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Thursday, November 22, 2007

[CO] Poor Heather - executed wife of Officer Garraus

I never say "hate," but I hate this case. I'll be glad when I hit "publish" and can go on to something else. The only decent person in this maggot nest of criminal and or slutty law folks is the one told to get on her knees to be shot. Killed.

Poor Heather.

Heather's police officer husband was sexing up a deputy's wife (who was also a dispatcher) who ended up having the police officer's baby. The deputy's wife sleeping with Heather's cop husband decided to kill Heather. The murderer to-be had a friend - a former deputy herself - who helped the deputy's wife plan the execution-style murder of Heather, including offering her cop forensic wisdoms about how to hide the evidence and set it up. The murder happened as Heather left work. The murderer's deputy husband also is charged with trying to mess with the evidence. That's all enough to make anyone sick.

Poor Heather.

Trial date set in Greeley murder case

By Monte Whaley
The Denver Post
11/21/2007 03:54:39 PM MST
What could be Greeley's most outrageous murder trial in recent memory is set to begin Feb. 19, when Shawna Nelson faces allegations that she shot and killed romantic rival Heather Garraus, the wife of her police-officer lover... Nelson's best friend - former Weld County deputy Michelle Moore - was arrested this week on charges that she helped plot with Nelson to kill Garraus in January. The victim was married to Ignacio Garraus, who carried on a two-year affair with Nelson that produced a baby boy. Nelson was married to Ken Nelson, a sheriff's... Both Ignacio Garraus and Ken Nelson have left their old jobs. A pre-trial hearing is set Jan. 25. The two-week trial will be in Larimer County, where Klein hopes a jury can be empaneled that has not been tainted by the massive publicity the case has drawn... (Full article here)

Officer involved in case lived with murder suspect
Dan Boniface , Web Producer
The woman arrested on Tuesday in connection to the January murder of Heather Garraus was living with an officer who was involved in the case. Greeley Police say 26-year-old Michelle Dawn Moore of Windsor, who is a former Weld County Sheriff's deputy, was living with Greeley Police officer Tim Young during and after the murder of Garraus. Investigators say 37-year-old Garraus was fatally shot execution-style outside the Colorado State Credit Union on January 23 as she left work. Soon after, Shawna Nelson was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and two counts of a crime of violence. According to the arrest affidavit, Nelson, who is accused of pulling the trigger, had discussed her intent to the kill Garraus with Moore prior to the murder. Moore, who is the best friend of Nelson, was booked on conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and criminal attempted first-degree murder on Tuesday. Officials say Shawna Nelson and Ignacio Garraus, Heather Garruas' husband, had a three-year affair and conceived a child together. Ignacio Garraus is a former Greeley Police officer... during a conversation roughly a month before the murder, Nelson told Moore she was going to shoot Garraus in the head when she left the credit union and that she would drive her husband, Ken Nelson's truck because her own vehicle would be easily identified. Shawna Nelson's husband Ken, also a former sheriff's deputy, has been charged with tampering with evidence... Moore told detectives about subsequent conversations in which the two women talked about how to avoid being caught. Moore admitted to giving Shawna advice on how to commit the crime saying she would need to disguise herself and also that she should wear gloves and cover her hair to avoid leaving DNA at the scene. Moore also suggested muzzling the gunshots and picking up her shell casings before the leaving the scene. They also discussed leaving "misleading" evidence at the scene such as someone else's DNA, according to the affidavit... Moore met with Nelson the day before the murder on January 22. The intent was to kill Heather Garraus on this day, according to the affidavit and that Nelson gave Moore crushed Ambien to put in Ken Nelson's coffee so that he'd sleep at the house through the whole incident... (Full article here)

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  1. Iggy is as guilty if not more so. He gets to go on with his life with a new wife and children. I pity whoever gets involved with him.


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