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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

[KENYA] Officer Violet Akoth killed in her police officer husband's murder-suicide

Violet Akoth

VIDEO: AP kills wife, self
Police in Muhoroni are investigating an incident in which the bodies of two administrative police officers were found with gunshot wounds at the menera ap post in the area.The bodies of a couple, Boniface Ndegwa and Violet Akoth, both officers attached at the post, were discovered at the do's compound.

Another policeman kills wife, himself
19th January 2011
By Nicholas Anyuor

In a heartbreaking love story gone horribly wrong, an Administration Police officer shot and killed his wife, before taking his own life with the same gun.

The two were both APs and had just recently married. Boniface Ndegwa, 27, turned his gun on wife and fellow law enforcer, Violet Akoth, 25, before committing suicide. There were no warning signs.

The chilling incident at his wife’s workplace in Manera town, at the Muhoroni District Officer’s office, left colleagues, friends and relatives in shock.

Police officers at the scene where the two died on Saturday evening. Photos: James Keyi

Muhoroni DC Fred Ouma said the duo was issued with firearms on Saturday evening for night duty.

Ouma said the young couple was in a jovial mood, and showed no sign of disagreement.

The administrator, however, said later in the evening they appeared to be in low spirits.

"When they came for the firearms, the officers were heard talking in low tones, but none heard what they were saying," the DC told The Standard.

He said after the officers had picked their firearms, they headed to where the wife was assigned to guard duty, a few metres from the DO’s office.

"The husband was to go to the Nyando DC’s office (about 10km from the scene), but he accompanied the wife to where she was to guard," he said, adding that the woman lives at Manera AP camp, while her husband lived at Awasi AP camp. Added the DC: "When they left, it took only ten minutes and the gunshots were heard at around 6.30pm."

Other officers rushed to the scene, but found the two, who had no children, were already dead.

"When the officers arrived, they found the two were dead and blood was splattered everywhere," said Muhoroni DO Joseph Wanyonyi.

Colleagues and friends suspect the two had a falling out that led to the fatal shooting, cutting their young love brutally short.

The DO said the late officer shot his wife in the head at close range, shattering her skull, before aiming at his head and pressing the trigger.

Those first to arrive at the scene drew a grisly picture.

"It was difficult to identify the two because their heads were completely shattered," one of the officers said.

When The Standard visited the scene on Sunday morning, there was silence as the officers whispered, some weeping, just a few metres behind the DO’s office.

Married officially

Wanyonyi said they were not aware of any infidelity by either of the partners, and suspected the killings could have resulted from a lovers’ quarrel.

"These people loved each other and we had not received any complaints about infidelity, which is common in such incidents," Wanyonyi added. The bodies were moved to the Nyanza Provincial Hospital Mortuary in Kisumu. The DC said the deceased officers got married officially last November.

"The woman was recruited two years ago while the man was recruited three years ago. The man paid dowry in December, last year at the late wife’s home in Kisumu," said the DO.

The Muhoroni District AP Commander Julius Mukada said the incident was unfortunate, and appealed to officers to calm down when faced with the challenges of life.

Ouma asked officers not to use their firearms to sort out family disputes. He said there are other options, including counselling and judicial separation.

Muhoroni was the Nyando District headquarters before it was carved out of Nyando to form its own district. However, the DO’s and DC’s offices are still at Manera and most of the activities of Provincial Administration, including the issuance of firearms, are done there.

Meanwhile, police in Gucha are holding an Administration Police officer allegedly caught defiling a 13-year-old primary school pupil.

The officer attached to Misesi AP post in Gucha was arrested on Saturday after villagers and the minor’s parents stormed the post demanding to be shown the accused officer.

Trouble began when the victim’s father allegedly caught the officer in a compromising situation with his daughter along a footpath to his home. According to the girl’s father, the pupil claimed they had been in a relationship since last month, with the recently recruited AP.

The officer denied the allegations, saying he was being framed by the parent. Gucha OCPD Richard Ng’etich said investigation into the incident are ongoing. He said witnesses and local leaders gave conflicting statements on the matter.

—Additional reporting by Kenan Miruka

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