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Monday, December 24, 2007

[GA] Police Sgt. Parker's wife Theresa disappeared 9 months ago

Theresa Parker's Mother Speaks About Daughter's Disappearance
John Madewell
December 21, 2007
Today marks nine months since 911 dispatcher Theresa Parker vanished in Walker County. The GBI, FBI, local officers and dozens of volunteers combed wooded areas, looking for any clues. We interviewed Theresa Parker's two sister's and mother today. All three say Christmas will be very tough because Theresa was the "backbone" of the family who organized gatherings. In fact, all three say they could not find the emotional strength to put up Christmas decorations. Her mother usually puts up her Christmas tree in a corner of her kitchen, but not this year. Throughout the investigation, agents have interviewed Theresa's estranged husband Sam Parker. They've also searched his house and property multiple times. The couple was in the middle of a divorce and we found three calls on Sam for domestic violence. He was fired as a sergeant at the LaFayette police department after explosives were found in his locker. But he has never been charged with anything. Almost two weeks ago, he went on a local access cable show and said he did not hurt his wife. That said, her mother says one thing would greatly comfort her this Christmas. Claire Careathers said, "I'd give anything in the world with Christmas around the corner that he would come forward and let this family know what happened to Theresa." When asked if she thought that would happen, she thought for several seconds, shook her head and said, "No, I don't think he will ever tell." To reiterate, Sam Parker has been called only a person of interest, not a suspect, Kim. Sheriff Steve Wilson says the case is still a very active investigation

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