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Friday, November 23, 2007

[WA] Ocean Shores Officer Elmore arrested for assault, domestic violence

Police have arrested an Ocean Shores police officer for investigation of fourth-degree assault and domestic violence. Jeffrey Elmore, 50, was arrested at his Aberdeen home on Wednesday afternooon, accused of assaulting a child who lives in his home. The incident took place on Nov. 18, but was not reported to Child Protective Services until Wednesday. The details of the allegations are not known. Elmore is being held in the Aberdeen City Jail.


  1. Judge frees Ocean Shores officer accused of assault
    November 26, 2007
    The Associated Press
    An Ocean Shores police officer accused of striking a 17-year-old girl who lived in his home in Aberdeen has been released without bail while he faces a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. In Aberdeen Municipal Court today, Officer Jeffrey Elmore was told not to contact the girl. She was moved from the home after the Nov. 18 altercation. He was arrested Wednesday.

    Police officer charged with assaulting teen daughter
    Nov 29, 2007
    An Ocean Shores police officer has been charged with fourth-degree assault involving his 17-year-old daughter. The teenager says her father, 50-year-old Jerry Elmore of Aberdeen, hit her with a belt at least five times in an argument over a telephone call on Nov. 18. Elmore was arrested Nov. 21 after she told school counselors her father had caused the bruises on her arms and legs. According to a police report, he has been placed on paid administrative leave and his daughter has moved into a friend's house. He is barred from having contact with her and from possessing firearms. Elmore has been a police officer for nine years. He has not entered a plea to the charge. A hearing is scheduled Dec. 11 in Municipal Court.

  2. Does it occur to anyone that this "17-year old girl living in the officer's home" may be his daughter and she may be lying because she doesn't like the answers that her parents are giving while exercising their rights as parents to keep order in their home?

  3. If he is found not guilty will you work to clear his reputation as much as posting this as a Blue Wall criminal?

    Do you think there might be a second side to this? Called lying by the child? How about a child who wants to leave home and can not because of age, so she hears how you can make a complaint and the state takes you away to live with your boyfriend's relatives?

    You are much too quick to judge this case, just because he is a cop. I have known this man for 10 years and he is a very gentle man.

  4. AnonymousMay 04, 2008

    Officer Elmore was acquited 4-11-08. The expert testimony showed that the injuries the daughter displayed were not consistent with having been hit with a belt as she claimed. The jury ruled that what the father did was within the realm of corporal punishment as allowed by law and not abuse. Now will you admit that this honorable man has been wrongly accused? We have known this family since before this daughter was born. We have also raised 5 children to adulthood and experienced some tense teenage years when one false accusation could have landed us in legal trouble for necessary corporal punishment!

  5. AnonymousMay 04, 2008

    "...the bruises on her arms and legs..."

  6. Oh that is really ridiculous that a grown-ass MAN can pick up a BELT and WHIP a young WOMAN with it, and have people come on here and say how great he is.
    There is NOTHING regarding a cel phone that can justify that.
    I have children. I would NEVER hit them with anything - Any object that I would swing at someone smaller and weaker than me I would consider a WEAPON, and no one who loves their kids will do that over a cel phone issue.

    I can't see how anyone can use a belt on their children period. I was beat with a belt growing up and all that SHIT about beating me because they love me is ignorant. I'm grown and a parent now. I thought I'd understand it when I grew up but all I understand is that it's BRUTAL.

    We are smart enough to discipline our daughters without beating them.

    He admits he beat her with the belt. You think he "tapped" her with it? What do you call that? He "WHIPPED" her?

    Nice to have friends who can offer expert testimony because OF COURSE if A MAN beats her with a belt she will have bruises. She had bruises that lasted a MONTH. Where do you think they came from?

    The worst part for me was reading his wife clasped his hand in support as his daughter left the court crying, rejecting the hugs of family.

    With family like that she doesn't have to walk alone at night to be in danger.

    How sad. I hope his job is worth it to him.

    I had no idea it was legal to use belts on our children.

    Nobody should have to say it.
    It's obvious.

    RCW 9A.16.100
    Use of force on children — Policy — Actions presumed unreasonable.
    It is the policy of this state to protect children from assault and abuse and to encourage parents, teachers, and their authorized agents to use methods of correction and restraint of children that are not dangerous to the children. However, the physical discipline of a child is not unlawful when it is reasonable and moderate and is inflicted by a parent, teacher, or guardian for purposes of restraining or correcting the child. Any use of force on a child by any other person is unlawful unless it is reasonable and moderate and is authorized in advance by the child's parent or guardian for purposes of restraining or correcting the child.
    The following actions are presumed unreasonable when used to correct or restrain a child: (1) Throwing, kicking, burning, or cutting a child; (2) striking a child with a closed fist; (3) shaking a child under age three; (4) interfering with a child's breathing; (5) threatening a child with a deadly weapon; or (6) doing any other act that is likely to cause and which does cause bodily harm greater than transient pain or minor temporary marks. The age, size, and condition of the child and the location of the injury shall be considered when determining whether the bodily harm is reasonable or moderate. This list is illustrative of unreasonable actions and is not intended to be exclusive.

