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Thursday, December 27, 2007

[IL] Peterson case: What about the kids?

Truth is, many of the media folk are packing up and going home now. I scour news every night, and where there were hundreds of articles a day on the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, now it is being reduced to a sprinkling. Unless something happens soon, Stacy may be added to approximately 50,000 other active missing person cases that - if they are lucky - for a few years get an annual small article in the local daily paper.
Why is there no combination of incriminating circumstance that adds up to hauling Bolingbrook's fallen Police Sgt. Drew Peterson into the jail? That his 3rd wife Kathleen feared him murdering her - and his fourth wife Stacy too - isn't enough, even though one is murdered and the other seems to have vanished.
A pastor of a church saying that Stacy admitted to him that she, Stacy, was told by Drew that he HAD killed his wife Kathleen wasn't enough to raise suspicions to a legal level?

A relative with no known motive to lie tries to kill himself after reportedly being commanded by Drew to not tell a soul about the warm-to-the-touch blue container they moved out of the house together?

How many MORE separate-but-connected pieces of incriminating evidence are on Drew's doorstep that we know about? It boggles the mind to imagine there is more that the public hasn't been told. What does it take? How can such a man mock us all this way. And if we as a concerned society are mocked, where does that leave the family and friends of his victims?

But worst of all, a legal system that lets him have CUSTODY of those children when he is almost assuredly the killer of their mothers - is broken. (I am not YET convinced that Stacy's missing mother is not one of Drew's victims as well.) He has sequestered their kids. In my own mother-mind they are hostage now. Stage-prop. We don't have anything in our child protective process that says if you are suspect in multiple murders you need to pass some tests in order for your children to remain in your household? Shouldn't even HE want them living outside the fishbowl-life he is living now? I would. Even if I was innocent, I would want them with a loving relative whose house wasn't surrounded. I would want them to see their mother's people. I'm biting my tongue.
Wednesday morning when his next door neighbor's yard was strewn with 5o or so investigative photos taken within a graveyard, and letters were delivered to the mailboxes of a few of his neighbors, Drew put the children in the car and went on vacation? He CAN?

When I was afraid my ex was going to kill me, the one thing I insisted on from my support systems: don't let him have our child if he does. For a mother who fears she may be murdered it's the worst nightmare. In behalf of Stacy and Kathy - who are unable to be here - no one can intervene?
Do I need to pull up cases of children who lose their lives in adult murder-suicides? Cops do it too. Why can't Stacy's family see her children? Am I the only one afraid for them? Nobody pictures Drew as capable of killing himself? I see him taking a bullet before he lets anyone haul him into a prison.

Shouldn't we be more worried now about those children than even Stacy at this point?

Shouldn't we? What will the headlines be if anything should happen to them?

They are in my prayers.

If you pray, please let them also be in yours.

Home movies of Stacy and Drew Peterson:

Strange photos, graffiti found

December 26, 2007

Video: [IL] Sgt Peterson neighbors get mail - Tip or prank
Police in suburban Bolingbrook returned to the neighborhood of Drew and Stacy Peterson Wednesday morning. They were responding to a call by a neighbor of the Petersons who found messages about the missing woman [Stacy Peterson] on her home and property... Neighbor Sharon Bychowski discovered dozens of pictures of a cemetery on her front lawn. Drew Peterson -- says he doesn't know anything about the photos. DREW PETERSON PACKED UP HIS RENT-A-CAR TO TAKE HIS KIDS ON VACATION WEDNESDAY... Drew Peterson says he was completely unaware of the latest police activity in his neighborhood... "There were about 50 photos of a cemetery. And inside the cemetery, the photos that were taken were about five by seven in size and had markers on them which looked like it would be from a police investigation. So they were some kind of evidence markers" she said. Bychowski said she also found a Christmas stocking hanging from her mailbox stuffed with a copy of the National Enquirer. Bychowski's husband also opened up the mailbox and found a letter. "He discovered a three-page letter from some person who is trying to support finding Stacy Peterson, that said she is buried in a cemetery and that we should look there"... Bychowski's neighbor also received the same three-page letter... Whether it was a prank or not, Bychowski said it all should be taken very seriously... And in what is believed to be an unrelated incident on Tuesday, Bychowski also found the word "Stacy" and a cross painted on her mailbox. They cleaned that off.
[Full article here]

