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Thursday, November 1, 2007

[SD] Chief's wife Pam Huber shot in head - No arrest yet

(Note: In the past - at least - 8 years Ken Huber has only spent 1 month NOT being a police chief, so this "former chief" stuff means nothing. Word play at a serious time.)

News from Oct 29 - Nov 1:

Highmore Shooting
[Excerpts] A man who served as police chief in two central South Dakota towns is now at the center of a shooting investigation.... The attorney general's office says Huber called 911 late Sunday night from the couple's home in Highmore but the AG's office isn't releasing any other details at this point. HUBER IS NOT IN CUSTODY AT THIS TIME. PAM HUBER IS IN A SIOUX FALLS HOSPITAL TONIGHT AND IS LISTED IN CRITICAL CONDITION. She's Highmore's city finance officer and also runs a small embroidery business in town... As for Ken Huber. He had worked as Highmore's Police Chief for nearly ten years. This summer he took a leave of absence to go work in Miller to help that police department out. But in August, the Highmore City Council asked Huber to make a decision of where he wanted to work, Highmore or Miller. He chose Miller. But city officials told KELOLAND News Huber only worked there for a few months before resigning in October.

Highmore Police Chief Ken Huber
Protection Order: Former Police Chief Shot Wife In Head
Don Jorgensen djorgensen@keloland.com
[Excerpts] An 11-year-old girl may have witnessed what happened in the moments after her mother was shot in the head. Former Highmore Police Chief KEN HUBER HAS NOT BEEN ARRESTED but according to a protection order filed in Minnehaha County, he is the only suspect in his wife's shooting... PAM HUBER REMAINS ON LIFE-SUPPORT in the Intensive Care Unit... SHE HAS A BULLET STILL LODGED IN HER BRAIN AND SHE IS NOT EXPECTED TO SURVIVE. Her family is by her bedside, but they are also trying to protect her from the man they believe fired the shot... Huber family attorney Matt Theophilus says, "He approached her in bed and shot her one time through the forehead, daughter unfortunately awoke to the sound of the gun shot and saw her mother terribly injured and bleeding and saw her father leaving the room with a gun in his hand." Matt Theophilus is the attorney representing the Huber's 11 and 12 year old daughters, and Pam Huber's son. The three have filed a protection order against Ken Huber because he has not been arrested and they do not want him to harm them or their mother. Theophilus says, "Their concern is what will he do in the future"... The protection order says Huber has physically and emotionally abused Pam Huber for at least 10 years, but she never reported it. "She has never felt able to report this for fear of reprecussions given his positions as chief of police." The family says they've seen a change in Ken Huber since he left his jobs as police chief in both Highmore and Miller. Theophilus says, "He was really suffering from some depression and possible abuse of medications and using that with alcohol as a result of his loss of jobs and the prestige of being chief of police." Theopholis also says Ken Huber is the one who called 911 after the shooting and actually performed first aid on Pam Huber before authorities got to the scene... Ken Huber has been told not to leave the area.

Wife's family accuses ex-chief in her shooting
Argus Leader
By Matthew Gruchow
October 31, 2007
[Excerpts] ...Ken Huber shot her with a Glock .44-caliber pistol while she was in bed with one of her daughters. The order goes on to state that Huber is on life-support and is "not expected to survive... (The) bullet is still lodged in her brain," according to court documents... The state attorney general's office has said it will neither confirm nor deny that Ken Huber is a suspect in the shooting of his wife. But the protection order states that his arrest is "likely imminent upon completion of DCI processing of crime scene"... spokeswoman for the attorney general, said investigators continue to collect evidence at the Hubers' home and other places in the town. "They are not done taking the things they need to get," Rabern said.... The town's current police chief, Ray Kusser, also has refused to answer questions about the shooting. Calls and e-mails sent to the Hyde County sheriff's office seeking comment were not returned... Besides working for the city, Pamela Huber owns an embroidery business in town, said Highmore Mayor Vikki Day... Huber has been with the town's government for more than 25 years, Day said. "She's a very big part of the community," she said... Ken Huber was the Highmore police chief from December 1999 until June. He was the police chief in Miller from June to Sept. 28...

Conflict has state in charge of case
Argus Leader
By Matthew Gruchow
November 1, 2007Publish Post
[Excerpts] ...Attorney General Larry Long confirmed that Hyde County State's Attorney Jennifer Lowrie will not be handling the case because of a conflict of interest but declined to discuss the nature of that conflict... Pam Huber remains unconscious and on life support at Avera McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls, he said. "The prognosis is not good. She may survive, but it's unlikely she will recover consciousness," Theophilus said. "They don't know if she's going to die now, or if she's going to survive"...