    1. I knew him many many years ago when she was just a baby he was a horrible cop and asked to leave my hometown if that says anything

  7. He may be "acquitted" legally - and I'll ACKNOWLEDGE that, but I don't have to work to make him look less guilty of doing what he admitted he did.

    It doesn't matter what I think
    He got what he wanted.

  8. AnonymousJuly 19, 2008

    It was not a beating or a whipping, it was a spanking. My parents spanked me as a form of discipline and don't resent them for it. If other forms of discipline have been exhausted, which was the case here, then spanking would be appropriate. I hate that in our society we assume that someone must be guilty if they're charged with anything. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I don't know what caused those bruises, but it was not a belt and it was not Officer Elmore, that is a fact.

  9. I sadly have know the Elmores for several years. I call them as I see them. Both Mr. and Mrs. Elmore are nothing but manipulative cowards! He controls his house and the occupants that live in it. Mrs Elmore can't make her own choice unless it is spoon fed to her by her husband. Their oldest son by his own words joined the Marines to get away from his parents. Mr. Elmore abused his job by showing up in uniform at several school functions just to stand there and glare at his daughter and her boyfriend. If anyone disagreed with Mr. Elmore, he would yell and scream and throw fits worse than any child. His uncontrollable temper has been building for years and he used a belt on a minor child. This is a man who is not only taller, but out weighs his daughter BUT is suppose to be trained on how to keep situations from getting out of control. IF this man can not control his temper with his own family, why in the hell is he still on the police force?

  10. People give themselves PERMISSION to hit.

    We need to stop that. We are smart enough to find another way to impact a child or get them to comply with the rules.

    Parents have many other powers in the family - not just brute force.

  11. I didn't approve the comment that came yesterday. Too vulgar.

  12. Just because he was acquited of the civil charges, that doesn't mean that he was not guilty. He is yet another example of the system not working for the victim.
    Anyone remember the verdict 13 years ago for O.J.?

  13. I'm Officer Jeff Elmore's oldest son. I never said that I joined the Marine Corps to get away from my father, I simply mentioned that I did not want to remain in Aberdeen wasting mylife working at Safeway. Just so all the people who have read this know, I was never abused by my father and I firmly believe that my sister was never abused either, she has been fighting emotional problems since she was 14. There are several things that were misconscrewed by the media. First off, my father and sister got in the argument on Sunday night, almost three days before he was finally arrested on Wensday afternoon. Second, my father was held for four days in solitary confinement, "For his own protection". Thirdly, all of this happened the week after i got out of boot camp. I had just spent three months away from my family whom I love dearly, all either of my parents wanted to do was spend time with me before I left for MCT.
    I spent the entire week looking after my mother for she was too distraught to even answer the phone. I also feel that my sister was not or is not in the correct frame of mind, to my knowledge, she still doesn't realize that what she claimed has deeply affected her parents. Right now, she refuses to call either of our parents. If she has something to ask or say to them, she goes through a text message to me for me to relay on.

  14. I just wonder how it is that when the parents were found guilty by cps for using excessive force on their daughter, how can he still keep his job?

  15. The local newspaper has a lot to do with what people can get away -

    the newspaper, and the community.

    Because I scour for news I see that outrage by citizens who fill up the city council chambers DOES make a difference - especially if they keep coming back,

    and I can't say enough for how powerful the newspaper is.

    THEY ask the question, request / demand the answers, and keep the pressure on until someone comes up with an answer.
    when the police department has the news agency in their back pocket, any kind of wrongdoing can occur.

    Sometimes it's the same family running the paper and the city.

    So I would look to the paper and ask them why that incongruency isn't being challenged, and why the question isn't asked out loud.

    You have to make noise.
    A blog.
    A sandwich sign. :)
    Some kind of noise.

  16. Thank you for the great advice. I am going to do that, start asking questions and not stopping. Thanks again.

  17. AnonymousJune 18, 2009

    I am overjoyed that the Elmores lost their appeal on the CPS conviction of using excessive force on their daughter!

    Too bad the attorney that handled the CPS appeal that the Elmores were trying to overturn wasn't the same prosecuting attorney for the city in the civil trial.

  18. Spare the rod.....

  19. Worried For My SafetyOctober 28, 2009

    I live in Ocean Shores where Mr. Elmore is on the police department. It is such a travisty that he gets to now hide behind the police union to be able to keep his job. So a man who is suppose to uphold the law gets away with permanently emotionaly messing up his own child. Found guilty by CPS for him and his wife using excessive force on their child and he gets to keep his job. Remind me why this is such a great system?


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