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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

[IL] No "serious" injuries in Officer Rhodes' domestic battery

Police officer accused of domestic battery
Springfield State Journal Register, IL
December 21, 2007
A Springfield police officer is on paid administrative leave after being arrested for domestic battery Thursday morning. Officer Kristoffer D. Rhodes, 30, of Laxford Drive was arrested by Sangamon County sheriff's deputies... Springfield police went to the residence to investigate a report of a domestic disturbance, but after realizing it involved a city officer, they summoned deputies, who ultimately took Rhodes into custody. Rhodes posted $3,000 bond... Springfield police said no one was seriously injured in the altercation. Rhodes will be on leave until the criminal investigation and a probe by the police department's internal affairs section are completed...


  1. This man is a monster! I work with him and he considers me a friend. What a joke! I watched him mentally abuse his wife and said nothing. I can only imagine what else went on behind closed doors. I think about that a lot and want to tell her i am so sorry that i didn't intervene. I will always feel guilty because maybe I could have prevented at least some of her pain. Stephanie, I'm so sorry. I know you are having a hard time now trying to make it on your own but please don't ever doubt yourself. You made the right decision to leave. He was never going to change. Stay strong. There are many of us behind the "blue wall" who silently support you. We're not all like him. Stay safe, we are watching over you and the kids.

  2. I know of one officer's wife who saw this blog, sent the link to an uninterested sister, and was killed shortly after. SO, if anyone sees this blog and needs to talk to someone, please don't hesitate to email the blogger (me).


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