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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

[NY] Officer Nieves killed wife Deborah & himself as kids fled

..."I don't like to think anybody would be capable of this... but he would be the last guy." [Town of Highlands Police Officer-in-charge Randall] Bailey said the couple did not have a serious history of domestic disputes with the town police. "Maybe one or two in 2005"...

Two dead in domestic shooting in Hudson Valley

November 13, 2007 5:05 PM ET
Police in a small Hudson Valley community say a Port Authority police officer shot his wife to death during an argument and then turned the gun on himself. Gunshots were heard and several children were running from the home in Orange County when officers responding to a domestic dispute call arrived on the scene last night in Fort Montgomery, just south of West Point. Inside, police found a man and woman lying on the kitchen floor. Town of Highlands police say the woman, 39-year-old Deborah Nieves, had multiple gunshot wounds and the man, 37-year-old Wilfredo Nieves Jr., had a single fatal bullet wound to the head. Deborah Nieves called 911 before being shot by her husband, who was a police officer with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, according to police. The couple had four school-age children.

FORT MONTGOMERY MURDER-SUICIDE Kids home when dad shoots wife, himself
Times Herald-Record
By Alexa James
November 14, 2007
Fort Montgomery — The call came in Monday night as a domestic dispute at the Hudson View [Excerpts] Terrace Mobile Home Park, just north of the Town of Highlands Police Department... As the officers headed up the walkway, the front door swung open and four kids bolted outside, hollering for help. Then the shooting started... "I'm floored," said Annie Scott, the park manager and a town councilwoman. "(Wilfredo) didn't appear to be that type of a person"... She knew Deborah as a stay-at-home mom, forever shuffling her four kids — ages 4 to 14 — from one sporting event to another. "Mom's Taxi," said the bumper sticker on the back of her SUV, now parked in front of a home wrapped in yellow police tape. On the SUV's windshield, there was another sticker — a Port Authority police shield. Wilfredo joined the Port Authority police in 2000 and was most recently assigned to George Washington Bridge patrols, according to Port Authority spokesman Pasquale DiFulco. "He was always working. He seemed to work very, very long hours," said Scott. "I don't like to think anybody would be capable of this," she said, "but he would be the last guy." Bailey said the couple did not have a serious history of domestic disputes with the town police. "Maybe one or two in 2005," he said. The couple's children were turned over to grandparents, Bailey said. The Port Authority police, along with state police and the Orange County District Attorney's Office, are assisting town police with the investigation.

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  1. It has taken me a very long time to comment on any of the stories written about this incident. Willie was a very close family member. This incident is tragic and cannot be justified, however, when people read stories such as this one their first reaction is to point the finger of blame at one person. What the public fails to realize is there are three sides to every story: his side, her side, and the truth. There was a family member there at the time who was a witness, and it did not happen the way it was reported. I finally now know first hand how the media will change information and report things in an incomplete or miscorrect manner, just to make a story interesting, with no conscience about how surviving family members and friends are feeling. I now find the media deplorable. Like I stated in the beginning, this incident is tragic and cannot be justified, but there is always more than one side to a story.

  2. AnonymousMay 17, 2008

    Deborah did not deserve this she was a wonderful person and a good loving mother to her 5 kids and she did nothing wrong

    R.I.P Deborah

  3. AnonymousJune 01, 2008

    i have had a very hard time dealing with the deaths of will and deb- it doesnt matter how i know them, but i knew them both very well...and i am sick to death of people claiming they know what happened that night when all their information is second hand- from the media,to the people who swear they know it all because they somehow managed to hear it first- when in fact they know nothing about what went down that night.
    were you there?? no you werent. so before you run your mouth about deb not doing nothing wrong- get the facts straight..
    yes it was a tragic incident, no it cant be justified, and no it should have never happened..BUT
    Like it was said there are 3 sides to every story AND we will never hear their sides, we will never know the truth BECAUSE will and deb took it with them when they died. let it rest-them rest in PEACE and stop assuming you know everything!

