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Thursday, June 19, 2008

[AL] Ex-chief Thompson 2nd arrest within days - danger to wife, self, and home

...Thompson was accused of threatening to harm his estranged wife, himself and to burn down the house...

Ex-chief jailed
The Florence Times-Daily
By Tom Smith
Last Updated:June 18. 2008
June 19. 2008
Former Florence police Chief Rick Thompson is back in jail after his bond was revoked following his arrest for driving while under the influence... Thompson was involved in a one-car accident... his car struck a utility pole... Thompson refused to take a breath alcohol test at the scene but was taken to Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital to be treated for minor injuries... Thompson was out on bail of $20,000 after he was arrested Friday for second-degree attempted arson and disorderly conduct. As a part of his bond agreement, Thompson was ordered to wear a GPS ankle monitor, not be around his estranged wife's house or work area, and not commit any new criminal offenses. Connolly said Thompson is being held without bail. He said it is likely he will have a hearing today to determine if a bond will be set on the new charge. Thompson was arrested at his estranged wife's residence on Arlington Boulevard, Florence, on June 13, after police were asked by his wife to check on Thompson. Thompson was accused of threatening to harm his estranged wife, himself and to burn down the house. When officers arrived at the residence, sources said Thompson poured gasoline on the carport but did not ignite it... [Full article here]

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