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Friday, November 23, 2007

[FL] Chief's wife Martha Pichardo bruised after tactical take down

...allegedly grabbed his wife by her arms and slammed her onto the mattress... then grabbed her by the arms... pushing her against the headboard and placing his forehead on hers while applying pressure...

CUTLER BAY Richard J. Pichardo, Police Chief
Town of Cutler Bay Police
10720 Caribbean Blvd., Ste 105
Cutler Bay, FL 33189

Miami Herald
Wed, Nov. 21, 2007
Arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge: Miami-Dade police Maj. Richard Pichardo, who commands the town of Cutler Bay's department of police. Wife Martha told investigators that they argued Sunday and she refused to give him the keys to their vehicle because "he was highly intoxicated"... The incident ended when he became ill and fell asleep...

Top Cutler Bay cop is accused of assaulting his wife
Beautiful City
21 November 2007
According to news reports top Cutler Bay police officer is accused of assaulting his wife during a domestic dispute at their residence early Saturday morning. Major Richard Pichardo, 43, was arrested Monday at his home... Pichardo's wife, Martha, told Miami-Dade police the couple was arguing in their vehicle about domestic issues. The altercation escalated when they arrived home and she refused to give Pichardo his keys, claiming he was too drunk to drive... Pichardo allegedly grabbed his wife by her arms and slammed her onto the mattress, causing her to fall off the bed onto the bedroom floor... Pichardo then grabbed her by the arms and placed her onto the bed, pushing her against the headboard and placing his forehead on hers while applying pressure. Again, Pichardo requested his keys, the report said... Pichardo's wife had a minor bruise on her upper right tricep that was consistent with her story... Pichardo was charged with simple domestic battery and transported to a Miami-Dade County jail...


  1. We must remember that we are all innocent until proven guitly. In this case, the wife recanred her statement and authored an sworn affidavit that she had lied about the entire incident. the charge was later dismissed by the State Attorney's Office.

    1. I've been here before. I'll tell you what happened.

      Your bumbling DV and IA people got there.
      They told the wife she would lose her retirement checks from him and get no support
      They said they would make sure it didn't happen again
      Then when it happens again they'll tell everyone that she is a chronic complainer and what a wonderful guy he is.
      If only Loftus had been able to stay longer and clean this stuff up.

  2. yeh of course she recanted - he fled to the ex-wife's house and then went back to wife. but yet now he's on administrative leave for yet another domestic violence incident with his ex-wife. seems his roid rage is getting the best of him.


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