Map Of Cemetery Found In Peterson Neighbor's Yard
Unclear Whether Display Is Prank Or Legitimate Clue
Dec 27, 2007
A "sick prank" or a possible lead in the disappearance of Bolingbrook mother Stacy Peterson? Sharon Bychowski wasn't sure what to make of the odd display in her front yard Wednesday, including dozens of photographs of gravestones, a map of a cemetery, a Christmas stocking and a hand-scrawled letter that read in part: "Please fully investigate this grave site" and "Find the Truth"... Bychowski called Bolingbrook Police Chief Ray McGury after she and her husband found the assortment of objects Wednesday morning. The objects, some of which were in her mailbox, included copies of a National Enquirer story about the Peterson case with the headline: "Mystery of Cop's Missing Wife - Solved!" McGury said two of the Petersons' neighbors found "non-threatening letters" in their mailboxes Wednesday. McGury said both offered a "possible location" for Stacy Peterson. All of the materials were turned over to State Police. McGury called the letters upsetting, but said they appeared to have been written by "somebody playing a pretty sick prank. Bychowski doesn't know who left the mysterious materials, which included a hand-drawn map of a cemetery and a square within the graveyard, indicating where to search...
[Full article here]

Drew Peterson's neighbors get 'creepy' notes
Chicago Tribune
By Erika Slife
December 27, 2007
Neighbors of Drew Peterson found chilling notes in their mailboxes Wednesday morning that said his missing wife, Stacy, is in a graveyard. "Creepy. Oh my God, creepy," said Sharon Bychowski, one of the neighbors who got the notes, along with about 50 5-by-7-inch photos of grave sites scattered in her driveway and yard and, hung on her mailbox, a Christmas stocking with a National Enquirer taped to it... Bychowski said authorities were taking the incident seriously, and she declined to elaborate on what the note said. "Everything's a lead until they say it's not," she said, referring to police. On Christmas, Bychowski said, the name "Stacy" was found spray-painted on her mailbox, with the "t" painted as a cross. Bychowski said she and her husband shrugged off the incident, which they figured was meant for Drew Peterson's mailbox, and scrubbed off the graffiti. Then about 2 a.m. Wednesday, she said, they woke up and noticed a cab circling in their cul-de-sac... Then they saw the cab leave, so they went back to bed. They awoke to find the pictures in the yard and the stocking on the mailbox, which was open...
[Full article here]

Many questions, few answers in disappearance
ABC7Chicago.com, USA
December 24, 2007
...Nearly two months after Stacy Peterson was last seen, the investigation into her disappearance and suspicions surrounding her husband, former Bolingbrook police Sgt. Drew Peterson, have produced many intriguing questions. But few answers... And the case has become a media sensation, with news outlets reporting even the smallest development and staking out the once-quiet Bolingbrook neighborhood where Peterson still lives with four of his children, including two from his marriage to Savio. But for all the searches by police and volunteers, all the tidbits of information and speculation, there still have been no charges -- and no indication that they're imminent. Drew Peterson's attorney, Joel Brodsky, even raised the possibility this week that Stacy Peterson's disappearance might never be solved.
"Not every mystery gets solved," Brodsky said. "This is not TV, it's real life."
[Full article here]

A sad day for Stacy's family
Joliet Herald News, IL -
December 25, 2007
Cassandra Cales spent every Christmas with her half-sister, until this one... Halloween passed, then Thanksgiving, and today, Christmas will be celebrated by two families without Stacy Peterson around to enjoy it with them... [The foster mother of Cassandra Cales, Pam] Bosco said Stacy's family has not seen [Stacy's] son, Anthony, or daughter, Lacy, in the nearly two months since their mother went missing. She said their father has stood in the way of a visit with the children. "I think he obviously has his reasons," Bosco said. "He doesn't want to let the children out of his sight"... Bosco had earlier expressed hopes Stacy would be found before Christmas to give her family some closure. It has not happened, and the investigation of her whereabouts remains unresolved. "It won't be a happy day. It's impossible," Bosco said. "We believe Stacy is dead. How can we have a happy day?"
[Full article here]

Peterson ex-pal speaks
Joliet Herald News, IL -
December 21, 2007
Ric Mims made money selling his story to the National Enquirer. Thursday, he gave it away for free to the grand jury. Mims, the one-time friend of embattled former cop Drew Peterson, made his second appearance before the special grand jury and said he is slated to come back for yet another at the end of next month. "They asked about the week I was there," said Mims, who holed up with Peterson immediately after the retired police sergeant's wife went missing Oct. 28... Following his appearance, Mims said he stood by the recent Enquirer story, saying, "Everything in the Enquirer is true"... Mims said he was questioned during his grand jury appearance about his time with Peterson and how the ex-cop's kids seemed to be while he was around. "They asked a lot about the children," he said, adding that the inquiries were based on "just mostly their demeanor"...
[Full article here]

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Drew calls his antics "humorous"?
Who's laughing
or amused?


