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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

[OR] Clackamas County Sheriff Roberts: Agency employees will be held to the standards of the law.

The Oregonian
By Rick Bella
January 21, 2011, 6:30 AM
[Excerpts] Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts already has checked the first recommendation off the list. When a county task force submitted its recommendations for improving the sheriff's hiring, training and disciplinary practices, Roberts immediately issued an order reaffirming a "zero-tolerance" policy toward domestic violence by deputies. Roberts said he already had been working on the order, which spells out a protocol for handling complaints against employees. "It clearly states that agency employees will be held to the standards of the law," Roberts said. "Domestic violence will not be tolerated." Domestic violence spurred the county commissioners to appoint the task force. Last year [Feb. 12, 2010], an off-duty sheriff's sergeant went on a shooting rampage, killing his estranged wife [Charolette Grahn], two of her friends [Kathleen Hoffmeister and Victoria Schulmerich] and then himself. The sergeant, Jeffrey A. Grahn, earlier had been investigated after authorities received a domestic violence complaint. No charges or internal disciplinary measures were filed when the investigation failed to turn up solid evidence. It is not known whether prosecuting or disciplining Grahn could have prevented the killings. However, the commissioners hoped the sheriff's office would adopt systems to detect early warning signs and prevent future problems... Other recommendations... Establish higher education requirements for entry positions and promotions... Clarify probationary language and align with contract language... Ensure regular ethics policy review and training... Clarify the role of sergeants... Conduct a job-task analysis for all positions and develop associated job descriptions... Develop a new performance-evaluation system by July 2011... Develop policies for evaluating physical and psychological fitness for duty... Provide human-relations training for supervisors and managers... Develop an early intervention system... Attain state accreditation... Increase staffing for internal investigations and report directly to the sheriff... Improve the database of complaints... Inform the district attorney's office of any criminal misconduct complaints against employees... [Full article here]

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