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Monday, December 10, 2007

[IL] Woe is Drew - He'd rather be a celebrity for something good

..."I'd rather be a celebrity for something good... They snuck me in and out for the 'Today' show. I remember sitting in the New York airport, and all of a sudden there was my face on TV... It's like they had this vigil for Stacy, and the next thing you know there's a pinata with my face on it... All these policemen who were my friends, and I would have jumped in front of a bullet for, don't even talk to me... Dr. Phil kind of ambushed me... My real friends are still there... The guys that I thought were going to be there aren't... I'm not going to get another date... You guys just killed all that"...

Drew Peterson says he's been shunned, betrayed
Chicago Tribune
By Erika Slife & Matthew Walberg
December 7, 2007
Apparently, it's not easy being Drew. Drew Peterson said Thursday he would rather be remembered for something positive than something that would result in his picture being plastered on a pinata. That creation was on display Saturday at a prayer vigil held for Peterson's wife, Stacy, 23, who vanished Oct. 28. Illinois State Police soon named Peterson, 53, a suspect in the case, which has been labeled a possible homicide... "I'd rather be a celebrity for something good... They snuck me in and out for the 'Today' show. I remember sitting in the New York airport, and all of a sudden there was my face on TV... It's like they had this vigil for Stacy, and the next thing you know there's a pinata with my face on it... All these policemen who were my friends, and I would have jumped in front of a bullet for, don't even talk to me"... On Thursday, his former friend, Ric Mims, acknowledged selling his story to the National Enquirer... "I've befriended him, he was just some street kid... and all of a sudden he was here - my best friend... I went ahead and let him watch the house when I couldn't be here, and then he's changing sides... The first couple days after this happened, he kept saying, 'How can we make money on this?'... I have not profited from this. This whole thing has cost me money..."

Drew Peterson Called 'Pig,' Featured On Dr. Phil
Former Bolingbrook Police Sergeant Says His Former Colleagues Are Shunning Him
Dec 7, 2007
The word "pig" was scrawled Friday night in the snow in Drew Peterson's front yard. A young woman who called herself "Jen" did it. "Because that's what he is," she said. "A complete pig"... Moments after she and a friend sped away, Peterson left his house and talked about the incident. "Everybody's entitled to their own opinion," he said. "It's a free country." Peterson also offered up a scathing review of Friday afternoon's "Dr. Phil" show, on CBS. It was a special about the case... A KILLER AMONG US? "Dr. Phil kind of ambushed me... He talked to me on the phone and he sounded concerned, but Dr. Phil's selling papers too, so." During the show the host described that phone interview with Peterson. "He is playing the victim in this situation and at no time when I talked to him not one word of concern about his wife. Not one word of concern about his children," talk show host Phil McGraw said. The show also featured Peterson's former fiancée [Kyle Piry], who described his rage against her... "My real friends are still there... The guys that I thought were going to be there aren't. But everybody's afraid. Every time I make a phone call somebody's, you know. Somebody's getting interviewed"... Meantime, state police are discounting a tip in the case involving two truck drivers. They told investigators that Peterson and another man asked them to take a package to an undisclosed location. Friday, state police said that claim was unfounded...

VIDEO - [IL] Stacy Peterson's family releases her last phone msg

Drew: 'I'm not going to get another date'
Chicago Sun-Times
BY JOE HOSEY Herald News
December 7, 2007
Drew Peterson says the the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy, and the mysterious death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, might hamper his love life. “I'm not going to get another date,” he said in an interview this week in his Bolingbrook home. “I'm not going to get another date... You guys just killed all that”...

Stacy Peterson's Family Releases Audio Recording
Posted: 2:10 PM Dec 7, 2007
Dec 7, 2007
For the first time Dec. 7 we're getting to hear the last phone message that Stacy Peterson left on her father's voicemail just one day before disappearing under mysterious circumstances... This voicemail was left for her father and posted on the family website, haunting evidence they believe that she was not planning on running away on her own. "Hey dad! It's me, Stacy, I just wanted to call you and tell you I love you"...

Peterson's lawyer caught in spotlight
Police calls, suspension of law license uncovered
Chicago Sun Times
December 8, 2007
Chicago attorney Joel Brodsky has the hottest case in the country. His client, former cop Drew Peterson, has appeared as a guest on network television and as a subject in supermarket tabloids. Brodsky himself followed suit, showing up on the "Today" show and other news programs covering the disappearance of Peterson's wife, Stacy, who has not been seen since Oct. 28. Initially, Brodsky welcomed the publicity. But now, Brodsky, who is 50 and has practiced law for 25 years, says he got more than he bargained for. He receives hate mail, is besieged with interview requests, and in recent weeks, reporters have focused on his own background. Among other incidents, they found several police reports over the years, including three domestic calls, one involving a SWAT team responding to Brodsky's Wilmette home. According to a report of the Sept. 2, 2002, incident involving a "suicidal person," Brodsky's wife, Elizabeth Brodsky, told police "Joel Brodsky was in the house armed with a shotgun." He had gone to his car to get a shotgun, police said. Elizabeth Brodsky "screamed at [her daughters] to get their shoes and leave now," the report said. "Mr. Brodsky exclaimed, 'That's right. You leave, get out of here, now I'm going to do it right and blow my head off with this shotgun.'" No one was arrested. The Brodskys admit they were arguing but say the matter was the result of miscommunication and that police portrayed it inaccurately...

