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Thursday, August 26, 2010

[IL] "Aquaintance" Deputy Jack Johnson accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend

...The woman said she did not report the “rapes” because Johnson “always told her that the cops have his back.” She also believed police would not believe her because Johnson “had the power”...

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[IL] Deputy Johnson allegedly told his accuser that he had been "stalking her for months." - ...[Lake County sheriff's deputy Jack] Johnson went to the Twin Lakes, Wis., business where the victim works. He was driving a Lake County sheriff's squad car and wearing his deputy's uniform. Johnson told the victim, an acquaintance, that he had been "stalking her for months"... Johnson grabbed her wrists when she went into the bathroom... Then the victim saw Johnson's Lake County squad car circling a nearby parking lot and driving down the street in front of the business, the complaint adds. The Kenosha County state's attorney's office has video surveillance showing the squad car outside the business...

Deputy pleads not guilty of assaults

Kenosha News
By Jessica Stephen
8/20 3:08 p.m.
An Illinois sheriff’s deputy has pleaded not guilty to physically and sexually assaulting a clerk at a Twin Lakes store. Lake County Sheriff's Deputy Jack Johnson Jr. entered the pleas to eight felonies Friday when he appeared before Kenosha County Circuit Judge Barbara A. Kluka. His next hearing is Nov. 18. Not trial date was set. Johnson, 36, of Genoa City, was charged in July for allegedly grabbing his former girlfriend roughly and trying to put his hand down her pants at the store on July 5. Johnson also is charged with sexual assault for allegedly raping the woman twice in October and November 2009. One of the assaults occurred at the Twin Lakes store, while Johnson was wearing his deputy uniform. An investigation into the July incident led the woman to disclose the previous incidents, which she said she never reported because Johnson was a deputy and had told her that the police “have his back”... [Full article here]

Since the last post:

Deputy faces additional charges

Kenosha News
By Jessica Stephen
[Excerpts] More charges, including one for alleged sexual assault, have been filed against an Illinois sheriff’s deputy accused of physically assaulting a former girlfriend at a Twin Lakes store. Prosecutors filed five more felonies, for a total of seven, against Jack W. Johnson Jr. when he appeared in court Friday for a preliminary hearing. An Aug. 20 arraignment was set after a commissioner found there was enough evidence to continue the case. If convicted, Johnson faces nearly 50 years in prison... Johnson allegedly stopped in to talk to his former girlfriend about rekindling their relationship, despite his marriage and her engagement. When the woman repeatedly refused to kiss Johnson, she said he cornered her in a bathroom and grabbed her. After letting her out of the bathroom, the woman said Johnson tried to put his hand down her pants and wouldn’t leave until she hugged him. Under the new charges, Johnson is accused of sexual assault and false imprisonment for incidents in October and November 2009, including one at the same store... The woman said she did not report the “rapes” because Johnson “always told her that the cops have his back.” She also believed police would not believe her because Johnson “had the power,” according to the criminal complaint. The woman also said she did not mention the assaults earlier this month, when she initially talked to police, because they happened “a while ago.” She also did not believe police would believe her... [Full article here]
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  1. What a Jack-off. As a prior employee of the accused, this does not cease to amaze me.


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