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Friday, November 23, 2007

[MI] Internal investigation follows Sgt. Flocken's dv arrest

Ann Arbor sergeant charged with domestic assault
The Ann Arbor News
Art Aisner
November 23, 2007
An Ann Arbor police sergeant was arrested for domestic assault earlier this week and has now been placed on administrative leave, officials said. Sgt. Craig Flocken, 41, was arraigned Wednesday on one count of domestic assault, according to officials with the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department. He was freed later that day on bond... An internal investigation is under way...


  1. Flocken is a terrible police officer. I'm glad to see this after being harassed by the guy for years.

    1. AnonymousMay 21, 2012

      whatever... you sound like a knucklehead who probably deserved to be harrassed. Apparently you are someone who draws police attention thereby confirming your measley existence within these United States.

    2. Anonymous,
      Nothing you said had anything to do with anything.

  2. Jury Trial stopped midway and charge thrown out by judge.



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