VIDEO - [IL] Drew's kin who fears he helped &Stacy knew about murder

Drew's relative attempted suicide, source says
Drew Peterson's relative said to be distraught over Stacy's disappearance
Chicago Sun-Times
BY JOE HOSEY Herald News
November 28, 2007
One of Drew Peterson's relatives overdosed on pills after helping the former Bolingbrook police sergeant load a large barrel into Peterson's SUV the day Stacy Peterson vanished, a police source said Tuesday. Thomas Morphey, a step-brother, was hospitalized but survived what the source described as a suicide attempt. Morphey's wife called police, saying her husband heard of the disappearance, became distraught and feared he might have unwittingly helped dispose of Drew Peterson's wife's body... Drew Peterson visited Morphey in the hospital... On Tuesday, he refused to answer a reporter's questions about moving a barrel from his home....

VIDEO - [IL] The relative who fears he helped Drew dispose of Stacy

...“When I first met Drew, he was very outgoing, very funny, very charming. He was a police officer, a decent guy. My family liked Drew, but after we had gotten engaged, he became a lot more controlling. He would get really upset if I wanted to go out with my friends. When I came home, he would be following me. At 20 years old, I thought I'm just not ready and felt like I was really losing my life. I called off the engagement." About two weeks after Kyle and Drew broke up, she says they got into an argument. Kyle says the fight turned physical, and she ended up on the floor. She says, "He pushed me, he straddled me, pinned me to the ground in a police hold, pressed his knees against my arms to keep me down. I did call the police. They sent over an officer who happened to be one of his friends, and he convinced me not to press charges. Then it was a year and a half of him stalking me. Drew would follow me. He would pull me over. He wrote me tickets for silly things: bald tires, lights not bright enough. Sometimes he would just pull me over to harass me, and he always had a big smile on his face. When I saw Drew on the Today Show, I could see that same kind of smirkish smile on his face. Being a police officer, he wants to be in control. Drew could have murdered Kathleen. Drew is probably responsible for Stacy being missing. He's calculating and has been on the police force long enough to figure out how things work... He didn't want me going out with my friends, and it started to appear to me that he wasn't comfortable with me having my own life outside of him and his two kids from a previous marriage”...



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    [IL]The shot fired in Sgt Drew & Stacy Peterson's home

  2. Stacy Peterson's Pastor Goes 'On the Record'
    December 10, 2007


    ...VAN SUSTEREN: Did she have any solid information he did it? Let me back up a second. He actually confessed to her to having killed Kathleen Savio?
    SCHORI: Yes.
    VAN SUSTEREN: Did she tell you what words he used?
    SCHORI: I'm not sure that I can give that detail.
    ...VAN SUSTEREN: Have you spoken to Sergeant Peterson since she vanished?
    SCHORI: No, I have not.
    VAN SUSTEREN: How about between the time she spoke to you in August and the time that she disappeared? Did you talk to him at all?
    SCHORI: I did not talk with him. He reached out to me after that meeting with her that August morning.
    VAN SUSTEREN: And how did he reach out?
    SCHORI: He had suggested that since I had met with Stacy — he knew that, and he said that he'd like to get together because he hadn't seen me for a while.
    VAN SUSTEREN: Did you get together?
    SCHORI: No.
    VAN SUSTEREN: Do you think he knew she told you that?
    SCHORI: That's a really good question. That's a really good question. I don't know that I can even answer that.
    VAN SUSTEREN: How soon after did he call you, after you met with her in the coffee shop and she said that he...
    SCHORI: There was a message on my voice-mail at the church when I got back after meeting with her.
    VAN SUSTEREN: That soon?
    SCHORI: That soon.
    VAN SUSTEREN: And then you responded to the voice-mail.
    SCHORI: Uh-huh.
    VAN SUSTEREN: Did you get him or did you get the voice-mail?
    SCHORI: I checked my voice-mail, and then I called him back.
    VAN SUSTEREN: And you reached him?
    SCHORI: I did.
    VAN SUSTEREN: And the conversation went how?
    SCHORI: Pretty much just like the voice-mail. He just said, Hey, I'm just trying to get a hold of you. I thought maybe we could meet since you just met with Stacy. And I — I sort of backed out of doing that.
    VAN SUSTEREN: Your heart must have been in your shoes when you got that voice-mail.
    SCHORI: Oh, my gosh. Sure
    VAN SUSTEREN: You know, right after.
    SCHORI: Sure. My mind was everywhere...

  3. Pastor 'blown away' by Stacy's confession about Drew

    December 11, 2007

    A Naperville pastor who spoke privately with Stacy Peterson just weeks before she vanished tells the Chicago Sun-Times he can't understand why former Bolingbrook Police Sgt. Drew Peterson hasn't helped search for his missing wife.

