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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

[MN] Sheriff's investigator Osowski originally charged with felony harassment

Osowski sentenced
Princeton Union Eagle, MN -
Dec 19, 2007
James Darryl Osowski, a Mille Lacs County investigator, was sentenced Monday, Dec. 17 in Clay County District Court for a misdemeanor charge of harassment. He was fined $1,000 and ordered to pay restitution of $384.12. Osowski was originally charged with felony harassment against former girlfriend Mille Lacs County Attorney Jan Kolb. He pled guilty in September to the misdemeanor harassment charge...

Notes from previous news:

Apr 6, 2007
[MN] Deputy Osowski's msgs became more threatening
...the messages became much more hurtful and then became threatening. In a period of 6 months, Osowski made more than 1,500 calls to his ex-girlfriend... Milaca Police Chief Michael Mott says the hard part about the case is Osowski’s job. "It makes it uncomfortable but you have to put that aside and approach it as you would any other investigation"... Since a restraining order was put in place, Osowski has not contacted his ex-girlfriend. Osowski, who has worked for the Sheriff’s Department for more than a decade, was charged with two counts of harassment, including one felony charge because of a pattern of behavior threatening bodily harm to his victim...

Apr 13, 2007
[MN] Deputy Osowski's stalking victim is Co. Atty. Jan Kolb
A Mille Lacs County sheriff's deputy has been accused of stalking and harassing his former girlfriend — who's now the county attorney... The two dated off and on for about four years, before ending the relationship in 2004, according to the criminal complaint filed in the case... over seven months last year, Osowski contacted Kolb by phone, e-mail and text messages. He also put printed materials in Kolb's mailbox and garage. She told investigators that on at least two occasions Osowski went to her house and pounded on the door or shouted through her bedroom window. Kolb said Osowski's behavior "caused her to fear for her safety," the complaint said...

Sep 30, 2007
[MN] Dep. Osowski's stalking no longer mentioned/Gets gun back..
[Osowski's "stalking" is no longer even mentioned] ...James Darryl Osowski, a Mille Lacs County investigator, pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of harassment, Sept. 17, in Clay County District Court. Osowski has been on paid administrative leave since he was originally charged with felony harassment against his former girlfriend and co-worker Mille Lacs County Attorney Jan Kolb. Both the original felony charge and the gross misdemeanor harassment charge have been dismissed. The new charge, which is based on state statute 609.79, has yet to be drafted... The plea agreement will allow the investigator to retain his peace officer license and his license to carry a firearm...


  1. AnonymousMay 23, 2008

    vaMille lacs county sheriff Brent Lingren Should Just be thrown out what a discrase to the office he has and every decent officer in state of minnesota the way he has tryed to hide the behaviour of Osowski and marxshausen is reason to just run him out of office.

  2. What do you think about how things are going?


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