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Monday, December 10, 2007

[WV] Corr. Officer Pierson convicted of killing pregnant wife Lisa & stepdaughter Casey

...Lisa Pierson was still alive when a relative found her and she was at least five months pregnant. Lisa often spoke to her mother of her husband's threats. "She told me, ‘Mom, you're gonna wake up and hear he killed me.' "I said, ‘Don't talk that way. Family wouldn't do that.' But he did. I thought she was just scared. I wish to God I would have done something. I didn't think he'd do it; he was so easygoing"...

Charleston Daily Mail
by Cheryl Caswell
Friday December 7, 2007
Former corrections officer Stanley Eugene Pierson, who admitted to bludgeoning his wife and stepdaughter to death last year, has been convicted of two counts of first-degree murder after pleading guilty. Pierson, 36, entered a guilty plea Thursday with Judge Tod Kaufman, who will sentence him on Feb. 13. He faces a possible penalty of 15 years to life on each count. Lisa Pierson, 39, and her daughter, Casey Jo Barker, 20, were found dead in their Campbell's Creek home in October 2006 by relatives, their heads beaten. Police picked up Pierson after they found him on a riverbank near the Yeager Bridge, calling for help, about 12 hours after the bodies were discovered. He was taken to Charleston General Hospital for treatment of injuries and later told police he beat the women with a mattock and stabbed them with a knife... Family members of the slain women sat quietly in the courtroom during the hearing. They included Lucy Barker, the women's mother and grandmother, and Victoria Hill, their sister and aunt. Also attending was Casey Jo Barker's father. They chose not to speak after leaving the courtroom. Proceedings against Pierson were delayed many times as he underwent psychological evaluation. Last May, he stopped eating while in jail and had to be taken to a hospital to be force-fed... Pierson was a former corrections officer at the Charleston Work Release Center and before that he was a guard at Mt. Olive Correctional Complex.

The Charleston Gazette
By Andrew Clevenger
December 07, 2007
...Kanawha County assistant prosecutor Don Morris said the state’s evidence includes a mattock, which is a small pickaxe, and a knife, which Pierson used to commit the killings. Each weapon had blood on it that matched one or both of the victims, he said. “He struck both of the sleeping victims in the head with the mattock,” Morris said. “Then he went and got a knife and stabbed them”... Witnesses were prepared to testify that Pierson blamed his wife and her medical bills for his growing financial problems. Pierson was on the verge of losing his house on Younger Drive when he killed his wife and stepdaughter... He had made statements [to witnesses] blaming his wife for those problems,” Morris said. Six days before the killings, the Piersons filed for bankruptcy...


  1. #1 Lisa was not pregnant

    #2 It was both victim's addiction to drugs and gambling and stealing money from the "breadowner Stan" that led to these people possibly losing their home.

    1. Lisa was pregnant, she was my aunt, no matter happens between her and Stan, he involved Casey, a sleeping barley 20 year old girl who had never even been in love. Stan is a coward and a murderer, I hope he dies in prison that way him and his pathetic inbred family has one less thing in there life to feel sorry for themselves over. My name is Anthony hill and I love Casey and hutchie like they were my other mom and other sister, and I even loves Stan with all my heart I did. There were some sick parts of him he would laugh about having sexual relations with his 13-year-old cousin when he was younger but aside from that I always had a good relationship with him, he could have walked away from that relationship at any point in time. I'll never forgive him for the future he stole from Casey jo, if I was sad weak little man like him then revenge would have been Swift. But I'm not unlike his parents mine didn't raise no fool. No heartless cold-blooded child murdering fool. I still try to find the strength to forgive him, but even if I do God won't. Hell awaits you Stan. And maybe just maybe I'll be allowed creative input as to how yours goes. Even though nothing can take back the future he stole from my cousin. I sure would like to try. Staying you used to laugh and mock people in prison how stupid they were and what losers they were lowlifes they get what they deserve where's your dream to financial reserves that your wife contributed to worth what you done? I see your family from time to time Mandy and the rest of them and I wonder what dollar amount I would have to lose to become something like you. With no end I'm sight I still count

  2. I posted your comment only as an example of twistedness.

  3. I agree it was twisted, but the facts leading to the deaths were not completely true. It does not make it right what was done to the ladies but why not let the entire truth be told. Also, the murderer was a victim of spousal abuse - guess thats twisted too huh?

