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Sunday, January 30, 2011

[NC] Deputy Jones fired after wife-assault allegations

Winston-Salem Journal
By Michael Hewlett
January 27, 2011
A Forsyth County sheriff's deputy has been fired after an internal investigation into allegations that he assaulted his wife by grabbing her and throwing a pumpkin at her. Sgt. Jonathan G. Jones, 41, of Clemmons was charged in November with misdemeanor assault on a female and interfering with an emergency communication. The charges are pending... He is scheduled to appear in court on the charges on Feb. 22. [Full article here]

NOVEMBER 18, 2010
[NC] According to brass, Forsyth Co. Deputy Jones assault of his wife is a "personnel matter" - Forsyth County sheriff's deputy Jonathan Jones has been placed on administrative leave, accused of throwing a pumpkin at his wife, assaulting her, and obstructing a 911 call... Forsyth County Sheriff's Office spokesman Major Brad Stanley said he didn't know any of the details of the charges against Jones. "It is a personnel matter," Stanley said...
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  1. This deputy was acquitted of all charges please make a note of that. Thank you

  2. Yes, I just saw the article and left this comment there:

    Gee, what is this? JONES said that HE said that he didn't do it, there is no mention of the victim, the sheriff won't pick up the phone, and the prosecutor won't explain. Stinks.

  3. I just was notified about your site. I myself am in law enforcement. Being in law enforcement as long as I have,over 20 years, I know many people who are charged with this crime are found guilty because there is definite proof that an assault occurred, along with any additional charges. But those in law enforcement, be it male or female, know we are unfairly targeted by former girlfriends or boyfriends and spouses. They know how to get us where it hurts the most. That is our jobs and reputation. Wrong is wrong. In this case I know for sure he was treated badly and I have personally worked along side him for years. At what point does it become slander. I believe you need to at least put on your post that he was acquitted. That is the responsible thing to do, just as if he were to be found guilty.

    1. Anyone who knows the details of this case also knows that he was CAUGHT, and he did it. He just got away with it. What’s new?

  4. Heres the link...http://www2.journalnow.com/news/2011/feb/26/wsmet06-former-deputy-acquitted-on-misdemeanor-cha-ar-814813/

  5. I apologize. It was the attitude. I track at least 3000 cases and it's so simple to send me a link like you did instead of be rude. The blurb above the comment box throughout this blog says "Please email updates to..."

    It's that easy, and I'm that welcoming of updates.

    Former deputy acquitted on misdemeanor charges

  6. Also, I posted the full article of his acquittal in the comment section of the previous post two days ago.

  7. This website is complete bullshit made up my some faggot living in his mothers basement and is 50 years old


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