  1. Mr. Huber, (or Cletus, as many apparently called him), reportedly had a chip on his shoulder, a reputation as reckless to some and still others considered him just plain weird.

  2. Pam Huber passed away this afternoon. This is a terrible tragedy for the community of Highmore.

  3. Oh that is awful and so so very tragic. Feel free to email me at cloud_writer
    @ yahoo.com

    I'd like to make an entry for who Pam is - to be remembered, but would need help from someone who knows her because so little is known.

    I saw in the paper that the family was trusting that Ken would be arrested "this week"... and there are people who are standing by from other parts of the country willing to try to help make the right things happen by contacting people there in SD - but are waiting to see if the family is right.

    It's Friday night.

    I see people are leaving comments here: http://www.ksfy.com/news/local/10974256.html

    I am so so sorry, about all of it - every part of this, and everyone who's life will always be different because Pam was stolen.


  4. More comments may appear here on Topix forum also:

    Where Pam is, is so remote, I don't want her life and death to be forgotten.

  5. I've scoured everything, read all the forum posts on different pages, and one says Ken - still not arrested - is at his parents house in Huron and most say or infer that ken has disappeared with the district attorney who said she couldn't handle the case because she says there is a conflict of interest. Could be true but people might be just filling in the blanks to deal with there being no arrest. One news video (http://www.kdlt.com/video/videoclips1.htm) the expectation of some is that charges will finally be made on Monday. Is he around? Who knows?

    His kids have a protection order, fearing that he may come back to hurt them as well. Her oldest son has been given the decision making authority since it's clear that the husband is not a choice.

    One video says that Pam ran Highmore - she ran the town, and that there is no deputy auditor. She was central to everyone. I wish I could have found things more personal about Pam - her as a woman instead of her only as a shooting victim. She's more than that. I don't want to see her life be summed up as just a name in husband Ken's crime.

    So sad for the kids, and for all. So sad for Pam.

    One thing I want to address that I kept seeing in forum discussions is people objecting to Ken being described as a law enforcement officer or ex-officer. Out of the past 8 years the man has spent ONE MONTH not being a cop so I'm not sure what the noise is about. If he HADN'T been a law enforcement officer he'd be in jail and already charged. This is very MUCH about his being a top cop. He had NOT been a top cop for only one month when he fatally shot Pam.

    I wish I had a picture of her.

    Here are some article excerpts I grabbed in the last couple of hours:

    Highmore Mayor speaks out
    October 31, 2007
    Highmore’s Mayor says the city’s residents are trying to come to grips with the shooting of the city’s finance officer in her home... Highmore Mayor Vicki Day says Huber is a life-long city resident. She has a son that is married with grandchildren and two daughters still in grade school or middle school. Day says Huber is well known and well liked in the community... Day says Huber has been the city’s finance officer since 1983...
    This is G o o g l e's cache of http://www.todayskccr.com/index.asp?folderID=22

    Family to take Pam Huber off life support
    By Josh Verges
    Argus Leader
    PrintComment PrintPrint EmailEmail
    November 2, 2007
    ...A judge this morning gave Huber’s family permission to take her off life support, a lawyer for the family said. Lawyer Matt Theophilus said Circuit Judge Lori Wilbur granted guardianship to Mason, and that the family would decide together if and when to allow the woman to die. A physician has told the family that Huber would not recover. The decision to take Huber off life support usually would be up to her husband, former Highmore police chief Ken Huber. He has not been arrested or charged, but family members say it was Ken Huber who shot his wife. The judge knew the family’s version of the events when she granted guardianship to Mason, Theophilus said...

    Highmore Shooting Victim Update
    Chris Studer
    Nov 2, 2007 at 4:49 PM CDT
    Earlier today, Pam's family released this statement: "Pam's family would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming outpouring of support. Many people have responded with food and other personal wishes. All of this generosity is appreciated and we are grateful for your strong support as you have given us many shoulders to lean on. Sadly, Pam's condition has worsened and it is now only a matter of time before we say goodbye to Pam as she makes her final journey home. We would like to ask you to now turn your efforts to praying for Pam and her children. THANK YOU again... it is times like this that living in a small town makes one realize how lucky we are to have a "neighbor" at every turn"...