    "If my wife were missing for a month, I'd be concerned about her and I'd be looking for her," Pastor Neil Schori said.

    Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed was the first to report in late November on the conversation between Stacy Peterson and Schori. In August, Stacy Peterson confided to Schori that her husband had claimed to have killed his previous wife, sources told the Sun-Times.

    And earlier this month, the Sun-Times interviewed Schori, who acknowledged he'd spoken to Stacy Peterson in August.

    Schori told the Sun-Times he doesn't believe Stacy Peterson -- a devoted mom -- would run off with another man, as Drew Peterson has claimed.

    "That doesn't add up to me, considering her character," Schori said. "That doesn't sound very feasible."

    In a Monday night Fox TV interview, Schori confirmed what sources told the Sun-Times two weeks ago -- that Stacy Peterson told the pastor her husband admitted to killing his previous wife, Kathleen Savio.

    The conversation between Stacy Peterson and Schori occurred at a Bolingbrook coffee shop in August, Schori told Fox's Greta Van Susteren.

    "And she said, 'He killed Kathleen,' " Schori said. "And I was really blown away. I was reeling inside."

    At the time of that coffee shop conversation, Stacy Peterson hadn't told her secret to anyone else, Schori said.

    In the TV interview, Schori said he first met Stacy Peterson about two years ago when she came to his church. Drew Peterson also attended, but less often, Schori said.

    Schori said he'd meet with Stacy Peterson from time to time to help her with run-of-the-mill life issues. But then in August, she specifically asked to meet with him by herself, Schori said.

    Schori said he didn't believe Stacy Peterson simply speculated Drew Peterson killed Savio, whose 2004 death was ruled an accidental drowning.

    "It was more than just putting two and two together," Schori said. "It was not speculation on her part."

    After that August meeting -- on the same day -- Drew Peterson also asked Schori for a meeting, the pastor said.

    "And I sort of backed out of doing that," Schori said.

    In a continuation of the Fox interview Tuesday night, Schori revealed that in an eerie coincidence he had briefly served on a recent Will County grand jury convened to reexamine Savio's death.

    "It [Savio's case] came up at the very end of my 13 weeks on the grand jury," Schori told Van Susteren. "I got myself out of there ... I recused myself and said I can't" participate because of the pastoral relationship he had with Drew and Stacy Peterson.

    Investigators continue to probe Stacy Peterson's disappearance. She vanished in late October. Her husband, Drew Peterson, is considered a suspect in her death. In light of Stacy Peterson's disappearance, Savio's death is now being re-investigated.

    Drew Peterson has repeatedly denied any involvement in either his wife's disappearance or his former wife's death.


  4. "...for the cost of a few cups of your morning coffee..."

    Drew Peterson asks public to help with his legal defense
    Chicago Sun-Times
    December 11, 2007
    Drew Peterson says a Web site established to raise money for his legal defense will be a test of the American people's generosity. "I'm not asking them to decide guilt or innocence," Peterson said today of defenddrew.com. "Everyone has the right for a legal defense." Peterson said his attorney, Joel Brodsky, is the brainchild behind the Web site, which accepts donations via PayPal. The site says "for the cost of a few cups of your morning coffee" donors can help fund the legal defense so a private investigator can be hired to help find Peterson's missing wife Stacy. Any remaining funds will be diverted into a trust fund for Peterson's four dependent children, who range in age from 14 to 2 years old. Pam Bosco, Stacy Peterson's family spokeswoman, said her reaction to defenddrew.com was "shock initially and then disgust." "This man had every opportunity to help us find Stacy," Bosco said. "He's getting worried because of the canal search." Illinois State Police were continuing to search a Lockport canal today...


    ...His lawyer, in a letter to prosecutors, wrote that the practice of using department computers for unauthorized checks on people was widespread. And he said if Peterson were to be charged with doing so, it would amount to "vindictive prosecution" because others have not been charged...

    Peterson denies using police computers to check on wife's friends -
    ABC2 News

    CHICAGO (AP) - The attorney for former Illinois police sergeant Drew Peterson is denying that Peterson used department computers to run unauthorized checks on people his wife knew.

    Peterson is now a suspect in his wife's disappearance.

    ABC's "Good Morning America" reported yesterday on the alleged use of the police computers by Peterson. Prosecutors are looking at an internal police investigation to determine whether he can be charged for official misconduct.

    His lawyer, in a letter to prosecutors, wrote that the practice of using department computers for unauthorized checks on people was widespread. And he said if Peterson were to be charged with doing so, it would amount to "vindictive prosecution" because others have not been charged.

    Police deny that it's an accepted practice to use computers to run checks on acquaintances. They say people have been fired for doing so.

    Meanwhile, another search warrant was executed Tuesday night in connection with Stacey Peterson's disappearance.

    Illinois State Police delivered the warrant to Peterson's home in Bolingbrook. A spokesman for the county prosecutor says the warrant deals with items inside two vehicles already seized from the residence.

    This is the fourth warrant issued since Stacy Peterson disappeared in late October.



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