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Friday, November 23, 2007

[OH] Deputy's wife, Amber Pierce: "He grabbed me by the throat ..."

..."He grabbed me by the throat and pushed me against a building. He took my cell phone out of my hand and threw it behind the house"... Amber Pierce had redness on her neck when they arrived...

Deputy spends T-Day in jail
Cincinnati Enquirer, OH
November 23
A fight over going to grandpa's for Thanksgiving dinner ended up with a Hamilton County sheriff's deputy behind bars. Jarrod Pierce, 28, of Norwood, a deputy who works at the Hamilton County Justice Center, was in court today charged with domestic violence. His wife... Amber Pierce told police her husband was driving the car and ordered her out at a stop sign. She got out and was in the process of getting the children out of the car when she said Pierce started to pull the car away, almost knocking her and her daughter down. After that, she said Pierce backed the car down the street to where she was. "He grabbed me by the throat and pushed me against a building. He took my cell phone out of my hand and threw it behind the house," she told police. Police at the scene noted Amber Pierce had redness on her neck when they arrived... Pierce was ordered held today on a $10,000 bond and ordered to stay away from his wife.


  1. AnonymousMay 12, 2008

    I used to be married to this man. We got married when we were 18. Even his parents told warned me about him... his father had a history of violence. We got divorced within 3 years after he got kicked out of the military for domestic violence, which he pled guilty to. Why would the City of Cincinnati give him a job with that on his record? He is crazy. When I read this article it made me ill because he did the exact same thing to me. Men like that should be branded to keep them away from women.

  2. AnonymousJuly 15, 2008

    I dated Jarrod and he was never once violent with me. He is a wonderful person. Perhaps she was screwing around on him just as you did "L"....

  3. AnonymousJuly 15, 2008

    Dating or sleeping with someone is very different than being married or WITH someone, day in day out. Dates can keep their masks on.

    Maybe you should be counting your blessings instead trying to guess why it's the womans fault.

  4. About Cincinnati giving him a job with that on his record, that's a lawsuit question. If cities aren't held accountable they continue to perpetrate. So far from what I've seen it takes lawsuits to make things change... Some cities have seen the lawsuits in OTHER cities and changed - but unfortunately, one way or another, it always comes down to money-talks.
    How sad is that?

  5. AnonymousJuly 16, 2008

    I was with him for a couple years actually...

  6. AnonymousJuly 16, 2008

    If you were "with" him you wouldn't have said "dating".

    They are two different things.

    Like saying took a ride in a particular kind of vehicle vs. you owned one for a couple of years.

  7. I've known Jarrod for 17 years, although we no longer speak and havent in some time. We were exclusive for 5 years.

    The Jarrod I knew was a liar and a cheater. He was violent with me several times, but fortunately for me I can hold my own. He is the only person I have ever hit with a closed fist.

    I thank God everyday he never got me pregnant, but I watched as he became a baby factory and began setting up franchises.

    He last came to see me about six years ago. I wasnt home, but my husband answered the door. He didnt even say Hi to my husband, just asked for me. My husband wanted to beat his ass for his disrespect, but slammed the door in his face instead.

    I pray for Amber. She is a good person and doesnt deserve what she has been put through. None of us did.

  8. Ask her about her ex how she damaged his camaro threw all the glasses on the kitchen of his house. How she lived at his house and banged deputy carne while he was living/engaged with her I am not saying he should have hit her but, I understand as well as costing me my job wake up jarrod shes no good

  9. Ask her about her ex how she damaged his camaro threw all the glasses on the kitchen of his house. How she lived at his house and banged deputy carne while he was living/engaged with her I am not saying he should have hit her but, I understand as well as costing me my job wake up jarrod shes no good

  10. I could give two shits about her relationship with Shawn or whoever. I'm glad someone finally cheated on him...I told him the day would come when everything would blow up in his face; that you reap what you sew.

    I hate being right all the time.

    So hitting Amber cost you your job did it? That's a hard lesson to learn. I hope you are able to keep up on your child support.

    The fact is, Jarrod - or Fan club leader, some things NEVER change. And you are one of them.

