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Thursday, August 12, 2010

[MI] Michigan State Police Sgt. Linda Mys says she was stalked and harassed by supervisor and MSP did nothing

HARASSMENT SUIT FILED AGAINST MSP: Allegations stem from sgt.'s time at Newaygo post
11 Aug 2010
[Excerpts] GRAND RAPIDS, Mich - A sexual harassment lawsuit was filed against the Michigan State Police on Wednesday in U.S. District Court. State police Sgt. Linda Mys filed the suit, alleging her supervisor at the Newaygo post - retired Detective Sgt. Richard Miller - stalked and harassed her. Mys claims she reported Miller to his supervisor, but nothing was ever done about it... Mys has been transferred twice since the alleged harassment... [Full article here]

I found Sgt. Mys here too, making a good thing happen:

Muskegon Chronicle
By Brian McVicar
Wednesday, August 27, 2008
[Excerpts] For five years, Sgt. Linda Mys has been on a quest to preserve the memory of Kevin Marshall, a Michigan State Police trooper who was gunned down in Fremont in 2003. Mys served with Marshall at the state police Newaygo Post from 1999 to July 7, 2003 -- the day Marshall was shot and killed by a Fremont resident who had barricaded himself inside his home... On Saturday, after years of fundraising, a bronze statue of Marshall and his two children will be unveiled at Marshall Memorial Park... [Full article here]
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