  4. AnonymousJune 01, 2008

    It does matter how you knew them when you are that bitter. It's obvious what side of the family you're on.

    The good thing is that you are not the moderator, and you don't have the authority to decide what people can say or feel here or anywhere else.

  5. AnonymousJune 01, 2008

    as a matter of fact YES I AM family- and what?? its not a matter of who im related to- its not about me taking sides-or passing judgement on anyone- all i said wasget all the facts before you start running your mouth and like i said were you there???no you werent! so how can you sit there and say she did nothing wrong?
    no i dont have the authority to tell people what they can and cant say- all im saying is let it rest, ok. whats done is done- let it go already.
    bitter no- mad as hell because of people like you- who are quick to pass judgement without knowing all the damn facts.. you wanna KNOW WHO I AM?? i am the witness that was there that night!

  6. AnonymousJune 01, 2008

    What happened that day?

  7. AnonymousJune 01, 2008

    jen who? Debbies sister in law??
    whats the point in me telling you you what really happened- your mind is already made up to pass judgement and blame it all on Will. im not even going to go there.
    just let it rest- thats all im asking.

  8. AnonymousJuly 30, 2008

    Now that you admit being the witness on that evening, what did the media get wrong? Fact, a sworn Port Authority police officer murdered his wife in front of their children. Provoked or unprovoked, he should have had enough strength to walk away from the situation instead of taking the easy way out and destroying many lives. Their children are still affected to this day and forever will be because of a lack of self control. And in regard to your statement at the hotel just after it happened, Yes, it was his fault. For you to say it was nobody's fault is ludicrous.

  9. you know what- im not going to sit here and argue with you or anyone else about that night. i know what i said at the hotel and you are completely off base. it was a horrible night- it should not have happened but it did and there is nothing that we can do about it but try to heal and move on. as for it being ALL wills fault- NO that's where you are wrong- if you're going to point fingers and place blame- do it right- it was BOTH of their faults- debs for provoking him and wills for like you said" not having enough strength to walk away from the situation instead of taking the easy way out and destroying many lives". ive said all im going to say. let them rest in peace!

    1. I dont know who this is but it is NOT my mothers fault. Okay? Why blame her??!!

    2. Would you like me to remove that comment?

  10. I didnt know either of them. I can say i argue with my wife and awful things are said and like alot of marriges ours is rocky. But I would never do what this guy did. Thats my kids mother. I cant believe anyone would say its not his fault. He took their mother and father away from them. I suppose they should just say it was nobodys fault. So i guess if She would have done everything he said and put up with what ever this guy said and or did she would be alive. Sounds like a control issue. Sounds like living life like a hostage. What this guy did was selfish and certainly didnt have his kids best intrest at heart. Its scary that a police officer sworn to protect and serve, didnt even protect and serve his own family. Story's like these amaze me. I hope we all can learn from these story's so Deborahs death and others like hers will wake other women up who are with guys like this and their deaths will do some good for others....

    1. This guy ? That guy was my uncle u fucking idiot he was a wonderful man a hardworking man and be loved his kids and family and wife more then anything there was a lot going on so before u ait here and jusge know ur fucking facts asshole