    1. Stan's family new house Stout he was he was exceptionally strong, he would brag about hell he arm wrestled and flung around guys at the prison twice his size, with all that strength the coward still had to wait for the woman and the girl to be asleep. Dan was a victim of verbal spousal abuse not physical and he gave that verbal spousal abuse right back to her. But Casey jo? Asking his family directly what dollar amount what mean thing what would it take for you to become a cold blooded murdering bastard chop up two sleeping women and your own pregnant child.

  4. Accept that your family member is a murderer and stop making it look even worse. You think you are making him look better.
    You're not.

  5. It doesn't matter how he "looks" and yes he did murder two people.

    If two women were being beaten, threatened to be "killed" robbed and mistreated by a man and they snapped and finally killed him - would they be treated the same as he is??

    You didn't hear and see the horrible things said and done to this man. He should have should left them sitting, broke and homeless - true instead of killing them...

    1. Your a fool, so what you say is no value Stan was one of the strongest and most stout people I knew, he was brutally strong, he was also kind of person to leave his wife at the emergency room having a miscarriage so he didn't miss out on that time and a half overtime. Leasing Casey were women sick women in bed asleep that's what kind of man stan is, a coward from a family of them.

  6. Hi, this is Cloud again -
    I'm curious - what did you do for him when you saw them beating him, and when you overheard them threatening to kill him?

  7. Cloud - I made a horrible mistake by not calling the police as I figured "he was the police" as he worked as a correctional officer and it surely would embarress the heck out of him for them to find out how he was living. I heard where he worked, that co-workers actually seen his wife busting windows out of his car, etc. while it sit right on the lot. Why didn't they call the police? They were the police too.??? I agree it's messed up and I know the victims can't take up for themselves and actually from what I understand the murderer can't either as he knows he did it PERIOD end of story. Sad, very sad situation all around. His parents are tore up and the victims family are even more so.

    I'm not trying to be smart - so I won't be commenting again - just wanted one little "comment "made about Stan that perhaps someone could get a glimpse into the psyche of this man and why he committed such a crime. And the wife - at one time - was a correctional officer too...

  8. Really, it's not a good time to stop commenting. You are saying some horrendous things about people who can't speak for themselves because your family member mangled them to death. You want to come say they are bad and go?
    In order to keep your comments here, because it is such an awful thing to say about the dead - I need you to explain.
    You heard them both threaten his life? Did they say "We are going to kill you"?

    It's very hard when you are close to someone on the despised end of a murder, and after four years of doing this I have become accustomed to their being family members that want to justify the killing. You say you aren't doing that, but of course you are.

    Does anyone blame you? Maybe. But I think people understand too.

    One thing people forget is that real life isn't always like tv - with a GOOOD victim and a BAD abuser/ or killer. Sometimes it's just people that fight.

    But another thing I know is that the way he killed them, he had considered killing them before, and he did not seek help instead. It doesn't matter how HARD it is to reach out for help. It doesn't matter NOW how it may have impacted his "job" - since that's trashed now anyway. WE ALL are legally and morally expected to find another way unless of course it's self-defense. What buddy boy here did is way past that. He ALLOWED himself to commit these murders. He was not protecting himself or even seeking revenge. This was annihilation. No one can step in and explain that. The hate was his.

    You say you saw him beaten and heard his life threatened - is that right? You have not said yet specifically whether you witnessed these attacks and murder-threats yourself. What usually happens is that the beloved murderer has TOLD his family these things.

    Not saying that's the case here... but it happens. Chief David Brame in Tacoma and Deputy Terry in Orange County Florida both went so far as to hurt themselves to prove they were victims

    before they murdered.

    Murder is very brutal, and no relative or friend of either of these women need to hear anything from his family aside from sympathy for them - for their having to imagine what it was like.

    That of course is my OPINION.

    I think it's the only right thing to say. What's done is done.

    Problem is that the family of the killer, unless they can muster up the heart to do reach out to the murder survivors that are grieving, themselves suffer tremendously too. Not just the losing their family member... but withdraw, go into a denial, and are socially associated with what the killer did.

    I think you can still care for your own family member without attacking his dead victims... without finding an explanation to ease the pain.

    It was wrong.
    It was irreversible.

    That doesn't undo your happy memories and it doesn't turn back time, but what healing can come as long as you see a reason for using that horrendous tool on two bodies.

    That's enough to make you go nuts.

    Just cry. Grieve for what you have ALSO lost and for how your own life has been changed. Grieve for how awful.

    Forget blame, and take care of your heart. Continue to BE his family member and support. NO ONE holds that against you.

    It's so out of your control. That's hard.

    But really try to let go of thinking he had some kind of reason.

