into a "health facility for evaluation and/or treatment"...

FOX 4 News
Natalie Solis
Adapted for Web by Tracy DeLatte
Thursday, 26 Aug 2010
[Excerpts] The former FBI agent accused of plotting to kill his estranged wife and threatening to kill his boss made his first appearance in federal court Thursday. Carlos Ortiz, Jr., 49, is accused of making “extreme-type” threats against his wife, who is an FBI analyst. The two are in the process of getting a divorce... According to court documents, he told the agent he wanted to shoot his wife. And in desperation asked the agent, “What do I do, stab her in the heart?” Ortiz also allegedly made statements about wanting to shoot Special Agent in Charge of the Dallas FBI Office Robert Casey. He said he wanted to deface his grave... Judge Irma Ramirez called it “a very sad day for law enforcement”... Ortiz’ father told FOX 4 his son’s getting pushed out of the FBI. “Everything that’s happening here is on her word. They have never asked him is this true? Is this a lie? Justice has a balance and it’s supposed to be both ways, not just one way,” said Carlos Ortiz Valles. [Full article here]


DALLAS (CBS 11 / TXA 21)
By Kent Chapline
Aug 26, 2010
[Excerpts] The FBI agent [Carlos Ortiz, Jr.] arrested for threatening to kill his supervisor also threatened to kill his estranged wife because their son had lice in his hair, according to court documents released Thursday... The arrest warrant affidavit released Thursday listed disturbing details about how he allegedly intended to kill his wife and the FBI agent in charge of the Dallas office, Robert Casey. According to the affidavit, Ortiz asked a friend for a long-range sniper rifle that he could use to shoot his wife. Language in the affidavit indicates that the friend is also an FBI agent... The affidavit says that on August 20, Ortiz was supposed to meet his wife in the parking lot of the Ovilla police station to exchange their son. On the 19th, the affidavit says, Ortiz told the same friend that he was going to shoot his wife in that parking lot... The affidavit also says Ortiz was seen as a threat to himself or others on two previous occasions. The first was in 1992 and the second in 2004. On both occasions, the affidavit says law enforcement officers convinced Ortiz "to check himself into a "health facility for evaluation and/or treatment." Ortiz is charged with threatening to kill a federal law enforcement officer. Any charges for the alleged threats against his wife would be state charges, which would have to be brought against him separately... [Full article here]

The Dallas Morning News
By Jason Trahan
August 26, 2010
[Excerpts] A financially distressed former Dallas FBI agent was arrested Wednesday after allegedly plotting to kill his estranged wife, who is also an FBI employee, as well as the special agent in charge of the Dallas FBI field office. Carlos Ortiz, 48, of Red Oak, who performed technical functions for the bureau, was fired Wednesday before being taken into custody at the FBI offices in Dallas... Ortiz allegedly told a friend recently that he was planning to kill his wife, an FBI analyst whom he is divorcing, and Dallas FBI Special Agent in Charge Robert E. Casey Jr... Casey had placed Ortiz on leave earlier this year pending an investigation into allegations of domestic violence. Ortiz, a 21-year veteran of the bureau, was summoned to the FBI offices Wednesday and fired... Authorities recently assigned security to Ortiz's wife while they investigated the threat.... "He's being treated like a criminal," said Ortiz's girlfriend, Rosa Martinez, 39. "He's given his life to the United States government... They suspended him without pay because of something she said," Martinez said. "They've never heard his side." Ortiz's father, Carlos Ortiz Valles, who lives with him in Red Oak, said he and his son could barely afford to feed themselves while Ortiz was on unpaid leave from his job... "He was retiring next year," Valles said. "He's not going to throw away his career" by making threats. Valles said his son was devastated when he had to ask for government assistance recently. "He said, 'Dad, I have never had to do this,' " his father recalled. "He cries because he has to ask for coupons to eat." Valles acknowledged that a local police SWAT team responded to his son's house a few years ago but said the matter was a "family dispute" and that "nothing happened"... County records show that in July 2009, Ortiz filed for divorce... Bankruptcy records show that he surrendered a $161,000 house... Ortiz also gave up a 2004 BMW 530i... Bankruptcy records also indicate that Ortiz claimed to be expecting a $1.2 million settlement from the government relating to an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint... [Full article here]


