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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

[CT] When Cop Longolucco admitted thoughts of harming the chief

A Norwich police officer is vowing that he will be "cleared of all charges" against him after being accused of punching two women in the face... "I'm gonna fight this case like a bulldog," Longolucco told Eyewitness News. "Like a bulldog with rabies...

How will this case be handled - where an accused, [woman punching] fired officer admits he has strong thoughts of "getting even" with the chief that fired him? Officer Longolucco's case is not technically domestic violence, but there are so many similar elements that I have no second thoughts about including him here. Also, the second officer mentioned here - appearing to be the good guy - Damien Martin, was arrested in January on a domestic.

Longolucco was seeking psychologist's help

Norwich Bulletin
Dec 25, 2007
In the wake of a recent assault arrest and dismissal Friday from the Norwich Police Department, Jamie Longolucco sought a psychologist's help for thoughts police said he was having about getting even with Norwich Police Chief Louis Fusaro, the man who fired him... State police arrested an intoxicated Longolucco shortly after 9:45 p.m. Friday, just hours after he was fired. Longolucco had gone to the Jewett City Resident State Troopers Office seeking help for "threatening inferences," against the chief... When asked if he had "homicidal tendencies," police said Longolucco nodded his head in agreement. When asked if he wanted to harm Fusaro, Longolucco "indicated that he wanted to get even" but did not know how... Longolucco told police he had two handguns and a rifle at his Griswold home... "Someone's being punished for their inferences and thoughts," [Public defender Sean] Kelly said. "He went to the P.D. to seek some help." Judge Kevin McMahon reduced bond to $20,000. McMahon ordered Longolucco to stay out of the Norwich Police Department headquarters, to avoid contact with Fusaro and "no drinking -- because that's what's going to get you in trouble." He also ordered psychological counseling... Domenic Rutigliano, Longolucco's father-in-law, questioned why Longolucco, a father of three, was arrested Friday and not hospitalized as requested... Court records show Fusaro's son, State Police Lt. Louis Fusaro Jr., commander of Troop E Barracks in Montville, was one of the troopers contacted after Longolucco's appeared at the resident trooper's office. Louis Fusaro contacted state police Maj. Steven Fields, who in turn contacted Lt. Patrick O'Hara, who supervised the investigation, court documents show...
[Full article here]

Fired Norwich Police Officer Had Homicide In Mind, Report Says Longolucco charged with threatening chief after seeking psychological help
The Day
By Izaskun E. LarraƱeta i.larraneta@theday.com
Just hours after he was fired from the Norwich Police Department Friday, Jamie Longolucco attempted to seek psychological help for “homicidal thoughts” he was having against his former boss, Police Chief Louis J. Fusaro... But what he told a Jewett City resident state trooper got him arrested and detained on a half-million dollars' bond... The report redacts the name of the person who took Longolucco to the resident trooper's office, but it notes that the person told police Longolucco said he wanted to get even with Fusaro and that he — the unidentified person — would read about it in the paper... Longolucco was subsequently arrested, charged with threatening and held on $500,000 bond pending his arraignment Dec. 31... After the arraignment, Longolucco's father-in-law, Domenic Rutigliano, said Longolucco went to the trooper's office because he wanted an ambulance to pick him up there instead of at his home, so as not to alarm his children...
[Full article here]

Accused Officer Calls Investigation 'Shoddy' Officer Accused Of Punching Women In Face
December 7, 2007
A Norwich police officer is vowing that he will be "cleared of all charges" against him after being accused of punching two women in the face... "I'm gonna fight this case like a bulldog," Longolucco told Eyewitness News. "Like a bulldog with rabies... The New London Police Department's investigation is shoddy, and not only shoddy, but could have been done better by a rookie out of the police department... Officer Martin has been psychiatrically evaluated by me for numerous psychiatric problems. He's on numerous medications for psychiatric problems, and has been committed to a detox facility for alcoholism... The truth will come out. The truth will come out, and I will be vindicated, and my name will be cleared"...
[Full article here]

Family, friends rally for Norwich police officer
Norwich Bulletin
Dec 09, 2007
* ...One woman said she suffered a black eye after Longolucco punched her. Longolucco, who said the women are lying, claimed he was attacked with a knife by one of the women and slapped by the other. Martin told police he had seen Longolucco punch the women and denied seeing Longolucco threatened with a knife... Martin, who has offered a different account of the alleged Nov. 3 incident, was the subject of an internal police investigation earlier this year after his Jan. 1 arrest by state police following a verbal domestic dispute with his wife. Court records show he is in a family relations program.
[Full article here]



