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Saturday, August 7, 2010

[US] U.S. Marshal Rafael Garcia hit girlfriend with car and rammed police car in lethal break-up incident

...Shelton Police Detective Ben Trabka said police believe Garcia was planning to kill his ex-girlfriend and himself. The motive for the attack appears to be that Garcia was upset because the victim had broken up with him...

[GLEANED NEWS] Shelton, Connecticut - After a domestic incident United States Marshal Deputy Rafael Garcia from New Jersey was ordered to surrender his weapons, undergo a psychiatric evaluation, and is charged with first-degree assault, criminal attempt to commit first-degree assault, and criminal attempt to commit assault on a police officer. Police responded to multiple 911 calls saying a man with a weapon was chasing a woman outside the Heather Ridge Condominiums. Shelton Police Detective Ben Trabka said police believe Garcia was planning to kill his ex-girlfriend and himself. The motive for the attack appears to be that Garcia was upset because the victim had broken up with him. The two had been sitting in a vehicle talking when Garcia pulled out a gun. There was a struggle and "the gun went off", with the bullet hitting the vehicle’s floor. Garcia hit his ex with his vehicle and then hit a police cruiser. Sgt. Robert Kozlowsky said the ex-girlfriend was hospitalized. She suffered a gash to her leg that needed 20 stitches and had multiple body bruises. The officer in the rammed vehicle, Brian Iacuone, was not injured but the police cruiser suffered damage. Charges against Marshal Garcia stemming from the discharge of the gun are pending. His case has been continued to Aug. 24, the court issued a protective order for his ex-girlfriend, and Derby Superior Court Judge Karen Sequino reduced the bond to $500,000. [Full articles here, here, here, and here]

Video: Shelton PD Audio here.

Video: Interview with Shelton Police Capt. Michael Madden, who spoke with the Valley Indy minutes after police took Garcia into custody here.
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  1. What folks are saying:

    ...These stories about criminal police officers make me sick. We as the public are expected to respect the police and to trust them, but it's becoming more difficult as time passes. They are supposed to uphold the law probably more than the average Joe, so, when they break the law I think it should be a harsher punishment for them. They are allowed to carry guns and just for that reason they should be able to be trusted 100% and I guarantee you the New Jersey police have had complaints filed against him by his wife/girlfriend and it was probably handled within the department which translate to "swept under the rug"...

    ...Why was his bond lowered? This is the problem with CT. You lowered the bond and issue a protective order. What is this lady supposed to do with the protective order? Are you kidding me? The guy came all the way from New Jersey to kill this lady. With all the serious cases of domestic violence in CT, you will think they will put a 2 million dollars bond on this lunatic...

    ...He showed her and the court lowered his bond so he can finish the job...

    ...holey mother of god they lowered his bail !!!! he even got bail!!! now he can get out !!! he tried to kill someone !!! he deliberately crashed into a police car !!! and he is going to get out free !!!!!! oh wait he's a cop its alright then...

    ...We know the media loves to discriminate once a member of law enforcement does something wrong...

    ...Firstly, the "victim", was the "us marshal" mistress. She knew he was married and stuck around for over a year hoping he would leave his wife...


  3. This man is not to blame for this is what I hate bout reporters and police officers in CT they blame blame blame the man but what really hapen is under the covers!!! The "VICTIM" harrassed him to his breaking point!!

  4. I have no idea what this guy's background/qualifications were when he was hired to be a deputy Marshal, however, the dirty little secret is that government agencies (and also many private sector businesses) are not really interested in hiring the most trustworthy, qualified applicants. They are more concerned with having "X" number of females, minorities, people with disabilities, and filling other similar-type quotas in order to be politically correct. Bad eggs come in every shape, size, color, and gender. Unfortunately you will never be able to weed out 100& of them no matter what you do, but until people get over this politically correct sentiment that "diversity" is always the best answer and instead just hire people based on their merit and qualifications, rather than trying to fill quotas, there will be more of these types of incidents than there should be. If you as a citizen think that the police or federal agents are not trustworthy, then it is your job to demand from your public officials, legislators, and representatives that you only want the best, most qualified people hired in these positions rather than filling them with sub-par quota hires who ultimately end up wasting even more tax-payer dollars with the inevitable complaints and lawsuits claiming that they have been discriminated against because the "system" is racist, sexist, etc.

  5. Finally someone supports the man. Doesnt anyone realize that many cases of domestic abuse are lies by women. Women do lie people. But now the man loses everything he worked hard for and she laughs her butt away!!!!

  6. opinions are like ass holes. Everyone has one. He was NEVER into abusing woman. I've known him since he was 15 years old. He was "never" like this. She drove him to this. She knew he was married, decided to be his mistress and after a 2 years courtship was pressuring him to leave his wife and their son to go with her. He told her he loved her, to give him time to make sure his "soon" to be ex and son are taken cared off. She didn't want to give him that time, and the rest is history....THEY are both victims, they are both at fault...but mainly the wife and son who is now left without a dad, possibly homeless, and no money for the wife was a stay at home mom...THINK ABOUT THAT!!

  7. To Anonymous: Even though I sympathize with your view, and the fact that his family is also a victim in all this, The "TRUE'" victim is the woman, he almost killed!!! This woman who will live in fear the rest of her life. He had a choice, unfortunately for all involved he made the wrong one. My prayers do go out to his family. But nothing will change the fact that he had a choice!

  8. You make him sound like a spineless idiot who can't make or take accountability for any of his own decisions. They are both victims? You forgot to explain why he is a victim of the violations he made to his own marriage or - according to you - the lie he told to his girlfriend. Is he an adult man or 4 years old?

  9. I had posted my comment before I went to my inbox and approved the comment that now appears before mine - but it looks like we both had very similar reactions to the poor widdle boy argument.

  10. The judicial system in this country is backwards you are guilty first and then proven innocent. I thought you were innocent first and then proven guilty. This man had training and experience in using a handgun if he wanted to kill girlfriend she would have been shot that day if that was his intentions but she wasn't. There is more to this story and hopefully our judicial system would bring the truth.

  11. you know, everybody wants to point a finger, its her fault, its his fault. i'm gonna point the finger and say it is his fault. he did the crimes, not her. you need to have self control, ok, maybe she was pushing his buttons, walk the hell away, leave, go somewhere, it does'nt matter where, just away from the hot spot so you can cool down, don't let her get the best of you, that's what she wants, be more of a man and just leave. you will get more out of a woman if you just sit there and let her say whatever and you just sit and listen and say nothing or do nothing. you can watch her steadily get more and more pissed off, guys you don't believe me , try it for yourself, and soon she will learn. don't kill her, if you kill her, she won't learn nothing.

  12. Police: Deputy U.S. marshal violates protective order, is arrested again
    Michael P. Mayko
    October 25, 2010
    Police have arrested a deputy U.S. marshal from New Jersey again, this time for violating a protective order imposed following his arrest in an Aug. 3 incident in which allegedly he struck a former girlfriend with his car and then banged into a police cruiser during an attempted escape. Rafael Garcia, 41, of Garfield, N.J., was arrested in New Jersey and held on $750,000 bond for contacting the woman even though a protective order prohibiting that was imposed... http://www.ctpost.com/local/article/Police-Deputy-U-S-marshal-violates-protective-722566.php

  13. I spent the past couple weeks with him in the hospital.

  14. How's he doing? What's wrong?

  15. I'm opting to not post a comment that came through today. No need to continue kicking him. What's done is done.


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