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Monday, December 24, 2007

[WI] As if cop Riedel never ran over girlfriend Officer Sonya Flower

From last week's news:
...Riedel avoids conviction for criminal acts and is considered innocent... Successful completion of the [secret] agreement leaves Riedel with the option of working in law enforcement again. Flower said Riedel is working as a Hillsboro policeman...

This recent article below doesn't mention that Sonya Flower - who was left in the road [to die?] after being run over - was a Stoughton police officer at the time of the CRIME, and formerly had been a Sauk County jail deputy. It doesn't mention that it was her liver that was lacerated, or that more than her rib cage was bruised. The article doesn't mention that Columbia County District Attorney Jane Kohlwey HAS DENIED that the "confidential" [SECRET] agreement was [obviously] orchestrated to preserve Riedel being a cop. [Did he ever STOP being a cop? He's one now.] Was the agreement that Riedel would read devotionals before breakfast or run around the block twice? YOU AND I will almost certainly never know. Back in July Sonya Flowers said, "I felt like I was run over in December of 2005, and I've felt pretty run over by the justice system for the last four months." [Sonya, this injustice to you effects many of us, letting us know how far there is to go.] I would like to thank the reporter for pointing items out that many reporters would have failed to mention, letting the reader realize aspects of the injustice on their own - like Riedel got this sweet deal without even having to admit that he did anything at all. I would ask now that a reporter [FINALLY] do a story on Sonya, instead of all the stories revolving around Riedel and his job. THAT CONTINUES to be the only angle the media seems to be able to see.

Riedel is only half the story.

Former deputy free of charges
Baraboo News Republic, WI
By Brian D. Bridgeford
Dec 20, 2007
A former Sauk County Sheriff's Department deputy charged with fleeing an accident after running over his girlfriend has successfully completed a deferred prosecution agreement and is free of all charges. An order by Columbia County Circuit Court Judge James Miller dismissing all charges against David Riedel... Riedel's former girlfriend, Sonya Flower, said they returned to a Lake Delton hotel after attending a party and were having an argument. She was trying to be dramatic, Flower said, when she laid down in back of Riedel's truck to stop him from leaving as he began to drive away. His back tires rolled over her accidentally and Riedel pulled off her immediately, However, instead of assisting her he drove off. Flower said she had to crawl to the hotel's lobby for help after suffering lacerations to her internal organs and damage to her rib cage... Columbia County District Attorney Jane Kohlwey worked out a deferred prosecution agreement with him... If Riedel avoided further legal trouble and fulfilled the requirements of the agreement, the charge of hit and run with great bodily harm would be dismissed. Unlike many such agreements, Riedel did not have to enter a plea in court. The specific requirements he had to fulfill to have the case dismissed were not put on the public record... Resolution of the case will leave him with a record of having been charged and having participated in a deferred prosecution agreement, but Riedel avoids conviction for criminal acts and is considered innocent... Successful completion of the agreement leaves Riedel with the option of working in law enforcement again. Flower said Riedel is working as a Hillsboro policeman. Calls to the Hillsboro Police Department requesting clarification have not been returned. Riedel hung up without making any comment when called at his home Wednesday evening.


  1. To Cloud Writer,

    I am a reporter with The Capital Times in Madison Wisconsin. I'm writing an article about officer-invovled domestic abuse and would like to know more about you and how you come upon the stories you post. As you likely know, it is difficult to get accurate numbers from departments. Would like to hear from you.

    Jessica VanEgeren

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