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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

[OH] DA says Officer Cutts told friend he killed Jessie (so also their full-term baby Chloe)

Bobby Cutts admitted to killing Jesse Davis, prosecutors claim
The Plain Dealer - cleveland.com
Jim Ewinger
December 18, 2007
Former Canton police officer Bobby Cutts Jr. admitted to a friend that he killed Jessie Davis in June, prosecutors said, and admitted to investigators that he knew where the body was, leading them to the Summit County park where his pregnant girlfriend lay wrapped in a large burgundy comforter. Prosecutors made the allegations in a brief filed in Stark County Common Pleas Court Tuesday... Prosecutors said Cutts admitted to co-defendant Myisha Ferrell that he killed Jessie Davis. Ferrell made the revelation to police Nov. 4, the day before she pleaded guilty to deceiving police and aiding in the disposal of Davis' body... The Summit County Medical Examiner has ruled that Davis died by violent homicide...
[Full article here]

Jessie Marie Davis's mother gets custody of grandson
Vic Gideon
The Stark County Family Court has awarded custody of two-year-old Blake Davis to his maternal grandmother, Patty Porter. The ruling came the day Porter and ex-husband Ned Davis were to go to trial over the boy's custody. The two sides reached an out-of-court agreement that gives Ned Davis visitation rights...
[Full article here]

Reporter Todd Porter on the case of Bobby Cutts, accused of murdering his pregnant girlfriend
July 2, 2007
"...I'm not sure his record would indicate a history of harassing women. He was fired once for his service pistol being stolen by a cousin who was later arrested on a drug charge with Cutts' gun in his possession. Cutts won his job back through arbitration and after a trial acquitted him of wrongdoing. Otherwise a jury believed the gun was stolen by the cousin and not given to him... He has a law enforcement background. He communicated with police throughout... I think a lot of officers are stunned. I think a lot of them are hurt. Morale is hurting, but the police chief there is a good guy (not the chief when Cutts was hired, BTW). I think morale will improve as time heals some of their wounds. Canton has the Pro Football Hall of Fame coming up soon, and police are an important part of that..."
[Full article here]

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