    What you explained would be a reason to leave,

  9. I agree he should have just left - that does make sense that he developed a hate for them.

    Yes I did see the wife hitting the husband, telling him she'd kill him, calling him mentally retarded, tell him to leave and that she hated his guts, etc. etc. Beating up vehicles including busting glass - the daughter NO - only heard rumors about that.

    I guess everybody thinks EVERY ACTION should hava a reason?? Maybe that is unreasonable to believe.

    I came so close one time to committing a murder - I was on a verge of a nervous breakdown and had to go under a doctor's care. I was strong enough to go for help YES - it shocked me when I had such thoughts and I knew it would destroy me also to act on them. I was lucky..

  10. I went for help when I had thoughts I don't want to put here in print. That's the difference - a "murderer" doesn't, and our society has to hold them accountable AND protect the rest of us.

    Another deputy that says he is a victim AFTER he kills - very recent news:

    Lawyer: Abuse Led Deputy To Shoot Wife
    December 27, 2007
    SAN DIEGO -- Lawyers for a former sheriff's deputy [Lowell Bruce], who admitted to killing his wife, say he was a victim of spousal abuse and should spend less time in prison...

  11. You don't use the language of a family member - at least not a close one. What's your connection?

  12. a relative of mine married into the family.

    I was not close to any of the parties - just someone who lived in the area all of my life. I personally have knowledge of other violence that occurred in that household before Stan came into the picture, and yes it was the wife who was the agressor- an actual fist fight with her brother.

    I'm familiar with domestic violence as I dated a man for years who abused me. I was lucky to get away with my life. But again I was strong enough to leave!!

    My opinion is that Stanley finally allowed himself to slide into insanity and did the horrible thing he did as he didn't possess the strength (for whatever reason) to get out of his living situation. His mind had to have been so dark with hideous thoughts to destroy those he "thought" wanted to destroy him. I feel he may have had paranoid delusions - therefore it is called PREMEDIATED???.

    In other words it's mainly being proclaimed as "another domestic violence situation" where the husband beat on his family and finally killed them. It's murder yes - but not so simply put in that category....

  13. Thank you cloud_writer. Speaking as the family of the victims, the previous posts by anonymous were from a lying, vicious, bitter attention seeker. My family mourns the victims every second, still Stan's family can still see him, he still breathes and lives.

  14. I'm so sorry anybody would think I was a lying, vicious attention seeker. I do understand the hurt the family feels - I'm sorry if I've hurt them also. Why would anybody want to be an "attention seeker" in this situaton.?

    It was a horrible thing that happened and in my heart I think that Stanley is DEAD too -

    It's just a feeling I have and I OWN it - I'm not a liar about anything and the only facts I've stated are ones I've seen and know to be true as well as my opinions that I've come to possess by various comments neighbors in the area have said.

  15. Man who killed wife, stepdaughter to be sentenced
    Daily Mail - Charleston, WV
    Thursday March 6, 2008

    A circuit judge has said Stanley Pierson will be sentenced next month for the murder of his wife and stepdaughter, if he is determined to be mentally competent.

    In a status hearing Wednesday, attorneys reported that Pierson was being released from Mildred Bateman Hospital in Huntington, where he was taken last month for another psychological evaluation and sent back to South Central Regional Jail.

    Pierson has been hospitalized numerous times since the murders occurred on Oct. 22, 2006.

    Kanawha Circuit Judge Tod Kaufman will review the hospital's recent determination about Pierson's mental status to decide if Pierson can be sentenced. That hearing has been set for April 4.

    Pierson, 37, has admitted he killed Lisa Lynn Pierson, 39, and her daughter Casey Jo Barker, 20, by hitting them in the head and stabbing them while they slept in their Campbell's Creek home. Pierson is a former corrections officer.


  16. Stanley Pierson has been sentanced to 2 life terms with mercy, to be served conscetutively. That means he will not be eligable for parole for 15 yrs. Small price to pay for the brutal murder of Lisa and Casey.

  17. Stan will not be eligible for parole for 30 years. It should have been life with no mercy. Those who label Lisa as the abusive spouse, don't know all the facts. Stan looked me in the eye and told me he raped my sister. I saw her bruises. I saw him hit her. I went to her when she lost his baby and was begging him not to go to work, but to take her to the hospitial. He chose work and I took her to the hospital. Lisa was the loud one. Stan was the snake in the grass. I was at their house one evening when Stan loaded a 270 rifle and said he was going to kill a boy standing in front of his house with a beer in his hand who was just staring at their house. Lisa told him she was going to call the police. He knew she would, so he backed down. I think the one so down on Lisa should ask Stan about that night, since she is related. Stan told Lisa he would kill Casey and make her watch. She had a pulse when they took her from the house. I hope my sister didn't know. I would like to thank people like cloud writer for his comments. That proves there are still people in this world who don't justify murder.

