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Thursday, June 5, 2008

[CT] Stalking Detective Bruneau working on erasing his charges

...[West Haven Police Detective William "Billy"] Bruneau is charged with 2 counts each of 2nd-degree stalking and 2nd-degree harassment... If Bruneau finishes the programs the charges would be wiped away... One message read, "I know where you live and I know where he lives... Tell the flavor of the month with you I took a good look. He ain't no match. Have a nice date"...

Note: Though victim feared that blue would protect blue, it appears that West Haven Police handled her complaints in a completely professional manner. That is so nice to see.

Cop accused of stalking seeks rehab
Connecticut Post, CT
NORWALK - A West Haven police detective who may have used his Police Department position to harass and stalk his Norwalk ex-girlfriend and her Stamford boyfriend applied Wednesday for two diversionary court programs that would erase four misdemeanor charges against him. William "Billy" Bruneau, 41, of West Haven, made the request during a hearing at state Superior Court in Norwalk before Judge Referee Jack Grogins. The programs called accelerated rehabilitation and the Family Violence Education Program could be granted as early as July 23 when Bruneau is scheduled to return to court. Bruneau is charged with two counts each of second-degree stalking and second-degree harassment stemming from an early January incident in Norwalk. If Bruneau finishes the programs, which can take up to two years to complete, the charges would be wiped away... Bruneau's arrest warrant indicates that Bruneau used his position in the West Haven police department to check the license plate of the man his ex-girlfriend had a date with on Jan. 4... One message read, "I know where you live and I know where he lives." Another said, "Tell the flavor of the month with you I took a good look. He ain't no match. Have a nice date." A West Haven police public affairs officer said right after Bruneau's arrest that the detective had been put on in-house suspension without police powers. Since his arrest, Bruneau has suffered a stroke, court records show. [LINK]
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  1. Bruneau jr retired after clearing his arrest record and finding no justice in Norwalk superior court as constitutional law is concerned, the accusers never presented themselves in court annd didn't respond to court correspondence. Bruneau jr remains healthy and is gainfully employed in his own company, having the knowledge that there is no justice in connecticut, he was wrongly charged and placed under arrest by a very unprofessional and cowardly police dept(Norwalk PD)

  2. Glad to hear that he has a new line of work. Was resigning a part of the deal? There are other jobs and fulfilling paths.

    As a cop he should have been held extra accountable for being deliberately ominous, but there should be world peace too - and there isn't.

    This blog is full of instances of accusers not showing up in court - for a host of reasons including fear and futility.

    Try to shake that "He was WACO'D" idea though because it leads to trouble in times of crisis or future run-in with law enforcement. It's kind of crazy to think - and voice - that there is no justice in the state of Connecticut.

  3. Ya know - YOU and/or/as former West Haven Police Detective William "Billy" Bruneau needs a new attitude. I just looked over some things and life has been very good to him despite his deliberate breaking of rules and laws. He was given the CHANCE / OPPORTUNITY to have his record expunged. Bruneau REQUESTED the chance to attend programs to get his record cleared - and permission was GRANTED (in the oh-so-unfair courts of Connecticut.)

    I see his victim had some FEARS. I would have been afraid too. He was playing scary games, and stalking often precedes domestic murders.

    I see when Bruneau hit an unrelated medical hard spot in his life that FOUR POLICE DEPARTMENTS, CITIZENS, COMMUNITY BUSINESSES, AND FIREFIGHTERS all rallied together to HELP him - not to mention his parents who, according to then-detective Bruneau "made a huge detour in their lives to come back home and care for their son."

    All that I can see is that despite misusing police database, sending 23 stalking texts and making scary calls to an ex, that life has turned out pretty good for Bruneau.


    Tell Bruneau they did their jobs.

  4. Detective caught stalking ex-girlfriend offered rehabilitation
    By Amanda Norris
    Posted on 07/24/2008
    [Excerpts] A West Haven police detective accused of stalking and threatening his ex-girlfriend and her new love interest was offered the chance to have his charges expunged in exchange for successfully completing two rehabilitation programs. William Bruneau, 41, of 280 Highland St., West Haven, appeared before Judge Jack Grogins in Norwalk Superior Court Wednesday. Grogins ruled that Bruneau would be allowed to attend family violence education and accelerated rehabilitation programs. Upon successful completion, the misdemeanor charges would not go on Bruneau's record... While the victim, who lives in Norwalk and had dated Bruneau for four years, was being interviewed by a Norwalk officer, Bruneau apparently sent 23 text messages to her phone from 8:45 to 11:50 p.m... Norwalk police contacted the state Department of Motor Vehicles who verified that a West Haven officer had checked the license plates of the victim's boyfriend on Jan. 3...

  5. AnonymousJuly 13, 2012

    I feel NO sympathy! Billy got nothing considering what he deserves. Bruneau had been breaking the law for many years’ using his badge to harass people for his friend’s even stooping as low as planting evidence to make arrests. I’ve even heard stories of Billy harassing the parents of his son’s hockey competitors back in the late 1990s. Billy knows exactly who the innocent people he hurt and if he ever tries to reinstate any kind of law enforcement career again, lawsuits will be filed.


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