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Thursday, June 26, 2008

[CA] Ex boyfriend on trial for murder of Officer Kaliah Harper

Attorneys made opening statements Tuesday in the trial of a man charged with the 2006 gunshot slaying of an off-duty Richmond police officer...

Previous entries:
Trial opens for man accused of killing off-duty Richmond police officer
Vallejo Times Herald
By Brian Hamline
VALLEJO - Attorneys made opening statements Tuesday in the trial of a man charged with the 2006 gunshot slaying of an off-duty Richmond police officer. Both counselors painted much different portraits of Quartus Lee Hinton, 29, who faces first-degree murder charges stemming from the Nov. 24, 2006, slaying of his ex-girlfriend, Richmond police Officer Kaliah Ashante Harper, outside the Fairfield Community Center following a memorial service for two children who had died in a traffic collision. Although he has repeatedly admitted to killing Harper, Hinton has pleaded not guilty... Solano County Deputy District Attorney Chris Pedersen said Hinton - a cousin of the two dead children - had lured Harper to the memorial at the Fairfield Community Center, and told her he wanted to talk to her outside. The pair apparently walked to Harper's gold Volkswagen Beetle and Harper was sitting in the driver's seat when, from the passenger side of the car, Hinton opened fire with a powerful handgun... "She went to the ground and he walked around the car and shot her several more times"... Chief Deputy Public Defender Michael Ogul did not dispute the allegation that Hinton pulled the trigger, but he told jurors that the parolee thought that Harper was going to kill him because of information about her that he had imparted to a Richmond Police Department watch commander after Hinton had ended his relationship with Harper... [Full article here]

Brother testifies in murder trial
San Jose Mercury News
By Brian Hamlin
VALLEJO — Quartus Hinton was frightened, irrational and packing a .45-caliber handgun prior to the 2006 fatal shooting of his ex-girlfriend, Hinton's older brother testified at his murder trial Wednesday... Questioned by prosecuting deputy district attorney Chris Pedersen, Hinton's older brother, Louis, said the defendant had approached him at his San Mateo home two weeks earlier, on Nov. 10, 2006, and seemed upset about trouble with Harper, his former girlfriend. "He had his car and his clothes... He was scared," Louis Hinton said. Hinton also had a firearm, which he believed was a .45-caliber handgun, the brother testified. "He was frightened and he wanted to kill himself," the brother said. The elder Hinton said he took the gun away from Quartus, but Quartus later asked for it back so he could "give it to somebody." Louis Hinton said he gave the gun back to his brother on the same day that Harper was fatally shot... During cross-examination by Chief Deputy Public Defender Michael Ogul, Hinton's brother said Quartus claimed Harper had been "messing with him" and he feared for his life because he had called the Richmond Police Department to complain about her after they broke up. After the call, Quartus Hinton told his brother he was afraid that Harper was out to get him. "He said he had cars with people chasing after him," Louis Hinton recalled. [Full article here]

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