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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

[GA] Fired Sgt Parker gives 2nd interview - 9 months after Theresa vanished

"...He says he isn't sure if he is still considered a person of interest or not..."

How odd. I had just included a video of former LaFayette Police Sgt. Sam Parker yesterday in the post "What it sounds like when their women are missing" - giving his first interview half a year ago, and this morning came across this second interview done a couple of days ago. He interviewed with Judy O'Neal, host of Night Talk on a local public access station, UCTV-3, because he said he trusts her to not misrepresent him. She asks her viewers to reconsider what they think about Parker. One of the videos about this more recent interview below states new info has been uncovered - that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) found blood in the hatch dripwell of Theresa's SUV vehicle.
Will they ever find her? I don't know - but I read the other day that her family is ready now - almost 9 months later - to plan for a memorial - something, anything, that will let them try to say goodbye to their beloved Theresa.

Sam Parker Speaks About Wife's Disappearance
Bethany Mowry
December 11, 2007 - 5:30pm. News
[Excepts] In the nearly nine months since Walker County 911 operator Theresa Parker disappeared, her estranged husband has given limited comments on the investigation. Last night, former LaFayette police sergeant Sam Parker spoke on a north Georgia cable news talk show. In what he called an attempt to dispel rumors about his wife's disappearance, Sam Parker discussed everything he could about the investigation... "I want to compliment the FBI, the GBI and the Walker County sheriff's department for doing more than what I expected them to do to look into the disappearance of Theresa." His dismissal from the LaFayette police department after Theresa vanished for having c-4 explosives in his locker... Judy "Is that why they really fired you?" Sam: "No, it was media attention, there was media trucks all over that department down there"... Judy O'Neal: "And he told it in a hometown flavor last night, it's Christmas, maybe we all need to take a second look at what Sam said"... Sam Parker:
"People are going to form their opinions, but the only thing I say, for our families' sake, is if you don't know it for fact don't say it, because it hurts so bad"... He says he isn't sure if he is still considered a person of interest or not.
[Full article here]

Sam Parker Gives Lengthy Interview
John Madewell
December 11, 2007 - 6:30PM
[Excepts] After months of silence, Sam Parker is starting to talk about his estranged wife's disappearance. Theresa Parker was a 911 dispatcher in Walker County who has been missing now for eight and a half months... O'Neal asked Parker if he had any idea where Theresa is. Parker replied, "No, I was told and reported it, but evidently they just shrugged it off."... Sam says the following morning he went fishing with his divorce attorney, Bill Slack. He says he went back to his house to get some fishing gear. "I explained to them to see if her vehicle was there. I didn't check to see if she was asleep in the bedroom. It appeared that she was but I didn't know"...
[Full article here]

FROM A DIFFERENT PHONE INTERVIEW LAST WEEK: Husband of missing dispatcher Theresa Parker says he's been singled out unfairly Illinois case mirrors Parker's
By ChloƩ Morrison
Saturday, December 08, 2007
[Excepts] ..."Everything I've ever said has been swept under the carpet and me made the bad guy," he said this week in a [phone] interview with the Chattanooga Times Free Press. Mr. Parker said he and his wife were divorcing when she last was seen March 21 as she left her sister's home. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has named Mr. Parker, a former LaFayette, Ga., police officer, as a "person of interest" in the case. His friend and former co-worker Harbin "Ben" Chaffin has been charged with four felonies related to the investigation... "This is still hurting everybody that is involved with it... My family loved Theresa. My dad referred to her as his daughter... They focused solely on me from the beginning ... There is so much more to it than people know," he said, declining to elaborate. Mr. Parker said his wife had been acting strangely before her disappearance. Her behavior had "deviated so badly" he thought she was having an affair, and he was "wanting to know who she was talking to," he said. Mr. Parker said he asked Mr. Chaffin to look into Mrs. Parker's e-mail. That is the basis for most of the charges against Mr. Chaffin, according to the indictments. Those charges include tampering with evidence, providing false information and computer invasion of privacy, records show. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wilson said a reward fund has grown to about $7,100, not counting Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue's promised $1,000 contribution.
[Full article here]
Theresa Parker Sisters Describe Alleged Abuse By Officer Declined To Speculate On Who May Have Killed Her
May 8, 2007
[Excepts] Sisters of missing 911 dispatcher Theresa Parker said Monday night that she left her LaFayette Police Department husband after he went after her in a bathtub last July. Christina Hall and Hilda Wilson were guests of Judy O'Neal on Night Talk on UCTV-3. They said Ms. Parker filed for divorce after the frightening incident, and Sgt. Sam Parker afterwards mainly lived with his father at Trion, Ga. Ms. Hall said Theresa stated that she was in the bathtub when she looked up and saw Sam Parker standing over her in the tub with his boots and clothes on. Theresa said he began slashing at her and cut her with a candle. The sisters said on another occasion, Parker threw Theresa's clothes out of their house on Cordell Road in LaFayette. The sisters said they had seen Sam Parker being verbally abusive to Theresa, but never saw him strike her. The sisters said at times he could be "a charmer" to her as well. They said in the days before Theresa Parker's disappearance that Sam Parker began to return some items to the house on Cordell Road. They said the items included guns. He said his guns were getting "rusty" at the other residence, the sisters said. They said officers were called to the Parker house on domestic incidents, but no one was ever arrested. Sam Parker has been listed as "a person of interest" in the case, but no arrest has been made. Theresa Parker is still missing...
[Full article here]


  1. Source: (Previously posted article)
    Missing Woman's Estranged Husband Threatens Harm
    Karen Zatkulak
    April 14, 2007
    ...Parker is still the only person of interest in the case of the missing 911 dispatcher.... Chief Tommy Freeman tells Newschannel 9... "He's told a lot of people that he could kill someone and they wouldn't know where to find them. I don't know what to do, I don't know where to look"...

  2. Sam Parker arrested and charged with murder in the case of his missing wife Theresa Parker. More details on www.wrcbtv.com and Channel-3 Eyewitness News.


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