  11. !st off I never hit amber I should have. She held a knife at me and broke all the glasses in the kitchen she is crazy. But, don't take my word for it she lied to make me lose my job read the post ass I said I dont think he should have hit her but I UNderstand how did you get the fact I hit her she is stupid she lies and cheats hell ask morgan, carne or whomever else she banged I think officer smith from NPD as well she needs to be laid off from the sheriffs office as well as her stupid husband. The only good thing to come out of Norwood especially franklin ave is an empty greyhound bus

  12. I can't post the last comment. Too vulgar.

  13. My, my you are angry!

    Pardon me, but given your poor grammer and run on sentences...I thought you were Jarrod. He never could write worth jack.

    So, you must be another ex of Amber's...well then. My mistake. Good for you for not hitting her. That makes you more of a man than Jarrod.

    The point of this blog is to make those aware of Domestic Violence caused by law enforcement employees. This post was about Jarrod being violent...not Amber...and not you.

    If you are a member of our law enforcement community, it sounds as though you may need to seek help through anger management. There is no need for there to be an article posted on here about you.

    Let's not give Norwood a worse wrap than it already has, ok?

    Take care, and keep our streets safe instead of worrying about others opionions of Amber.

  14. Yeah, that writer is madder than anyone knows. Dangerous. The post I didn't put through was creepy.

  15. I understand what you guys are saying about jarrod. I experienced his horrible mean streak close to 12 years ago. Only one good thing that man (if you want to call him that) has ever done is give me my child. Other than that he threatened,stalked, etc. for the longest time. He does not need to work in any postion where he has power over others.

  16. I am not angry, you are just ignorant to that dumb woman. Jarrod is just as much to blame. I have found in my work in law enforcement most women just like amber use DV to their advantage. You people need to wake up. Women are worse than men, they lie cheat and steal and its ok, why? Because they have a hatchet wound between their legs. Maybe if you were a cop for 1 day maybe you would realize that. Here I used proper english now go f--- yourself and hug tree and stick your head in the sand.

  17. truth hurts to the moderator and dummy there. I am not dangerous you all are just afraid of the truth. Try waking up with a dose of reality you are dangerous for being mis informed Creepy.

  18. I approved the last two comments only to demonstrate the kind of thinking some people have in their heads while we are trying to get help or are expecting professionalism from there.

  19. *Laughing*

    Good thing I have a great sense of humor.

    OK - I apologized for my mis-identification and I am told/called:

    1. ignorant
    2. a liar (b/c I am a woman)
    3. a cheat (b/c I am a woman)
    4. I am accused of having a "hatchet wound between my legs"? Can I say SEXIST PIG?
    5. Become a tree hugging hippie
    6. Pretend to be an osterich.
    7. Become a cop for a day
    7. a dummy

    And my personal favorite, "Go F* Myself".

    Sounds like I have a busy day ahead of me.

    Dear Moderator,

    Thank you for posting his comments. It goes to show you the attitude people have these days.

    I have no idea how you put up with ignorance like this. Thank you for your website. I am going to recommend it to those I know who are victims of Police DV.

  20. Whew. What I WANT to say I won't because it will just set him off more - and I'm not the one in his line of fire so I have to be careful.

    But that's some pretty sick thinking.

    You'd like to think people would catch a clue and learn from their hard times, but that's not happening.

    The danger remains. I'm the storykeeper and see how the story goes. This guy is festering.

    As far as people you know who are victims of police dv... please let them know there are folks that get it and who will listen.


  21. Old FriendJune 19, 2009

    I just want to verify that "He is dead to me" really is a tree hugging hippie". I know this for a fact. Don't let her fool you. ;)

    As for this story... being someone who has also known this man for years, no surprises.

  22. old friend if you know me come find me i dare ya

  23. I won't post two of the three comments I got today for this post, but one part was interesting:

    "...She is still with Jarod..."

  24. scared I see moderator opened a whole can of worms with this one moron report the truth! Ha you wont

  25. You are right. I am not posting your truth.

  26. here moderater your favorite poster. She is still with him gee smells kinda funny to me like SHE USES THE SYSTEM!!!!! But women are never guilty they never use the system to their advantage what a joke this site is

  27. I understand your assumptions but if you study domestic violence even a little you will find that is common - for many reasons - for the alleged victim to stay or return. Life, relationships, and broken spirits are complex.

  28. All of you, shut up and get a life!


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