    2. Sorry you lost your uncle but he doesn't fit most people's idea of wonderful.

  11. First of all as a anthor person looking at this it's crazy that you could sit there and blame someone who didnt know that a gun is going be put to them she could not do anything to change that or protect her self.You sit there and act like people expectally couples dont fight it dosent mean to take a gun and take there lifes.Its funny how you sit there and act like you know the story so why was you not on the news?where were you when the oldest of the four had to get the kids out of the house what did you do to stop it that was your brother so why didnt you try to stop him b/c you know that he would of not shoot u but you didnt care to do that.And regodless if she provoking him what do you mean?i mean come on beating her face in was not good anought for him that night and all the other times dont make it seem like he was just feed up he broke her nose her ribs other times always in front of the kids.O and you said he was a great father okay so why is it that he gave deb 200 dollars a week for 7 people in the house that not even anought to get food for everone and most of the time ether they would be feeding you your son or will would eat it allor give all his money to his family or send it on golf and beer.Plus deb would have to beg him to take the kids out all he did was yeal and hit deb or never be there always saying he was going to play golf or at a hotel saying it was for work.Then you said he was a great cop 1 you would not use a gun thats supposed to protect people to killed your wife,2 even when he was working with Port A bus station he would beat on the peolpe in the sataion saying the reason is b/c they where "low lives" and bums wow to me that cold hearted he just always wannna to have people scared of him and him being a cop made him feel like he could run peoples lifes.You kno you dont put your self in anyones shose to know how its is to go to sleep for a little kid and dream about seeing mommy shoot or knowing your dad killed mommy not to know what to feel and cry in the middle of the night b/c they cant go abck to school.deb had her oldest 20 who needs her so much she just started to be on her own and was very close to her then you have the 15 yaer old who has to finish high school with no mother to gide her through and a 14 year old boy who so confussed and the 2 little ones who didnt even get to really grow with her he took so much from everyon e and it funny how you could just sayt move on sorry i kno your grtting money and that allm you want and even before you judge deb what was you doing?you forget to tell peoople that dont be fake and stop takeing foe deb and will b/c you are not about to make him the vitim yea he gone but he made the choice deb didnt have one b/c all she live for was her family.there so much i could say but ill leave it like that R.I.P deb

  12. Thank you for sharing all of that. It was beautiful.

  13. This story has hurt us all. Most of all the children and her parents. When you try to say that it wasnt Willies fault it may make you feel better but you were not the only witness. For the rest of time those children will try to live past that night and will never be able to. I hope it has satified you to rip open the wound that the children spend most of their time tring to live with. I realize that you are trying to live past this too but an open blog defending the defenseless is not a good choice. All you have done is hurt the people that have been hurt by this over again.. I hope it made you feel better!!!!! Because me and my family live with it everyday and try to make sense of the unthinkable.....and we cant!!!!!!!! You have no idea how many peoples lives Willie changed that night. I think that this blog was put forth to remember the person taken not to defend the one who did the taking. To make it short think about the people you hurt by writing this blog and maybe next time you will make better chioces

  14. who is this?2 i am family so what are you talking about and also you say dont defended what is this hole thing anyways this hole time willie was being defended so i feel i have the right to do it for deb read what ws wrote on top i was just trying to let people know the truth dont tyell me how the kids feel you have no idea

  15. Hi I am the first aug 15th poster and I wanted to let you know that my post was in reference to the march 21 blog not yours. If you knew who i was you would know that i would never write anything to hurt your feelings. I just wanted the march 21 st poster to understand that her comments are hurtful and unnecessary.....

  16. I turned the automatic starting of the video off. It's probably too much. Family and friends don't need to hear that over and over.
    I'm so sorry to all of you who are left to deal with this. It has to be awful no matter how you are connected . I'm sure NObody is happy.

  17. This has gone on too long, i've tried to keep what I had to say to myself because the past cannot be undone, but truth to told the only one's who have any factual knowledge about that night is my aunt and the kids, so everyone else needs to fall back and try to move on with their life. Debbie and I were very close, I remember my 6th-9th grade , daily, going over to her house in West Haverstraw, hanging out with her, not even realizing the age difference, we were more then aunt and nephew, we were best friends, her children, my cousins, were like little siblings of mine. It seems to me, that after what happened the other side of her family wants to act all big, act all mighty, but I ask, where the hell where y'all when she was going through what she was going through....nowhere to be found... Willie gave Debbie everything she wanted, he worked, he paid FOR EVERYTHING, she was a stay at home mom, living like a stepford wife while my uncle busted his ass working double shifts multiple times a week making sure they lived comfortably, so I ask, how dare anybody attempt to come for him in such a manner. What he did is inexcusable, it shocked us all, turned my world upside down. BUT, at the same time, y'all don't know what lead to what happened, you have speculation, you have anger driven ideas, when in actuality you don't know a damn thing, like I said, only my aunt and the kids have first hand knowledge of what went down. I will never forget or stop loving Willie, and I will never forget or stop loving Debbie, they were like another set of parents to me, and you need to let them rest, and stop causing yourselves pain by dragging this on, I mean, it's almost been a year, let's move on, it's what they would want. LET THEM REST


