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Thursday, November 15, 2007

[IL] Murder suspect Sgt. Peterson reaches out to attorneys of America

November 14, 2007

MATT LAUER: ...Why do you think Stacy was concerned that something was going to happen to her and that they would need to look for her?
PETERSON: I don't know. I don't know.

[IL] Murder suspect Sgt Peterson interview, Part 1

LAUER: Emotional for Stacy or emotional between the two of you? Would you describe your relationship as volatile, was it ever violent?
PETERSON: I don't believe it was ever violent.
LAUER: You'd either know it was violent or not violent.
PETERSON: There was - there was a few instances where like Stacy and I would have like verbal confrontations and I would be in her face and she hated being cornered and one time she hit me in the head with a frozen steak. And, OK, I walked...

[IL] Murder suspect Sgt Peterson interview, Part 2

LAUER: You have said on occasions that Stacy came to you and said she was seeing someone else, that there was another man. Is it fair to say that you believe that Stacy right now is with that other man?
PETERSON: She never told me she was seeing another man. She - well, maybe she did. But I believe she's with somebody else right now.
LAUER: Let me just go back to, did she or did she not say to you, `I'm seeing someone else, Drew?'
PETERSON: It wasn't put like that. She found somebody else. That was her exact words.

[IL] Murder suspect Sgt Peterson interview, Part 3

LAUER: You've described her as, although she had emotional issues, as you've said, she was a good mom.
PETERSON: Great mom.
LAUER: All right. And so how does a good mom of a two-year-old and a four-year-old go off with another man and never call the kids to see how they're doing or to tell the kids that she's OK?
PETERSON: I don't know. I can't answer that.
LAUER: No explanation for that?
PETERSON: I don't have an explanation for that...

...I'm such a media sensation right now, if I go out and search, I think the search would be hampered by, number one, all the media attention I'd be getting. And, two, why would I look for somebody who I don't believe is missing? She's just gone. She's where she wants to be... She [previous murdered wife Kathleen Savio] came from an abusive home life growing up. She had abusive stepparents. At first it was very romantic and, again, after she had children, hormones kicked in and, again, an emotional roller coaster with her... Basically, I'm not afraid of law enforcement. I'm afraid of the media. And I've been hounded by the media and the media's what's causing my aggravation or me being upset with life and living today... I'm not trying to be funny here - but Stacy would ask me for a divorce after her sister died on a regular basis. I'm not trying to be funny. And it was based on her menstrual cycle... It was like every - any other moment that she had that she was unhappy with something, she would want a divorce... Talking to lawyers Monday night, it could cost as much as a quarter million dollars to defend one of these cases. So, basically, I'm reaching out to attorneys of America for help. If anybody would like to take my case and help me out here, please call. Let me know what you can do for me. Help me out... I had a meeting with Geraldo Rivera and he was at my kitchen table and he asked me to tell my story. And as I'm telling the story, he says, `Well, say it like this, say it like this.' So, everything he said wasn't even my words. And he walks outside and he says, `Here's a man with a noose tightening around his neck'... I think my silence has basically painted me guilty in the media... I'm doing all that I can, my God, get the media off my back. Get them off my family's back. That's all I'm asking. And I'm here today in an attempt to basically let them see my face, here I am, please get away from my house and leave my family alone... if it turns up the heat, then I made a mistake coming here... What they're seeing is not me. I'm - I've been a jokester all my life. And it's just like now that they're seeing this serious person in deep trouble, and this isn't me. Me is a guy playing jokes on people and kidding around and trying to have fun with life and living... Come home. Tell people where you are. And that's all I can say...

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  1. Daughter of Drew Peterson's Second Wife Breaks Her Silence to Greta
    Tuesday, November 13, 2007
    ...LISA: I was hit with a belt for many years... he was the one who handled the discipline in the home... He was abusive to my mother. He was very controlling to her, watched every move that she had made... My mom was not allowed to have friends. She was not allowed to talk with our family. It was pretty much the only person that Drew had wanted her to have in her life was him... he had not been faithful for many years. And I think that she knew and finally had just had it, just wanted out... Our home was tapped. Their business was tapped... there would be things that I would get in trouble for, and it would be, like, Oh, my goodness, how did he know that? And we ended up finding out that he did, he had our phone lines tapped... I know that she's still afraid of him... he's told my mom before that he can hurt her, and I think that she feels she has to be decent on that level because she doesn't want to be hurt by him... I feared Drew my whole life, growing up. I really did. I was afraid of him. When my mother finally divorced him, I no longer feared him because he could no longer hurt me. So it's not him that I'm hiding myself from. It's just I — because of this I don't want my family and the life that we live now, in a sense, to have everything be known... Knowing that he is still walking out and possibly responsible for hurting these women, she's very cautious and very careful... just- the whole idea of him being out there, being loose. I mean, I told her she doesn't have to be afraid of him anymore, but obviously, he had hurt her, you know, so badly all those years ago that she still thinks about that. He used to tell my mother that he could kill her and make it look like an accident...
    VAN SUSTEREN: She told you that?...


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