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Friday, January 14, 2011

Beautiful laughing, loving, Norma Santiago Roman

What a day! Someone (precious) sent me something that I had searched for last year, but could not find - a photograph of Norma Santiago (Roman). She was more than a victim to the people who love her. I am so thankful!!! I am so sorry that she was stolen from the people who love her, and sorrier still that not very much has changed since she was murdered 13 years ago. Officer-involved domestic violence is still so hard to hide or be protected from.

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[NY] Never forgetting Norma Santiago (Roman)
- ...an Erie County deputy sheriff pursued his estranged wife into their children's elementary school in Buffalo yesterday and shot her... Mrs. Roman had told a number of people she expected Roman to kill her... "Why were criminal charges never filed by the police when they responded to calls at the home?"...
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