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Thursday, June 26, 2008

[MI] Officer Ken De Kleine's wife-murder trial quietly delayed

I hear that with no official announcement the murder-of-Lori trial has been moved until July 8th, 2008. If anyone is paying attention, it will probably be pushed back again then too.

Previous entries:
Holland Michigan residents need to speak up. Only a couple of voices dared to rise up out of this community.

Sweet Lori - we are reaching out to other victims of officer-involved domestic violence, and will continue to, behind the scenes - with growing help from law enforcement, no help from the domestic violence communities, and a continued silence from the churches.


  1. You are wrong. The trial started today, the 8th of July. I find it interesting that you feel free to bash a community that you are not familiar with while that bashing should go to Ken.

    You speak as if you know Lori's family, church, and community personally. From what you have written, it is clear that you do not.

    Were you there when her church supported the children? Did you go to the fundraisers they held for the children? I'm sure you weren't. If so, you wouldn't be saying "the church turned their back on and abandoned Lori". If the church and community were so horrible I would think the Lori's family would not be involved with it as they are.

    Lori's family would be sickened to read the accusations you have written about their church and community.

    I have personal experience with Lori's family, friends, and church. I will only speak of what I have personally experienced. I cannot speak of the domestic violence agency nor the Holland Police role in all of this. I would hope that you would do the same. You use strong words for things you have no knowledge of in this situation.

  2. That was very nice of the church to do after Lori was killed.

  3. AnonymousJuly 08, 2008

    Let me agree strongly with CNA. You have no clue about the support Lori got before her death. De Kleine was not physically abusive and gave no clues as to his homicidal intentions.

    It's irresponsible to lump all wife-murder cases together. Wag your finger at things you know about.

  4. I'm not lumping cases together. I DO know more than what is comfortable about Lori's specific support systems, but to write something that lumps everyone together or that points at an entire place is even worse than irresponsible. It's unkind and stupid... and worse, was written at a very hard time for your community.

    People who love Lori & Ken getting through the difficult time of the trial is what is most important right now.

    I apologize and have revised the blog entry. If you read my several other blog entries on Lori & Ken you'll see that this one really was an exception.

    If the support triad is addressed again, I will be more specific, never angry, and I'll pray first.

    I CANNOT imagine how hard it is for people in Holland who are close to Ken or who love Lori right now because I sobbed from across the country when the second wave of detailed articles were released. I couldn't even read them immediately... and I never even met Lori or Ken.

    How terribly deeply sad so many people must be.

    Again, I'm sorry.


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