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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

[TX] Is there more to Sgt Jeff Smith's family violence on his wife?


I love the way those professional shiny words look. What I'm having a hard time figuring out though is how the "integrity" yada yada jives with this same Sgt. Jeff Smith being called a "wifebeater" in the comments section of a 2/6/2007 blog entry on The Ellis County Observer. The blog entry itself also references a wife-beating Ennis pd officer whose name is blanked out. Psychic? Prophetic?

Or, I wonder,

how deep is her sorrow?

Ennis officer arrested for assault
Det. Sgt. Jeff Smith charged with family violence against wife

Ennis Daily News, TX
Matt Cook matt@ennisdailynews.com
[EXCERPT] Midlothian police arrested Ennis Det. Sgt. Jeff Smith on assault charges Friday. According to the Midlothian Police report at 7:03 pm Officer Garland Wolf and Officer Cody Moon were dispatched to Smith’s home at 6010 Country South on a domestic disturbance call. As a result, Smith, 48, was taken into custody for assault by contact family violence involving his wife.Ennis Police Chief John Erisman said Smith, an officer with the local department since 1984, was suspended pending an outcome of a criminal investigation as well as an internal investigation regarding the incident by theEnnis Police Department. “Detective Sergeant Jeff Smith has been suspended without pay from duty until an internal investigation is complete,” he said. Erisman added the probe will be conducted fairly and that maintaining the trust of the community the department serves is a top priority. “We will handle this investigation in a professional manner that is fair to all parties involved and in accordance with law and departmental policy,” Erisman said. “TheEnnis Police Department takes all allegations of misconduct involving our officers very seriously. The integrity of the Ennis Police Department and the trust of the citizens we serve are of utmost importance”... [Full article here]

Ennis: Sgt. Arrested for Assaulting Wife

The Ellis County Observer (blog)
Joey Dauben
June 24th, 2008
[EXCERPT] The Ennis Daily News is reporting that Sgt. Jeff Smith (is this guy related to Dave Smith?) was arrested by Midlothian police for assaulting his wife... Chief John Erisman said an investigation will precede any change in employment status, but this is the latest Smith-at-EPD problems... A lot of people fromEnnis are calling and e-mailing us about how this hasn't been the first time Jeff Smith has been involved with related allegations. When Dale Holt was the chief (he's now a city commissioner), Smith was allegedly in a lot more family-related "disturbances," but Holt and theEnnis Daily News covered it all up. Those are just what the Ennis residents are saying... [Full blog entry here]


  1. Smith released from duty

    Officer employed by EPD since 1984 terminated Wed.

    It was announced Wednesday that Det. Sgt. Jeff Smith has been released from the Ennis Police Department due to an internal investigation involving his June 20 Midlothian arrest for allegedly assaulting his wife.
    According to the Midlothian Police report, Smith was taken into custody at his home at 6010 Country South, following a call of domestic disturbance at the residence.
    Smith, 48, was suspended from duty the following Monday, pending the outcome of a Midlothian Police Department criminal investigation and EPD’s internal investigation.
    “The Ennis Police Department takes all allegations of misconduct involving our officers very seriously,” Ennis Police Chief John Erisman said, following Smith’s suspension, “The integrity of the Ennis Police Department and the trust of the citizens we serve are of utmost importance.”
    The findings of the local internal investigation showed there was a violation of Ennis Police Department General Orders dealing with officer conduct.
    Smith does have the right to appeal this decision to the City Manager and to the City Commission.
    Erisman said it should be noted that the internal probe conducted by the Ennis Police Department was not a criminal investigation, and should not have any bearing on the pending criminal charges Smith is facing in Midlothian.
    Smith’s caseload, which involves juvenile arrests, will be distributed evenly among other detectives in the department until his position is filled.
    “The Ennis Police Department recently had promotional testing for Detective Sergeant and a hiring list was formed,” Erisman said.
    “Smith’s replacement will come from the current list. I don’t know an exact date of when the position will be filled other than to say a.s.a.p.”
    Smith joined the Ennis Police Department some 24 years ago as patrol officer.


  2. AnonymousJune 29, 2011

    As a citizen I went in to request assistance for an escalating domestic violence situation. An officer was called in and I recognized him from the past. This officer thought it was a joke and made several unprofessional comments while I was there. The embarrasment caused me to want to leave but I knew they had called someone in, so I waited. Since then this officer has passed me in Corsicana twice, he has stuck his tongue out at me and made faces expected by a ten year old. he is over 6 ft tall, has blonde hair, and makes a very professional looking officer until he begins his unprofessional antics. I have seen him in the Ennis Police Department and in Corsicana but do not know his name. I did report it to a Captain in Corsicana but as I did not have additional information I was brushed off. What makes officers act like this while in uniform and in a police car? To this day I cannot figure it out, I hope to discuss this with this young man someday as it is something I have never experienced before. Thank you.