The Dallas Morning News
By Jason Trahan
August 26, 2010
[Excerpts] A former Dallas FBI agent arrested this week after he was accused of a plot to kill his estranged wife and the head of the Dallas FBI field office had tried to obtain a silencer and a rifle with a mile-long range... Carlos Ortiz, who was fired from the bureau and arrested Wednesday, had stockpiled 37 weapons in his Red Oak home... According to the documents and testimony, Ortiz's personal life was in shambles as he fought financial ruin, a prescription drug addiction and a third failing marriage. Agents say the 21-year FBI veteran had been on unpaid leave since May because of allegations of spousal abuse... On one recording, Ortiz said he planned to shoot his wife and "cut her eyes out." He said he planned to do it the evening of Aug. 20 when he and his wife were to meet in Ovilla so he could turn their 6-year-old son over to her for the weekend... Agents quickly assigned security to Ortiz's wife. He did not show up for the child exchange as scheduled but asked his wife by phone to come to his Red Oak home to get the child. Instead, a bureau counselor picked up the child from Ortiz's home and brought him to his mother... On Wednesday, Casey summoned Ortiz to the FBI offices in northwest Dallas and fired him. "It is apparent that your conduct has been erratic and dangerous for years," the bureau's dismissal letter to Ortiz stated in part. "Your latest bout of aggression is simply further evidence of your unsuitability to remain an FBI agent." Moments after he was terminated, Ortiz was arrested. When investigators searched his home Wednesday, they found a letter he had written, with the words, "Dad, take to the press," on the envelope. The letter accused Casey of being involved with his wife. "Casey has broken me as a man and a human being," the letter read... Ortiz's Bible was open to a passage in the book of Psalms that alluded to God dealing with one's enemies... The agent also testified that after his arrest, Ortiz told him that he takes eight Xanax anti-anxiety pills a day. [Testifying agent] also detailed Ortiz's various assignments in the bureau over the years, including his time as a SWAT team member, sniper and undercover agent with training in surveillance and covert techniques... Prosecutor Chad Meacham walked [testifying agent] through Ortiz's long history of erratic behavior, which included two armed standoffs with police in 1992 and 2004. Both ended peacefully. After Thursday's 90-minute hearing, Ortiz's father, Carlos Ortiz Valles, expressed anger over the treatment of his son. He accused his daughter-in-law of lying about the spousal abuse and said Casey was trying to rid the bureau of "Spanish" agents. "Those people had it in for my son," said Valles, who lived with Ortiz. [Full article here]


...I pray for her because as a victim of something similar, I know how scary daily life can be after something like this. You live life looking over your shoulder even when the perpetrator is incarcerated...

...Guy should have been fired and given a prison record after the first standoff...

...Sounds like he got a lot of his attitude from his father...

...Jeepers this guy was involved in two different armed standoffs with swat teams and still they didn't fire him. That is beyond ridiculous, how obviously unsuitable for employment with the FBI they should have had the common sense to let him go years ago. This idea that Federal people cannot ever be fired has got to change... Federal employees should have the same protections that everyone else does, it should be possible for their bosses to fire them and it shouldn't take two years... In the federal setting your boss isn't really your boss. He can't fire you all he can do is stop you from getting promoted. And if he thinks you are going to engage in this long complicated EEOC process where the deck is stacked dramatically in favor of the complaintant he may actually be intimidated by his own employees.

AOL News
Hugh Collins
Aug. 27
[Excerpts] A former FBI agent in Texas has been arrested and accused of plotting to kill his boss. Carlos Ortiz, who worked for the agency for 21 years in Dallas, was talking openly about shooting his boss, Special Agent in Charge Robert Casey Jr., and defacing his grave, according to a complaint filed against Ortiz in district court. The complaint states that Ortiz, who was arrested Wednesday, was "extremely agitated and angry"... Authorities said they found a letter in which Ortiz accused Casey of being involved with Ortiz's wife, who also works for the FBI. "Casey has broken me as a man and a human being," the letter read, according to The Dallas Morning News. An FBI spokesman told the newspaper that there was no truth to Ortiz's accusation. Ortiz was placed on unpaid leave in May 2010, pending termination proceedings. Ortiz repeatedly bemoaned the fact that his superiors were interfering in his private life and in his marriage in particular... He had apparently become enraged upon discovering that the couple's son had head lice. Ortiz had planned to use an appointment for his wife to pick up the boy as an opportunity to kill her, the complaint states... After the hearing, Ortiz's father, Carlos Ortiz Valles, complained that Casey was working to remove "Spanish" agents from the office and that his daughter-in-law was lying about abuse. "These people had it in for my son... My son is more sane than I am," Valles told the Dallas-Fort Worth Fox affiliate... [Full article here]


Aug 26, 2010
Jacquielynn Floyd/Columnist
Yow, what does it take for a G-man to get fired in this town? Agent Carlos Ortiz has been accused of and investigated for a laundry list of dubious behaviors - threatening people, waving weapons around, beating his wife, barricading himself in a bathroom because neighborhood kids messed with his rose bushes - for years. His ex-wife had to call a SWAT team to deal with him in 1992; he was again officially rung up for weird behavior in 2004.
But the feds didn't get around to cutting him loose 'til yesterday, when they notified him that he as been "erratic and dangerous for years." The last straw, it seems, was when he told a friend he intended to kill both his estranged wife and his boss, the Dallas FBI Special Agent in Charge.
For a law enforcement agency, they've got an awfully long fuse. [LINK]
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  1. There is always more to the story. I worked with Carlos. I still consider him a friend.


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