  19. i 100% agree with the August 10th posting, i am pretty sure i know who that is..

    From Nov.12th till this very day i can't seem to forget her voice, her laugh; its like it has been recorded in my mind. I would give anything to see her again, to hear her again, to hug her again.. Never once did you here Debbie say "I cant" for her family or children, she did everything she possibly could for them. As for her marriage, Debbie suffered for a long time. This was not a first time incident, Willie threatened her & beat her numerous times, usually in front of the kids; he even tried to go after her oldest daughter, so sitting here and defending him is disgusting, & that only shows what kind of life you think is right. For a women to be beaten and live in fear is absurd, & this situation just shows the horrible and tragic outcome. So for all of you that sit here and try to say she had to have provoked him in some way, PROVOKED? are you kidding me? To provoke a man to take his wife and the mother of his kids, life away?? He was a COWARD and he only thought of HIMSELF, he didn't think about his children, and the life they were gonna have to live with once there mother is gone, or what kind of heartbreak her family and close friends were going to go through. He though about himself, and how much power he had because of a gun. Don't sit her and try to make him the victim in this situation, because hes NOT. Like they said in the August 10th post, he had the choice to make with that gun; Debbie didn't. He chose to ruin the lives of many people, he chose to have her kids go through life with out a mother, he chose to have the blame and the fingers pointed at him. You say "Let it Rest" how can we let it rest when there is people like you that sit here and defend someone that did something so horrible?? Go ahead and tell Debbie's 5 children to let it rest, and i guarantee you they would spit in your face, why? because thats their mother and they will never be able to "let it rest" Those kids wont be able to sleep the same, nothing. There lives have been drastically changed forever. Regardless if you are Willies family or not, you need to realize what he did and stop defending it, because when it all comes down to it he was still WRONG. With that being said,

    Rest In Peace Debbie, you will never be forgotten. You were a strong person and you didn't deserve a thing that you have had to go through. I love you & I miss you.

  20. i meant the August 14th posting, the long one.

  21. I Knew Debbie. She was such a good person. I Know for a fact Willie used to beat her. She didnt deserve that nor what happened to her. Her kids didnt deserve it either. What he did was horrific. I dont think his family will ever convince a sein person that it wasnt his fault. By the way, His family member said in an aug 19th post that he treated her like a stepford wife. Isnt that like a robot wife????? And you tell us to move on yet you were the first to post on here. We are moving on, But that doesnt mean we will forget what Willie did to her and the kids on that night. Thats right the kids too. They are victims also. He not only attacked Debbie that night he attacked his kids also by doing what he did and doing it in front of them. We all miss Debbie so much. And your right the kids are the ones who know what went down that night. They also know what went down on all the other nights. I love them kids very much and they didnt deserve any of this. We will move on. However we will never forget Debbie. Not a day goes by that I dont think about her. You cant make us believe it wasnt his fault. Its not gonna happen. Guns dont kill people. People kill people. REST IN PEACE DEBBIE.. WE LOVE YOU....... B