  18. "I will definitely respect the family's wishes and not discuss the situation online anymore."

    The above statement was previously made by the neighbor who evidently forgot she made this statement.

    She is drawing her conclusions from half-truths and window observations. Her repeated postings are meaningless attempts to label Stan's victims as drug-abusing gambling thieves.

    As I've stated before: Drawing accurate conclusions based on hearsay, half-truths, and window observations, and then comparing them to your own life experiences, does not paint an accurate picture of what happened in this case, nor does it justify or explain anything related to accuracy.

    I could go into many details about this family and their daily lives, but what good would it do to convince those who put Stan high on a pedestal, based on his prior good deeds, to realize they didn't really know the real Stan?

    The bottom line? He concealed; he deceived; he pacified and he premeditated. He refused to get his family the help they needed because of pride, stupidy or a little of both. Sad. Very sad.

  19. Jumping from one domestic violence website to another, proclaiming this murderer was a victim of spousal abuse, has obviously become an obsession with one particular person, who is not even an immediate family member.

    Did Lisa gamble? Yes. Did Stan? Yes. Did Lisa and Casey become dependent on pain meds? Yes. Did Stan? No. Did he feed their habit? Absolutely. Did the doctors feed their habit? Yes, even with Lisa and Casey begging them to get them off the stuff. Did Lisa's family members try to help them? yes. Did Stan try to help? No. One example is when he turned on his heels in military fashion and walked out of the hospital when Lisa's sister begged him to help her have Casey committed to get help.

    Did Stan work hard? Yes. He also worked hard at hiding a problem he helped create and contributed to.

    This was a sad, sad case where blame can be easily spread, but not equally shared.

    Constantly blaming the deceased victims for what Stan did provides no justification. He could have left, better yet, he could have helped them.

    If people only knew the threats he made on other people's lives, they wouldn't be so quick to come to his defense.

    Prior good deeds can never justify committing the most horrendous crime a human being can commit-taking another person's life.

    Analyzing a crime, for the purpose of understanding is one thing, but constantly attacking a deceased mother and her 20-year-old daughter's character is quit another.

    Let there be some sort of closure for both families.

  20. I believe with the demons he harbors they should have let him stop eating as he was attempting to do.

    Instead of fighting to save his reputation, maybe his defender(s) can work on supporting him in his wish - and I say right - to die.

  21. [WV] Pierson sentenced. (‘Mom, you're gonna wake up and hear he killed me.')

  22. I did not personally know Lisa and Casey, but I know their family very well. I also study criminal justice and what makes people commit the crimes they commit. I know that no matter how far gone someone is on drugs they can be helped if they want to be. If a person does not want to get off the drugs then they won't, you can put them in rehab a million times, but if they want to get high then they will. Simple as that. No matter how bad an addiction is or what the person steals they do not deserve murder, maybe jail and help, but no one deserves to die over a mistake. Those girls were from Campbell's Creek, as am I, and I moved out at a young age because it is nothing but drugs. Everywhere you look you see someone who is strung out. I refused to get sucked in to the drugs, because it would have been a lot easier than making a life for myself. If these girls were addicted to drugs then they were more than likely miserable on their own. This man was a cold blooded murderer. There is obviously someone that can not deal with that fact. I believe that a lot of his screaming for help and not eating was him wanting you to think he was crazy. Yes, there is something wrong with him for him to murder someone- but he is not insane in the way he did not know what he was doing. Someone on here just wanted to give this man justice- which he does not deserve. The families of those two women deserve justice, and they deserve to be allowed to grieve, not to have someone try and blame them for their own murders. Yes, you have a family member in jail who you obviously looked up to, but the families of those women do not have anything but an empty space in their hearts. No matter what those women did, it does not constitute murder when that man had legs to walk away.

  23. I was lucky enough to have Lisa as a very close friend since junior high. I knew of their problems but she kept a lot of it from me. I told her many times he was a POS who didn't deserve her, but she loved him. I am happy knowing he is going to rot in jail and then rot in hell. I miss her everyday and think of her often.

  24. To the person who left the messages today. I published them except for one, the one about molestation. Somewhere there is a victim so I didn't publish that one.

    I am so sorry for all the sadness this has brought you and for the lives lost. It is so tragic.


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