    Police: Officer Punched Two Women In Face
    Norwich Police Officer Claims Women Lied
    December 4, 2007
    NORWICH, Conn. -- Police arrested one of their own overnight amid accusations that he punched two women in the face last month. Authorities arrested Officer Jamie Longolucco late Monday night, and the department is investigating another officer... The police department determined a pair of off-duty Norwich police officers had been there visiting two women. Investigators identified one of the officers as Longolucco, who was accused of punching the women in the face. The women told investigators Longolucco made advances toward one of them, and when asked to leave, he refused. Longolucco told investigators the women were lying, yet at one point, he changed part of his own story... The other off-duty officer was identified as Damien Martin, who police said refuted most of what Longolucco had said. Martin told investigators that after leaving the apartment, Longolucco drove the pair to Rhode Island, and then called his wife, telling her he needed $50,000 wired to him so he could fly down to Florida and hide out for a while... [Longolucco's wife]disputed much of the material cited in the arrest warrant, saying she would hate to see his reputation ruined considering all the good things he's done during his nine years on the force...

    Norwich police officers charged with assault
    Norwich Bulletin
    Dec 05, 2007
    ...Two women claim while off duty Nov. 3, Officer Jamie D. Longolucco, 33, of Griswold became hostile and punched both of them when they rebuffed his advances... After an investigation into the matter, Longolucco, a nine-year veteran of the police force, was arrested Monday by New London police and arraigned Tuesday in New London Superior Court. He is charged with third-degree assault and three counts of second-degree breach of peace... "We are disturbed by this type of incident and are committed to a search for the facts. We will not tolerate or condone any type of illegal activity," [Norwich Police Chief Louis] Fusaro said in a written statement. "We view this as an isolated incident that should not detract from the dedicated men and women of this agency who serve the citizens of our community on a daily basis." The alleged victims in the case say Longolucco and fellow Norwich Police Officer Damien Martin visited the Nautilus Drive, New London, apartment shortly after midnight Nov. 3. After some inappropriate comments from Longolucco, one woman claims Longolucco refused to leave. Longolucco allegedly grabbed one woman by the neck and punched her in the face during an ensuing fight in the hallway. When a second woman tried to help, she also was punched, according to the women. One woman filed a civilian complaint against Longolucco... Martin claims Longolucco was antagonized by the women and became angry, striking Martin and the women before he was able to force Longolucco from the building... Longolucco called his wife and asked for money to buy airline tickets to Florida where he could "hide out for a while," according to the warrant. Several days after the altercation, Martin said Longolucco told him, "We have to get our story straight. She had a knife. It was self-defense," according to the warrant. Martin was the subject of an internal investigation earlier this year after his New Year's Day arrest by state police involving a verbal domestic dispute with his wife. He is attending a family relations program...

    Norwich police officer pleads not guilty to assault
    Norwich Bulletin
    Dec 08, 2007
    Norwich Police Officer Jamie Longolucco pleaded not guilty Friday to assault charges in connection with a Nov. 3 fracas with two women outside a New London apartment. Longolucco was arrested by New London police this week, but supporters of the nine-year police veteran, including his wife, said the truth has not come out. "People need to know that's just not who he is," said friend Karen Buchert of Norwich. "It could have happened to any police officer put in a position like that -- the wrong place at the wrong time... It's a shame someone who worked for nine years is getting his reputation ruined"...

    Norwich Officer Fired After Probe
    Police Chief Cites Alleged Assault, Sick-Time Abuse
    By Chuck Potter
    Norwich — A “deeply troubled” Chief of Police Louis J. Fusaro fired Norwich police officer Jamie Longolucco Friday... Longolucco is alleged to have punched two women and a fellow officer in the incident. New London police arrested Longolucco on Dec. 3 in the Nov. 23 confrontation. He pleaded not guilty to three charges of breach of peace and one charge of third-degree assault... The Norwich officer who was with Longolucco in the New London incident, Damien Martin, was suspended for 20 workdays... Fusaro said there were five incidents compiled in the investigation of Longolucco that cumulatively warranted the firing... Martin told detectives that while he was trying to hold the women back and allow Longolucco time and space to leave the building, Longolucco punched Martin several times in the chest, knocking him to the floor. Martin said he looked up to see Longolucco punching one of the women in the face. The assault charge was lodged because one of the women suffered a cut to her face, possibly from a ring Longolucco was wearing.... Martin had called in sick on the night that the two men went out... Fusaro noted that Longolucco had been suspended for three weeks in 2005 for a similar incident... http://www.theday.com/re.aspx?re=e53edaee-fd2b-4fd5-80a6-62e53325a051