    Highmore Shooting Victim Passes Away
    A Highmore woman shot last weekend has died.
    By Stacy Steinhagen
    Nov. 2
    ...A protection order was filed against him by Pamela Huber's family after the shooting. This isn't the first time he's been the target of such an order. Ken Huber used to serve as Miller Police Chief, but sources tell KDLT News, he resigned after only four months because of an incident with a Miller family. The family filed for a protection order against Huber. It claimed he had scared their daughters by driving too fast during a car ride, and after the family complained to law enforcement, they claim Chief Huber kept driving by their home. Sources tell us the protection order was settled out of court and Huber turned in his resignation shortly afterwards. As for the most recent protection order, Pamela Huber's son and sister filed a protection order against her husband, Ken Huber, a couple days ago, after the shooting. It's in effect until a permanent order of protection can be served later this month...

    Outpouring of Support
    By Caitlin Haedicke
    Nov 2, 2007
    ...Details of Pam Huber's shooting were scarce until two family members filed a protection order against Pam's husband, Ken Huber ,on Monday. The protection order alleges her Ken shot Pam in the forehead with a pistol. He's the former police chief in Highmore and Miller. He's been questioned, but has not been listed as a suspect. The Attorney General's office is investigation because of a conflict of interest between the Hyde County prosecutor and Pam Huber's family...

    Highmore shooting victim dies
    Family ends life support; investigation continues
    By Josh Verges
    PUBLISHED: November 3, 2007
    The shooting of a Highmore city finance director became a murder investigation Friday after the woman's family took her off life support. Pam Huber, 46, died Friday afternoon at Avera McKennan Hospital, six days after she was shot once in the forehead. Family members charge that Huber's husband shot her, but no arrests have been made. The Division of Criminal Investigation will continue working on the case today. Huber's 11-year-old daughter was sleeping next to her mother Sunday night when the gunshot woke her, according to a protection order. The girl woke to find her mother bleeding and Ken Huber, her father and the victim's husband, with a gun in his hand. Ken Huber, a 41-year-old former Highmore police chief, has been questioned but not arrested or charged. The protection order states he has been told not to leave the area... [Attorney General Larry] Long again on Friday declined to explain why no arrest has been made. Pam Huber had been unable to breathe on her own when a judge granted guardianship to her son, Jeremy Mason. Mason said at noon Friday that the family would soon take her off life support. Matt Theophilus, a lawyer for the Huber family, said she died shortly after 1 p.m. Theophilus said a spouse usually would decide whether to keep his partner alive, but her son was appointed guardian because of Ken Huber's suspected involvement with the shooting...

  6. ==========

    just so you all know Ken, the "former cop" has now disappeared and along with him the states attorney for Highmore. I am curious why this information has not made it to the news...why is this being kept quiet? I was informed that authorities were busting down the states attorneys office door this morning looking for her as they don't know if she went with him willingly or fleed with him. I am not even sure if she was involved with him although the rumor mill states so. Please, quit focusing on it being broadcasted that he is a former cop. This is getting serious. I'll tell you what, if I comitted a horendous crime as this I can guarantee it would be "nurse kills spouse...". It shouldn't matter but it is part of the hook for catching your attention and getting you to listen to the story. Please pray for Pam and her family.


    Thank you all for focusing on the family and for your prayers. I am trying to step away from this as I realize I am too emotionally attatched. And before I do that I need to appologize to any other posters I may have insulted with any of my posts. I am usually a really happy poster but this hit too close to my heart. Your all wonderful "forum buddies". I trust the justice system to do their part now. Please continue to pray for the family and the small community of Highmore as it really is a small and closely knit town. Everyone is either blood related or grew up together and married.


    Ducks Unlimited
    Event Details: Hyde County (Highmore)
    When: Friday, October 19, 2007 5:30 p.m.
    Event Type: Banquet
    Location: Highmore Country Club
    Contact Name: Pam Huber
    Phone: (605)852-2713
    Contact Email: kenthecop@sbtc.net
    This is G o o g l e's cache of http://www.ducksunlimited.org/states/62/events/event11564.html


    Highmore Police Dept. Kenneth Huber. PO Box 325. Highmore, SD 57345-0325. 852-2399. FAX: 852-3183. kenthecop@sbtc.net


  7. Fund for Pam's family:

    Heartland State Bank
    114 Commercial Ave Se
    Highmore, SD 57345
    (605) 852-2177

  8. http://behindthebluewall.blogspot.com/2007/11/sd-chiefs-wife-pam-huber-has-died-hes.html


    Investigation of trooper shooting delayed
    Sioux Falls Argus Leader, SD
    By Josh Verges jverges@argusleader.com
    November 5, 2007

    The investigation into an Oct. 30 Highmore shooting will delay a report on an unrelated officer-involved fatal shooting, Attorney General Larry Long said.

