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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sgt. Drew Peterson Still Free Despite Killing Kathy and Stacy

(Somebody email me when they stop playing this game with Drew Peterson.)

Cops Love Corruption: Sgt. Drew Peterson Free Despite Two Murders
By Brian K. White
Dec 8, 2007, 05:20
[Excerpts] When Drew Peterson's third wife [Kathleen Savio] died amid highly suspicious circumstances, the flawless machine that is our American criminal justice system stepped back and presumed more innocence than the woman's family or very soon to be teenaged fourth wife could. But when wife Mach-IV [Stacy Cales Peterson] went missing, they knew their tracks were too evident to obscure. Despite overwhelming circumstantial evident, retired police Sergeant Drew Peterson remains a man free to ride his motorcycle, taunt the media who seek his comments and collect his $72,000 pension despite documented abuses as an officer? sorry, check that, his pension turns out to be only $69,600... It was well known in the precinct that Sgt. Drew Peterson had met and courted they young Stacy when he was married and she was just seventeen years of age. Somehow the other officers and supervisors failed to find any question of ethical alarm in this. Despite 18-calls to 911 requiring police assistance at Peterson's residence (all domestic concerns), there has been no evidence to suggest that Drew Peterson was ever arrested or censured within the department. All 50-states have domestic violence laws that mandate at least one party be arrested in a domestic violence call, but his buddies at the station apparently let it slide, and did so with alarming frequency... Complaints of unnecessary force, inappropriate stalking on exclusive police systems, and the unbelievable number of necessary visits by officers to his home for domestic complaints are one thing, but when you add in the age the age differential, his martial arts mastery (against a 100-pound wife) and his known cache of weapons on hand, Sergeant or not, you should feel compelled to at least ask a question or two. Good first question might be, "Could my looking the other way ever end in someone being murdered?" Never mind that Stacy Peterson told family, friends and clergy that Drew might kill her, or that he had already killed his previous wife just to be with her... His decades spent behind a badge have given him an uncommon advantage as a killer, but he never counted on the intense scrutiny of the blood-thirsty media armed with millions in investigative research funding and unlimited international reporting power. As long as there is rock to turn, there will be funds to turn it over... Luckily for Drew, he has enjoyed the custom of corruption so prevalent in police work, and the small town incompetence so ubiquitous around the country. So today he wanders the world free to earn a nickel off appearing with Greta Van Susteren and likewise free to find his next unsuspecting abuse survivor. Sadly (or perhaps luckily) the story has mushroomed out from under him in ways he obviously hadn't anticipated, and his expectation of minimal forensic scrutiny has turned out to be something a bit more inclusive. There are too many factors, too much evidence and too deep a public sympathy for this poor, precious, beautiful little girl. She wanted a secure life, but the period at the end of her sentence was one of death. This is a story that will not be swept beneath any rug... How many heads back at headquarters will roll for fostering his dungeon of doom remains to be seen, but the heavy hand of scrutiny is finally knocking at the door of Bolingbrook PD, and precincts nationwide should being auditing their own known in-house abusers that much more carefully. I'm sure retired Sergeant Drew Peterson is thanking God that he isn't poor, black, previously convicted or a non-police citizen, because if he was, the crime the evidence insists he'd done would have him locked up tonight. The noose tightens by the day, and if prosecutors don't think he's a flight risk, they've never seen how a predator reacts once they know they've been backed in to a corner...


  1. He's terrifying. Can't believe none of his cop pals had issue with him dating a minor. They musta known.

  2. Let's see.
    He MARRIED her at 17.

    My guess is that he knew her at 16.

    Did he know her at 15 when her mother "disappeared"
    never to be heard from again?

  3. Drew is still my hero as long as he never get caught!

  4. Your ID is unique enough so that if you do anything stupid like your hero it can be shown that you revered him... since you leave traces of yourself around the internet.

    I'm writing you down.

  5. AnonymousMay 23, 2012

    Why is he still free? Many persons have been convicted on less evidence than what the police have against Peterson. What happened to all of his kids? How old are they no in 2012?


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