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Saturday, January 15, 2011

[CO] 3 years ago today deputy's wife, Julia Hargrove, was found dead of a mysterious blow to the head. Unsolved.


...After reviewing the investigative findings, District Attorney Bill Thiebaut ruled that neither [now-"resigned" Pueblo County Sheriff's Deputy Michael] Hargrove nor anyone else would face criminal charges for Mrs. Hargrove's death... Autopsy results revealed that Mrs. Hargrove had died from a brain hemorrhage caused by a blow to the head... Thiebaut determined that the cause of the head injury that killed her could not be identified,


no proof exists

that any crime

was committed...

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  1. Wow! How frightening that this guy is still out on the streets.

  2. Where is he? Did he change his name?

  3. Where is he? Did he change his name?

  4. He has been living his life happily, while Julia is in heaven. He killed her. We know that, yet they ruled it out as suspicious/unknown. He was an abusive husband with a horrible temper. Then he brainwashed their two sons into believing their mother was a monster and horrible person, when she truly loved those boys and was a great mother. One day they will know the truth.


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