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Thursday, January 20, 2011

[IN] Officer Bartone may (or may not?) face suspension for ex-wife incident, then pressuring wife, disobeying an order

South Bend Police Department is establishing that they will continue to employ officers who are known to disregard orders from superiors and commit crimes... officers that cannot be trusted. That's good to have out in the open and stated simply. It will help other criminals when Officer Bartone is disqualified to testify against them.

SOUTH BEND OFFICER COULD FACE 30-DAY SUSPENSION: Chief alleges former 'officer of the year' violated department rules.

South Bend Tribune
January 20. 2011
[Excerpts] A city police officer could be suspended without pay for a month after a November incident involving his ex-wife. On Wednesday, the Board of Public Safety filed charges against officer Christopher Bortone, accusing him of removing the temporary license plate from his ex-wife's vehicle... The charges, filed in a letter written by Chief Darryl Boykins, accuse Bortone of driving his department-issued police car to his wife's workplace in Mishawaka... [South Bend Police internal affairs investigator, Lt. Lee] Ross, the charges say, told Bortone he was not allowed to interfere with the ongoing investigation into the matter. But [South Bend Police Chief Darryl] Boykins alleges Bortone did — by twice asking his ex-wife to try to persuade Ross to drop the charges. Boykins said Bortone's actions violated the department's policy against interfering with an investigation and that he also violated a superior officer's order. Bortone — who was named the Police Department's officer of the year in 2006 — now faces a 30-day unpaid suspension from the force... [Full article here]
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