    Many of the Division of Criminal Investigation agents who were looking into state trooper Ryan Lantz’s fatal shooting of 26-year-old Anthony Larocco Oct. 20 in Harrold were assigned to investigate the shooting of Highmore city finance director Pam Huber, who died Friday at 46.

    Long said Friday that the Huber shooting is higher priority, and will delay for another week or two the release of a report on Larocco’s death.


  10. A comment worth importing from KSFY:

    Yesterday at 4:54 PM neighbor wrote -
    Wow. No wonder she never went to the authorities . . . her husband shoots her in the head and even that's not enough to get the guy locked up. How sad.

  11. DCI has spoken to ex-police chief
    By Matthew Gruchow
    November 6, 2007
    [EXCERPTS] More than a week after the killing of the Highmore city finance officer, investigators have not made any arrests or officially named a suspect and have refused to explain the delay. Division of Criminal Investigation agents have questioned - but not arrested - Ken Huber, the town's former police chief, in connection with the shooting of his wife Pamela on Oct. 28. Pam Huber, 46, died Friday at Avera McKennan Hospital, after her family decided to remove her from life-support. The attorney general's office has repeatedly declined to name Ken Huber, 41, a suspect or indicate whether there are additional suspects. DCI does know where Ken Huber is, said Sara Rabern, spokeswoman for Attorney General Larry Long. "I expect things are going to start happening this week," she said. An autopsy was done Monday, Rabern said, but she would not discuss any findings. She again would not address why there had been no arrest, or explain the nature of a conflict of interest between Ken Huber and Hyde County State's Attorney Jennifer Lowrie, which prompted the attorney general's office to take over prosecution of the case. Matt Theophilus, the lawyer for Pamela Huber and her family, filed a protection order on her behalf that alleges the couple's 11-year-old daughter was sleeping next to Pamela in bed when she woke after a gunshot. The daughter saw her mother bleeding and Ken Huber holding a pistol, according to the protection order. Though disappointed an arrest was not made last week as expected, the Huber family continues to be patient while investigators make their case, Theophilus said...

  12. Pam Huber Memorial Tonight - 11/06/2007 6:09 AM
    Tonight, family and friends will remember a Highmore woman who was shot in her home last week. Pam Huber died in a Sioux Falls hospital on Friday. A prayer service will be held at 7:30 tonight at "Our Savior Lutheran Church" in Highmore, with the funeral set for tomorrow morning at 10:00. Huber was the finance officer for the city of Highmore. There have been no arrests so far for the shooting.

  13. Funeral set for woman killed by gunshot
    KMEG 14, IA - 24 minutes ago
    Associated Press - November 6, 2007 8:05 AM ET
    PIERRE, S.D. (AP) - [EXCERPTS] The funeral for a Highmore woman who suffered a fatal gunshot wound early last week will be tomorrow. Authorities say Pamela Huber was shot in the head. She died at a Sioux Falls hospital after the family took her off life support. Huber's husband -- Ken -- has been questioned about the shooting but has not been arrested.... The lawyer for the dead woman's son and sister says it's unusual not to arrest someone almost immediately when it's alleged that they have killed another person.



  15. He's arrested and charged

    Wednesday, November 07, 2007
    Huber Affidavit for Probable Cause for 1st Degree Murder

  16. Court Papers Detail Murder Investigation
    The court affidavits filed in the case against Ken Huber confirm many of the rumors floating around Highmore about Huber's affairs. They also outline the 911 call and testimony of the Huber's two young daughters ages 11 and 12. They paint a disturbing picture of a murder that investigators say was motivated by greed... Stephanie reported that her dad yelled, "It was an accident. I would never do anything to hurt your mom. Make sure to tell the people who would ask you questions about that"... Jennifer Lowrie the Hyde County State's Attorney -- admitted to investigators she was having a sexual relationship with Ken Huber... Pam's grown son Jeremy paints an unflattering picture of Huber. Jeremy says Ken was violent toward him and his mother... Huber had been a police officer since 1990 and was a firearms instructor. He had more than a thousand hours of weapons training and had taken two "Glock armors" courses. The Glock handgun that killed Pam Huber had three safetys.

  17. That is very sad. I believe the greatest pain is losing a loved one. I knew a family who talks and thinks so highly of Ken.

  18. Is there a way to reach out to the family to offer help or assistance of any kind?

    1. Run a search through the blog or on Google to get an update on what happened. I have had no contact with anyone in the family. If there is something you would like to do perhaps I can help you get ahold of them


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