  22. you know- i never knew that the world could be filled with so much hate. Because i defend my flesh and blood and because i say grieve, but heal and move on because its what they would have both wanted- you all are ready to crucify me. I DONT DEFEND HIM FOR WHAT HE DID! I DEFEND HIM CUZ HE IS MY BLOOD. AND BECAUSE THE WILLIE YOU ALL DESCRIBE HIM TO HAVE BEEN IS NOT THE WILLIE THAT I KNEW AND LOVED MY ENTIRE LIFE! SO IM SORRY IF YOU THINK THAT I AM WRONG FOR DEFENDING HIM BUT- IT IS WHAT IT IS- HE IS MY BLOOD.
    you think this been easy for my family? do you think that you are the only ones whose lives have been ripped apart by this? that you are the only ones grieving? that you are the only ones who have the right to grieve for Debbie? SORRY- BUT YOURE NOT! Deb and i were very close the last yr of her life- we spent a lot of time together- a hell of a lot of time together and Regardless of what you all may think- i loved her and there is nothing- nothing at all that any one of you can say that will change that EVER! theres not a damn day that goes by that i dont think of her- that i dont miss the hell out of her- that i dont wish she was here.
    you have no clue- none what so ever what this has done- not only to your family but to mines as well! The wondering, the unanswered questions, asking WHY he did what he did and still coming no closer to getting any answers- because they were taken with them to the grave when they both died.
    everything that i have in the past said on this blog has been taken and blown out of proportion or just taken the wrong way. and for those of you that i did hurt with my harsh words- i apologize. BUT just like you all are angry now- so WAS I,when i made my first comment.
    who are any of you to judge ? you dont know me- or my family. not a DAMN thing about me or my family. some of you might THINK you do- but you dont. you dont know what i think or how i feel or what my beliefs are. half of you have never heard of me and if by chance we did meet then it was through Deb and you probably never took the time to talk to me, to the type of person I AM - all you see is someone who is related to Willie- someone who is NOT afraid to stand up and say what she think and what she feels. but you know what - what you all think doesn't matter! SOLO DIOS ME PUEDE JUZGAR! THAT IS THE TRUTH AND WHEN ITS MY TURN- IT WILL BE DONE ACCORDINGLY!
    NOT ONE OF YOU- NOT ONE knows how when i close my eyes images of that night pop into my head like a damn movie in slow motion-images that will forever be embedded into my memory. but im not even going to go there because i dont want to cause anyone anymore pain . i gave a statement to the state police that night.. you wanna know what i said- go ask them for a copy of it. i was there- i lived it with those children. so dont you DARE sit there and tell me different- that i dont know what the hell im talking about..
    i have been accused me of doing nothing to try to stop Will "that was your brother so why didn't you try to stop him b/c you know that he would of not shoot u" . what? was i supposed to jump in front a man with a gun and try to talk reason to him, to protect her? knowing that in his frame of mind there was no reasoning with him? was i supposed to put my life on the line? and risk him not only shooting both of them, but me too? so that instead of burying one family member my family would have to bury 2?
    i have been accused of "not being real to Deb"- whatever that means. she was my friend, my sister in law and i loved her.and when she died she took a piece of me with her as did my brother and there isnt a damn day that DOESNT GO BY that i dont think of them, that i DONT wish that none of this happened.
    i have been accused of "grtting money and that all you want" YOU KNOW- money DONT mean A DAMN THING to me- i didn't have it before and i sure as hell dont have it now. i WORK for eveything that ive got ive got. it wasn't left to me, and if i could really have "all that i want"- then my brother and Deb would be here- ALIVE because that's all i have been wanting since that night, but i know its never going to happen. and i have accepted that.
    AND IM SORRY if you see my trying to heal and move on with my life as a bad thing- im not doing it for anyone but myself- the past is over and there is nothing we can do about it. its time to start living in the present and start looking to the future..it means that i have accepted things for the way they really are and i am ready to start a new chapter in my life- without Will and Deb as a part of it. it DOESNT mean i have forgotten them, that i have stopped loving them, it DOES NOT mean i have stopped grieving..

    And it does not mean i have forgotten the kids ALL 4 OF THEM and all they have been through and it doesn't mean i dont care- because i do.. your FOCUS should be on them and making sure they get the help they need to get through this and to stop teaching them to HATE this side of the family, because regardless of what you all think we do love them.

