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Monday, January 24, 2011

[OH] No charges after wife and children of Monroeville Officer Wallace Johnson flee him in fear. (It's not their first domestic.)

...The chief recalled an earlier domestic disturbance or argument that required officers to respond. “There was at least once when the guys went up there”...



Monroeville Police website:
...Officer Johnson served proudly with the Cedar Point, Bay View and Castalia Police Departments before coming back to his roots here in Monroeville... [LINK]

Reported earlier this month:

Norwalk Reflector
Cary Ashby
Jan 06 2011
[Excerpts] A domestic violence case involving Monroeville Police Officer Wallace Johnson has been “handled,” but village officials are remaining quiet. Norwalk police officers responded to Johnson’s home Nov. 11 after his wife and children “were in fear for their safety” when they came to the police station, police said. A report indicates Johnson was accused of threatening to shoot his wife in the head during an argument over Johnson’s wife wanting a divorce... [Mayor Sharon] Miller said Johnson remains employed with the police department... “We handled the situation and the officer returned to work,” the mayor said... She declined to answer further questions... The incident happened at the Johnsons’ Cherry Street home while both of their daughters, who were 9 and 14 at the time, were reportedly in the same room. Capt. Mike Conney, in his report, said he saw that Johnson’s wife and the two girls were crying and barefoot “wearing pajama pants and without coats” despite it being 43 degrees outside... “He had been drinking. He had made some verbal threats toward her,” Chief Dave Light said about Johnson, noting there was no physical violence. Johnson, when interviewed, denied saying he would shoot his wife. He also told police his wife hit him in the hand with a laptop computer during the dispute and she “is the one who gets physical.” “Wallace advised he believes she is making up lies as a way of getting back at him for cheating on her in the past,” Conney wrote in his report... [By] the time Johnson’s wife came to the office “she changed her mind about doing anything about it” and Johnson was released from custody. “There were no official charges filed,” Light said. Johnson was placed on paid administrative leave for an undisclosed amount of time. Light said there have been no further domestic violence complaints against Johnson. However, the chief recalled an earlier domestic disturbance or argument that required officers to respond. “There was at least once when the guys went up there,” Light said. “Each time it involved alcohol.” When asked if Johnson has issues related to alcohol abuse, Light referred questions to Monroeville officials. Johnson couldn’t be reached for comment Thursday.... When officers handle domestic situations or complaints involving other officers, Light said: “It’s uncomfortable for everybody involved. But nobody is above the law,” he added. [LINK]

From web comments:

...This is what the police report states: "he saw that Johnson’s wife and the two girls were crying and barefoot “wearing pajama pants and without coats” despite it being 43 degrees outside when they arrived at the station." And now the mother says she "changed" her mind about doing anything about it??? After the kids were put thru that?? I not only question his sanity, for her to do that to her children "to get back at him for cheating" is disgusting and neither parent are providing a secure safe home for these children. The TRUTH is documented...

...Woman, hope you get your divorce in exchange for not pressing charges! Otherwise, you better reconsider...

...The STATE can file all the charges it wants. However, if the victim chooses NOT to cooperate and if law enforcement is not present at the time to witness the incident, then there is not much that can be done...

...I thought when Domestic Violence occurs, it's the STATE who files the charges, not the victim. Of course she's going to drop charges or change her story, THAT is what victims of DV do! He should be terminated immediately and his gun taken away. I bet those 2 children didn't want the charges dropped, they are probably scared to death living back with him. This is a tragedy waiting to happen and the investigating police force should be held accountable when it does. DFACS should also intervene and interview the children without the parents present. If the Johnson's want to live in a violent atmosphere, let them, but don't put the kids thru it...

...Here is a link, since you can't/won't do your own homework.... http://www.purpleberets.org/violence_dv_extent_problem.html This, on top of the SEVERAL LE Officers, male/female, last year in Ohio alone that MURDERED their family members. Either your head is "in the sand", or, you are PART of the problem and deny it...


...Johnson didn't like his wife telling him she wanted a divorce??? hmmm, I can't imagine why she would want out of this marriage... (sarcasm) Now, dip**** is back on the force, what's going to happen while on duty if a citizen says something that he doesn't like...

...I bet it was handled. It obviously didn't result in a charge of Domestic Violence. I say that because federal law bars someone who has been found guilty of Domestic Violence to have a firearm, which means he would no longer be able to work in law enforcement. This happens all to often so that LE can keep their jobs. If it was Joe Citizen they could care less... [Full article here]
[police officer involved domestic violence oidv intimate partner violence (IPV) abuse law enforcement public safety lethal ohio state terroristic threatening]


  1. You don't personally know this situation so stop. Sure, there are plenty of victims out there and not that she's not one, I do know this family as you do not. Who says this is the correct story? And who is to say he was never a victim. You're so close minded.

  2. Johnson has had other past incidents involving violence, abuse, and alcohol. He was dishonorably discharged from the army, has children with other unmarried partners and was even involved in a sexual abuse case involving another man. I hope that after this incident he is never able to wear a badge again.

    1. What past incidents? Children with unmarried partners, hmmm, that is like most of America today. Was it his fault or hers? If you knew the bi*&^ you would know it was her. The sex abuse case involving another man, it involved that man grabbing him, but you want to only put some of the incidents not all nor name any of them but yet you want to be anonymous because you can not comment face to face. Pathetic.


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