  2. More Trouble For Accused Ex-Norwich Police Officer
    Affidavit outlines alleged 'smash-and-grab' in 2005
    TheDay, CT
    By Julie Wernau

    Groton - In the summer of 2005, then-Norwich Police Officer Jamie Longolucco, drunk and stumbling, smashed a window out of a shop below Margaritas Mexican restaurant in Mystic and grabbed three fake Faberge eggs, according to an arrest-warrant affidavit released Monday in New London Superior Court.

    But on Thursday, the since-fired Longolucco was arrested and charged by Groton Town police with burglarizing the Goldsmith and Silversmith Shop more than two years ago. He had already faced assault and threatening charges.

    According to the affidavit, Longolucco smashed the window with a club while he and his brother-in-law — Michael Patti — were walking to Margarita's at about 10 p.m. that night.

    “Longolucco then said, 'Let's go,'” Patti told police, according to the affidavit. “They went back to the car and drove off. While in the car, Longolucco told Patti, 'Don't worry. I have been staking this place out for a while. It's an easy smash and grab.' Longolucco also warned Patti not to tell anyone or he would ruin his life.”

    Throughout the night, according to the affidavit, Longolucco wouldn't stop talking about how “rich” he was going to be because he stole the Faberge eggs. (The owner of the shop later told police they were worth only about $50 each.)

    Later that night, at a sports bar, Longolucco told his brother-in-law's sister that he “would buy her anything,” bragging at both the bar and on the drive home to Patti's house that he had done a “smash and grab.”

    The woman — who is a bartender — told police that it was the first time she had met Longolucco and that she would describe him as “textbook” drunk the night of the incident — slurring his words and staggering.

    By the time Longolucco made it to the house, Patti's then-wife told police that Longolucco was “stripped down to his underwear and being obnoxious to everyone.”

    He kept telling her that he would “buy her a new refrigerator” with the money he would make from the eggs, according to the affidavit.

    The warrant for Longolucco's arrest was signed this month, a couple of weeks after police were able to obtain a statement from Patti. Patti told police he was reluctant to come forward because Longolucco was a police officer.

    Other witnesses came forward piecemeal — starting in 2006 and leading up to the end of 2007.

    Longolucco is scheduled to appear in New London Superior Court Feb. 7. He is free on $25,000 bond.

    In early November 2007, Longolucco — a nine-year veteran of the Norwich police department — and a fellow officer went to a woman's apartment in New London where a verbal argument allegedly turned physical. Longolucco is accused of striking the woman, her friend and his fellow officer. He was charged with assault and three counts of breach of peace in that case.

    An internal investigation into Longolucco's actions that night as well as his overall conduct outlined the reasons for his dismissal on Dec. 22 by Norwich Police Chief Louis J. Fusaro. Later on the night of his firing, Longolucco allegedly went to the Jewett City Resident State Trooper's office seeking help for his homicidal feelings toward Fusaro. Longolucco was charged with second-degree threatening.

    All three cases remain open in New London Superior Court


  3. weird..... this cop here helped me out tremendously when my wallet was stolen in Norwich....

  4. http://www.norwichbulletin.com/article/20150107/NEWS/150109718

  5. Fired Norwich officer accused of DUI
    By John Barry, The Bulletin
    Posted Jan. 7, 2015

    A former Norwich police officer fired in 2007 was arrested in the early morning hours of Jan. 1 in Waterford and accused of driving drunk.
    Waterford police said they stopped Jamie Longolucco, 40, of 128 Litton Ave. in Groton, at 1:27 a.m. at Route 85 and Crown Street. He faces charges of drunken driving and failure to drive in the proper lane.
    Free on $500 nonsurety bond, meaning he does not have to put up any money in advance, Longolucco is scheduled to be arraigned Jan. 13 in New London Superior Court.

    Longolucco was fired in 2007 after several arrests and what the department called a history of inappropriate conduct. He was sentenced in November 2008 to probation on misdemeanor charges of third-degree assault and two counts of second-degree breach of peace.

    After his firing, Longolucco sued police and several of his supervisors, claiming racial discrimination at the department and among top officers. However, a federal court jury ruled in January 2012 that he had not been treated improperly.



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