    IM DONE- that's all Ive got to say. continue to talk, continue to throw around your accusations and bitter words if you want, BUT FROM THIS SIDE- THERE WILL BE NO MORE SAID.

  23. You cant believe the world is filled with hate? I'm sorry but he killed our flesh and blood in cowboy style fashion. Do you think I want to forgive him?? HELL TO THE NO!!! For what he put those kids through that I care about very much. By the way there are 5 kids not 4. I understand you want to defend your brother. I understand you want me to say it was Debbies fault too. Why is it you can defend your brother but we cant defend Debbie from your accusations that she did something wrong to provoke him? Was she not a good stepford wife to him? Was he loosing control of her? You say we are making accusations? I dont think the kids would lie about the stuff they saw. I dont think they would lie about the stuff Willie did in front of them on numerous accasions. The kids arent being taught to hate your side of the family. They saw their DADDY shoot and kill their MOMMY! Do you think they want to forgive him? Do you think its right to tell the kids what they should feel? That they shouldnt feel mad, sad, or anything else. You cant control their feelings or anyone elses. They were there. They are not stupid. I understand you are suffering from this also. Im sure you didnt want this to happen. Im glad your moving on with your life. As We are too. Just like you we will defend our flesh and blood from People who come on here and try to tell us Debbie provoked him. Should I think Willie was a nice guy? After What he did to the oldest child. For the pain we all will suffer for the rest of our lives. I cant even if i tried. Im sorry but its just not natural. I understand he was your brother. So maybe its natural for you to feel the way you do. By you saying she provoked him is like saying if she would have did what he said or acted the way he wanted this wouldnt have happened. Maybe she would just get a few broken ribs or a broken nose like those other times. You can say he did all this good stuff, And the kids can just move on like nothing happened. Daddy just had a bad day. Dont be mad or sad. I got it! They can be stepford children!! It will be a year on November 12th. Every day since then I go to bed with what he did on my mind and wake up with it on my mind. It doesnt go away This is the pain I will live with for the rest of my life. I have learned to manage the pain but it will never go away. All i have left of Debbie is her memmories and when I dream of her. The best thing that is left of her is the children she left behind. I see her in all of them. I pray for those children. With all of this said. I do agree with you about moving on. We can go on back and forth back and forth. It will get nobody anywhere. We can keep all the negetive energy from these incidents fermenting. Or we can move on. With that said...Im out.. REST IN PEACE DEBBIE. I MISS YOU BIG TIME........ B

  24. Excuse me okay well.... idc what people form wills side of the family have to say or deborahs the only real true witness are the children yes they are really the only true people that can recall seeing something tragic happen so quicky OKAY! u people dont understand how it must fell not growing up without parents ...... Not to take sides but deborah never deserved any of this u think him beating her is good when she called the cops it was for her and probly her own kids sake. He was a cop and knew how and wat a gun can do. it dosnt matter what state of mind ur in U NO WHAT A GUN CAN DO ! it can kill and yess it did. but realy what upsets me mostly about the kids they are gunan grow up being storng people ... probly stronger than most of us , but dont you think they need their mom ? they were better off without will so it really dosnt matter.

    so god bless thoses kids

  25. AnonymousMay 24, 2009

    Time goes by. It's already been about a year and a half since this horrific incident happened.I still think about it every single day. Still cant believe that there are people out there that think this is justified. Not only in this case buy many others. Like the Chris Brown and Rhianna incident. I ask these people, if this was your daughter do you think she would deserve to be beat, kicked, punched, verbally abused, shot, killed, for not being the way her husband expected her to be???? Should your daughters children have to go through this too???? This is right??? If my wife gets mad and yells at me for what ever reason, does that mean i should kill her? or maybe just a good beating? what warrents killing her over beating her? is killing her an option only after beating her doesnt work???? Or should I be a man and deal with it. Maybe walk away, or if im not happy leave the relationship. think that would work better??? This way my kids can still have a mother and father and not have to see daddy beating mommy or better yet killing her. REST IN PIECE DEBBIE. B.......

