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Sunday, June 29, 2008

[CT] Ex Officer Begley' gets life for the interrupted murder of his wife.

...“He wrote a whole list of things he was going to do to her... It included he was going to kill her when he was done, and she knew that”...

New Britain Herald
By Lisa Backus
Jun 27, 2008
[Excerpts] A retired New Britain police officer was sentenced to life in prison June 19 for kidnapping and sexual battery. He was convicted by Florida authorities of torturing his estranged wife until she shot him in the chest to get away. Prosecutors said Daniel J. Begley Sr., 56, extracted a horrifying revenge for his wife’s leaving him by spending hours sexually torturing and threatening to kill her on the night of Nov. 5, 2006. “He tied her up and put duct tape over her mouth,” said Assistant State’s Attorney Rich Buxman, who prosecuted the case. “He put clothespins on her body, beat her with a hanger and at some point after he raped her, he inserted objects inside her”... Assistant State’s Attorney Lisa Herndon, who prosecuted the case with [Assistant State’s Attorney Rich] Buxman, told the jury the woman feared for her life and believed that when Begley was finished torturing her, he would kill her. The incident ended when Begley left the room to check on the couple’s children, whom Buxman estimated to be between 11 and 13 years old. The woman untied herself with her teeth, found his .38-caliber revolver and shot him in the chest after he returned, police said. She ran to a neighbor’s house, naked, to alert police to the incident. The woman has never been charged with a crime. While he was at the hospital being treated for the chest wound, police found a list in Begley’s clothing identifying the various methods of torture he planned to use on his wife. “He wrote a whole list of things he was going to do to her,” Buxman said. “It included he was going to kill her when he was done, and she knew that”... He was sentenced to life in prison June 19, and is designated a sex offender. Begley has 30 days to appeal the conviction and sentence... [Full article here]

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