According to Richard Mims he lived at the Peterson home from October 30th to November 3rd as friend and support. He says he was told by Drew that if the police come for Drew, Drew may have to use Mims as a hostage. [There's that H word.] On November 2nd Mims says he was asked to take a trumpet case and bag of clothes to where Peterson's son was staying - another cop's house - but says he found out after he delivered it that the son wasn't staying there at all. He has no idea then what it was he delivered.

What will it take?


  1. I'm a journalist working on an in-depth story about this case. I'd like to speak with Cloud_Writer or whoever is behind behindtheblue wall, about the Peterson case specifically and police-officer domestic abuse in general. If you're interested, please contact me at dmurrayil@earthlink.net.

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  3. Word:
    Ric Mims (FORMER Drew Peterson friend) was at the Stacy Peterson fundraiser yesterday, and when the buttons arrived he paid $250 for all 50 of them, and gave them away to the folks there for free.

    Friends hold fundraiser for Stacy
    Western Springs Suburban Life
    By Danya Hooker, dhooker@mysuburbanlife.com
    Sat Dec 29, 2007

    Bolingbrook, IL - About 250 people braved cold weather and slippery driving conditions Friday to show their support for the search for Stacy Peterson.

    The event raised about $2,000 that will go toward search efforts for the mother of two missing from Bolingbrook since Oct. 28. Her husband Drew Peterson, a former Bolingbrook police sergeant has been named a suspect in her disappearance.

    Lead organizer for the event Patrick Loome, a high school friend of Stacy’s, had hoped for a much larger crowd but said the event’s success was probably hampered by bad weather and holiday vacations.

    "It didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped," Loome said. "But, nonetheless, we still have the PayPal account on www.findstacypeterson.com and people are still donating across the country."

    The event, held at On The Rockz, 1101 N. Independence Blvd., in Romeoville, included raffles, a silent auction, karaoke, two live bands and a jewelry vendor who donated 15 percent of her sales to the cause.

    "It takes money to find people and if it was somebody from my family I’d certainly want other people involved," vendor Patricia Greenlee said. "There’s too many women not being found and we need to get to the bottom of this."

    The group also sold T-shirts with Peterson’s missing persons sign and "Bring Stay Home" buttons. The buttons were all bought and given away by Ric Mims, a friend of Drew Peterson’s before he sold his story to the National Enquirer.

    Mims, who stayed with Peterson in the first weeks after his wife’s disappearance, now believes his former friend is responsible for Stacy Peterson’s disappearance and for the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

    "My biggest concern is that Drew gets away with two murders," Mims said.

    Although Mims’ decision to sell his story to the National Enquirer angered many Stacy Peterson supporters, Mims said he did it to raise money for the search and is still involved in many search activities.

    "We want to keep the press on Drew," Mims said. "Right now he’s walking around with a lot of confidence."

    Stacy Peterson’s friends and family will hold a vigil on Jan. 20, which would have been her 24th birthday. A benefit concert is planned for March 2. Times and locations will be announced at a later date.



    Under an electronic eye, 24/7
    President of the American Geographical Society and a professor of geography at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Special to the Star-Telegram
    Dec. 27, 2007
    Stacy Peterson may be the world's first known victim of geoslavery, ending in tragedy... In cases of spousal abuse, people tend to ask: Why didn't she just leave him? Often the answer is psychological dependence or fear of harm to a child. The answer this time, it seems, is that she couldn't leave because he was tracking her every move. Electronic tracking is powerful. Victims are left with few choices: kill, be killed or disappear completely... Geoslavery is a new form of human bondage based on cellphone or GPS tracking. Four years ago in IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, Pete Fisher and I defined geoslavery as "a practice in which one entity, the master, coercively or surreptitiously monitors and exerts control over the physical location of another individual, the slave." According to news reports, Drew Peterson obsessively monitored his wife's movements prior to her disappearance. She complained to family and friends that he was controlling her. She even changed her cellphone number in a futile attempt to end his control... Stacy's case also fits our prediction of ubiquitous surveillance. When confronted with the allegation that Drew was tracking Stacy's friends, his lawyer defended his actions in a frightening way. It was common practice, he said. All the other cops were tracking their friends and acquaintances, too. Stacy's tragic case is a warning to us all. Human tracking is dangerous, and society has been careless with our coordinates. My coordinates are my own. Your coordinates are your own. We must insist that legislatures, cellphone companies and government agencies protect them to the utmost. Start with Stacy's phone company and the Bolingbrook Police Department, but don't stop until state and federal laws protect us nationwide. If we had started earlier, Stacy Peterson might have been able to slip away safely at some unseen moment with her children at her side.


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