  26. god bless the last person who wrote Rest in peace deb we miss you so much still can see ya smile

  27. "It's been almost two years now,
    since you left without a chance to say goodbye.
    Two years of change and memories,
    two years of asking why.

    You were taken from so much,
    your family, your children, your friends too.
    With questions all left unanswered,
    about why this fate chose you.

    You left behind so many,
    with a grieving, heavy heart.
    Not knowing how to answer,
    or even how to start.

    You left behind your children,
    parents, siblings, and relatives too.
    You left behind a lot of friends,
    not knowing what to do.

    We cannot change that fateful day,
    that made us forever part.
    The day that took our hopes and dreams away,
    A Mother,
    A Daughter,
    and a friend,
    with a loving and caring heart.

    If tears could cure this heartache,
    then maybe we would be okay.
    For you would be back here with us,
    each and every day.

    We know your in Heaven now,
    but here its not the same.
    We can envision you within our mind,
    but never again here you call our name.

    All thats left are memories,
    that death cannot take away.
    We will hold on to them tightly,
    for they will never fade away."

    -Rest In Peace Deb.
    Still missing you everyday.
    Forever in my heart.

  28. I cant belived its almost 2 years,I really thought i would be okay but its hurts to think the one person who you know will always really love is gone.Everynight before i layed my head to sleep i think of you and all the stuff people say but no ones could ever have that many prombles but think of others and her kids like she did.I know ur angel now but i would give anything to have u around even if it means getting hurt myself i really need u right now i hope u can hear my prays i love u miss u always thinking of u

  29. Debbie, its almost 2 years now. I still feel you around us. I know you are. Even though you pop up to say hi in my dreams sometimes, I still miss you more then ever. As time goes by I miss you more and more. You were ripped away from us. My heart will never be the same. you are in my thoughts every single day. I dont think i can ever get used to you not being around. Why did this have to happen? guess i'll have to find out when its my time. Meet me by the bridge. Love ya.

  30. It's 2 years ago today, god took you away from us. We all miss you Debbie. Your kids are always thinking of you.They miss you. I miss your smile and laugh. I miss joking around with you.RIP DEB. LOVE YOU ALWAYS!!!! B.

  31. i miss you and love u so much just waiting for the day those gates open and i see my angel again.i cant stand that you didnt even get to see the kids grow like all them years u fought to see that happen.but ur in our hearts love u

  32. AnonymousMay 26, 2010

    Deb, Its been so long now. I had another dream last week. These dreams seem so real, and then you wake up and realize its not. I miss you, please keep watching over me. Forever in my heart.

  33. You know 3 years pass and no matter what the pain is still so painful my wounds are still not heal n i still dont know what the reason i turned to this blog but it hurts because i wish i her.And i hope relize that people actions hurts everyone not just them.I miss u sooo much but ill keep trying to smile for u love u.

  34. AnonymousMay 08, 2011

    Well its mothers day Deb, and as I'm sitting here I thought of you.. and how much you are still so missed. I hope you are drinking champagne with the angels today and having the best mothers day in heaven. You were an amazing. mother while you were here with us and I'm possitive you are still an amazing mother as you watch over your children from above. I miss you still everyday and I wish so much you were here to meet my babygirl, but I will make sure age knows who you were and that you were like a second mother to her mommy. Please continue to watch ovet and protect us. Have a happy mothers day in heaven Deb, love you.

  35. AnonymousMay 27, 2011

    Miss you Deb. The pain doesn't go away, but I continue to move on. Remember in our last conversation when we were together how I said I always wanted to run a marathon. I thought that dream was dead. You looked at me like I was crazy. Told me " that's hard". And shook your head. Thanks for running with me. 1267...