  3. AnonymousJune 29, 2011

    I visited the EPD today for information available for battered women and children, there was none. I asked if they employed a social worker for this type of domestic violence, there is none, there is also no list of shelters where serious cases of battered women and their children are moved to safety. There is no program available in Ennis, TX for battered women and I find this very disturbing. I plan to obtain information and mail to EPD so that all women not just high profile cases are involved. This is a major problem in Ennis and if our neighboring PDs have this information available I wish the women of Ennis could freely pick up this information and pass to friends in that type of situation. It would give them peace of mind and may not require tying up the services of the EPD as they seem to be quite busy.

  4. He was found not guilty to a jury of his peers. The trial lasted 3 hours, the jury took less than 30 minutes to decide not guilty.

  5. The creator of this site is using information that is false. The detective was charged with assault by contact (Class C offense)not family violence as reported. Joey Dauben, "Ellis County Observer" blogger, states that Det Smith is a "wifebeater" this also is false information. There were no injuries reported by police. The facts are, the creator of this site copied and posted false information from a blogger who has been found guilty of "sexual assault of a child" and is now in jail. Just FYI, Det. Smith was found not guilty by a jury and he is still to this day a certified peace officer of 30 years. Try printing truthful information.

    1. Oh yeah I bet that was some fair trial.

  6. If this is the site's creator wanting to know if the trial was fair? Please express your thoughts or concerns.

    1. You're *anonymous* asking for My identification? Are you Jeff Smith?

      I am someone who follows this post closely and know all too well how many ways there are to arrive at a not guilty decision. Until I hear the facts I don't equate not guilty with innocence. OJ was not guilty... until later when he was sued. How fair was the very short trial or how much evidence was presented or not presented - we don't know unless you tell us. Did the alleged victim recant or not show? Did she show and testify? Are they trying to fix things?

      Career-wise a not guilty matters very much. These are serious issues with severe consequences and I'm sure Detective Smith is glad to have this over with.

      I did have a lot of thoughts and concerns. I typed them out, then cut and pasted them in a note to myself rather than throw them out here without hearing any facts about the case first. Why should I guess or play 20 questions when you know and want the truth out here - when you want to get the record straight?

      Since you know the details and I don't see it in the news yet, would you share with us how court went - who testified, etc.?

  7. What is of importance is your willingness to provide a contact number to call and share the facts to you. If your willing to provide a contact number to talk, please post it. I'll entertain your curiosity and then when you have what you desire,you post the truth. Deal? I won't equate on your blog.

    1. Why call you?

      "...would you share with us how court went - who testified, etc.?"

  8. To the person who wants the trial info to come through the blog owner first, my email address is below.

    Please no one post your phone number here.

  9. Is this email address active Mr.Peterson? oidvn@yahoo.com

  10. Unless you're willing to make contact with me via phone, I've been advised not to entertain you via internet. You and I both know that will not happen. You remaining anonymous is of the utmost importance and your life depends on that. Officer Smith beat them at their own game, in their courtroom, and with attorney by his side made monkeys out of the officers who testified against him. That's the truth and you should make mention of this. But you're not about the truth when a story has a good ending. Keep hiding.

  11. I have no clue why you can't post a trial update here. Everything else is blah blah blah.

  12. What logical reason would there be for police officers to testify against you if you were innocent? Cops testifying against cops is usually an act of courage.

  13. Joshua, Remove Officer Smith from this site. He does not belong along side the others you've posted here.There's certainly a majority of incidents that do. He was not charged with any family violence nor injury to anyone. The officers that arrived made the decision to charge him with assault by contact not family violence as you've copied and pasted here. As mentioned above, he was found not guilty by a jury who did not believe the testimony of the officers who arrested him. So here's your logical reason to remove him. The cops testimony was false and lies just like this post. Do your homework Joshua,print the truth and do your own work.

  14. Joshua, I hope you're considering removing officer Smith from this site is the reason you've stopped commenting.

  15. AnonymousJuly 11, 2013

    Why so silent now Joshua? We were having such a good conversation going, why did you stop? Scared? You're obviously misunderstood about the outcome of this case and refuse to do a follow-up to conclude your post (copy and paste).

    1. AnonymousJuly 12, 2013

      It's you, the creator of this copy and paste blog Mr. Peterson. You're certainly not the computer expert you claim to be. It only took just a few minutes to find out. How's the job at Google? So who you are is not a mystery, where you are will be discovered. As stated above, for you to hide your identity is paramount to your life and according to what's been learned of you, you shouldn't come out from under your rock. One can imagine after reading several of your copy and paste stories, you're a wanted man. What's your grind Mr. Peterson? Were you and or your mommy victims of domestic violence? Was your daddy a cop who beat you and or your mommy? So what's your story Joshua? Let's get your story.

    2. Well Mr. "Anonymous", it's a good thing you had the sense to not use your real name because you are so wrong that you would be making a public a** of yourself. Enough from you. I won't be posting any more of your comments. I only posted you in case this person of which you speak needs to look out for a nut job jumping out of a bush at him.

    3. AnonymousJuly 12, 2013

      That is Jeff Smith. Hey Jeff, time for REHAB.

    4. How are things in Tacoma ?

  16. I made an exception for that last message Jeff, for my own reasons. Everything here is photo and video captured.


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