  36. Hey Deb, I thought of you this past weekend.. The annual "back to the beach" celebration was going on this weekend and every single year when those fireworks go off at the end of the night I can't help but to think back to all of the memories i have with you of years past at this celebration. I was unable to stay down there and watch those fireworks for a couple years because it would always get me upset and emotional but this year was different. When the fireworks started this year I decided to stay and just think of all the great memories of you instead of letting my emotions get the best of me and by the end of the fireworks I found myself still crying but also smiling and laughing to myself thinking about all the fun times we had. So much has changed in my life this past year and I know you have been watching over me and guiding me through it all. I know you are the reason Crista and I are talking again, you always said you didn't wanna see us fighting and I know it's because of you that all the nonsense was pushed aside and I finally reunited with the girl that was once like my sister. Maybe that's why it was a little bit easier to replay your memory in my head this year, because instead of mourning alone, now I have Crista to talk to and to reminisce with. I still miss you everyday Deb but I know your by my side and your guiding me in the right direction. Rest easy Deb, forever in my heart <3

  37. AnonymousJune 20, 2012

    Hey Deb, it's been a while now.. I don't know why I always come back to this blog to write, I know it's just a blog but I feel like you can see it in a way, I don't know, maybe I'm crazy lol. Anyway, it's been a crazy year, back to the beach was this past weekend. I didn't get to go this time but I did see the fireworks. Thought of you again.. Every year it gets a little bit easier. So many things have changed since you have been gone.. I wish for just one hour I could go back like 7 years, to those summer adventures you, Crista, and I had. God there were so many great memories, I really wish you were around to talk to now that I'm older. You always had a way to turn a sad situation into something possitive or funny. Well I miss you Deb and I can't believe we're going on the 5th year without you.. Please continue watching over, love you <3

  38. AnonymousJuly 23, 2012

    I dont know if anyone read this blog anymore and i dont care bc i just need to get this off my chest!I cant belive one person can ruin and change you life in a second.how they can say theres always three sides of the story but if thats true thats crazy bc you need too people to tell the story so YOU CAN GET THE TRUTH!So to me it means the person knew they where crazy and wrong again THIS WAS NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS HAPPEN but people are here to still speak he forgot about that!!Regredless its sad that everyone eles puts there feeling first but not the kids who live on with this the rest of there lifes O time goes by sorry to tell u yea it dose and it don't make it any less easer i wish someone can tape others peoples lifes and the kids cause when it comes to there lifes there happy and moved on quicker but they write so much on other sites a great father no matter what ws going on they would not want there kids to see that or deal with the pain of loseing too people you called mom and dad and the guilt and u have none and he gone so he cant see it and really he would not care he was stronger already without the gun he show that with all the bruies he left so great son maybe great brother okay idk maybe but great father and husband think again write it a million time is not going make it true so i feel when u talk for other people it not right TALK FOR YOURSELF!And if u knew more to the story why didnt you speak on it yet remember media and everyone got it wrong?yet so speakless so sick!Deb your miss more then ever i really need you but ill see one day!

  39. I'm so sorry this happened and that people have to try to figure out what to feel, find themselves arguing when it's no living person's fault, and just the loss. I wish he could have see ahead what this decision was going to do to people.

  40. Happy Thanksgiving in heaven Deb... your missed <3

  41. Really wish u where here right now I love you!

  42. Thinking of you Deb.... Hope your doing okay up there. Love you & miss you always <3

  43. AnonymousJuly 27, 2013

    Hey Deb,
    I can't believe I still randomly come here and check this site still... I guess in a way it makes me feel like I'm talking to you again. I was thinking of you today, and reminiscing back on old memories... I can't believe it's been so long. It's crazy how fast time goes, and how much has changed over the years. I wish you were still around to talk to, and laugh with, but I know your somewhere up there smiling down.
    Miss you Deb, keep watching over. <3

  44. I was friends with Deb in the 1980s and we worked together at the old Waldbaums on Forest Ave. We had great times together and I will never forget you! You are forever in God's Kingdom! RIP......

  45. I love and miss you always!!!


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