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Saturday, June 7, 2008

[MD] Senator Brinkley- No arrest. No charges. Sallie used his hands to hit herself?

...she attempted to grab his hands and hit herself in the face with them... Brinkley opted not to take a lethality screening, which law enforcement officers use to determine if someone is in lethal danger of domestic violence. Many political officials are referring to it as a private matter... The incident resulted in no criminal charges...

State senator in domestic dispute Deputies respond to Brinkley home
Baltimore Sun
By Melissa Harris
June 7, 2008
[Excerpts] Frederick County sheriff's deputies responded to the Mount Airy home of Senate Minority Leader David R. Brinkley last week to investigate a reported domestic dispute involving his wife, according to the police report released yesterday. Brinkley, 48, accused his wife of slapping him in the neck and trying to grab his hands, and then using his hands to hit herself in the face, according to Deputy Orion G. Rustin, who responded to the home in the 12000 block of Barnett Drive about 8:20 p.m. May 30. Brinkley's wife, Sallie Brinkley, accused the two-term senator of hitting her in the face, grabbing her around the neck and biting her on the arm before she ran outside and locked herself in her vehicle, where she stayed until deputies arrived, according to the report. Earlier in the dispute, she had locked herself in an upstairs bedroom, the report says. Both spouses called 911, according to the report... "He's not going to resign," said Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller. "Husbands and wives have altercations all the time. I don't know any husbands or wives who haven't had altercations... I think things are going to be fine."Jacqui Nigh, an aide to Brinkley, said yesterday that she is taking a leave of absence from her job. She works in Brinkley's district office, which is in his home, she said...

Details emerge about disturbance at senator's home
Frederick News Post
By Meg Bernhardt
June 07, 2008
[Excerpts] A domestic disturbance prompted police to respond May 30 to the residence of state Sen. David Brinkley, according to a Frederick County Sheriff's Office report. The incident resulted in no criminal charges, and Brinkley is referred to as "the victim in this incident"... "We thank everybody for their calls and prayers of support," he said... Brinkley opted not to take a lethality screening, which law enforcement officers use to determine if someone is in lethal danger of domestic violence. Many political officials are referring to it as a private matter. Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller said Friday he has spoken with Brinkley over the phone. "I just said he's a very valued member of the Maryland Senate," Miller said. "We hope he works through these issues and we look forward to working with him in January." Miller, the leader of the largely Democratic chamber, called Brinkley a consensus builder. Maryland Republican Party Chairman Jim Pelura commented on the situation. "The facts of the story are there is no criminal investigation here; this is an unfortunate situation between Sen. Brinkley and his wife," Pelura said. "They are in counseling and they are trying to work it out, so that's wonderful." Maryland Democratic Party spokesman David Paulson had little to say. "Out of respect for the private life of Sen. Brinkley, the Democratic Party declines to comment," Paulson said... Delegate Rick Weldon, a Republican representing portions of Frederick and Washington counties, and chairman of Frederick's delegation, said lawmakers don't know the facts of the situation and shouldn't pass judgment. Delegate Sue Hecht, a Democrat representing Frederick County, said she is thinking about the whole Brinkley family... Sen. Alex Mooney, a Frederick County Republican, said he was surprised to read reports about Brinkley's marital problems. "I support David and his wife reconciling and pray for them," he said.

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  1. AnonymousJune 07, 2008

    Brinkley chief-of-staff takes leave of absence
    By Kevin Agnese
    June 6, 2008

    Jacqui Nigh, the chief-of-staff to the state Senate Minority Leader David Brinkley (R-New Market) has taken a leave of absence, saying she wanted to give the senator and his wife “personal time.”

    Today, the Frederick County Sheriff’s office confirmed to PolitickerMD.com that a domestic disturbance did occur at Brinkley’s home on May 30, but said further information was unavailable because there was no arrest or criminal charges filed. Brinkley acknowledged to the Frederick News Post that he and his wife are in counseling and “working on our marriage.”

    In an interview, Nigh did not address whether she played a role in the disturbance.

    “I’m not speaking to it at all,” she said when contacted by PolitickerMD.com.

    When the General Assembly is out of session, Nigh frequently works out of Brinkley’s home, which serves as his district office. She has been working for Sen. Brinkley since his first campaign for Delegate in 1994, as a member of his state staff for the last 12 years and helped engineer his successful primary challenge to incumbent Republican Sen. Timothy Ferguson in 2002.

    “I was not there,” Nigh said of the night the domestic disturbance occurred. “All I know is what I read in the Frederick News-Post.”

    “I have not spoken to the senator about it,” she added.

    Asked to comment on speculation that some Republicans will call for Brinkley to resign his leadership position over his personal problems, Nigh called it “disturbing.”

    “That sounds like someone who is trying to seek political gain at someone else's expense,” she said.

    But some Republican lawmakers may question whether her relationship with Brinkley worked to Nigh’s financial benefit.

    Besides her legislative job, Nigh was appointed in 2006 to the Maryland Racing Commission by Gov. Bob Ehrlich (R), replacing Terry H. Saxon, an Eastern Shore businessman. The commission is responsible for overseeing and regulating the state horse racing industry.

    The commission’s code requires that “at least three members must be knowledgeable or experienced in some aspect of thoroughbred racing, and at least three in some aspect of harness racing.”

    Nigh seems to be well qualified for the post.

    She is the daughter of Tom and Linda Winebrener, who are the proprietors of Fox Den Farm in Union Bridge, which according to their website, “is a complete equine facility specializing in the reproduction, care and marketing of the Standardbred horse.”

    A profile in the September 2006 publication of Maryland Horse, the official publication of the Maryland Horse Breeders Association, says that Nigh “has assisted her parents in their farm operation throughout her life, and also has worked in their family-owned sales agency. During her teenage years she ranked among the state’s leading junior riders, competing in the show ring aboard hunter jumpers.”

    Nigh confirmed that Brinkley did write a letter of recommendation on her behalf, but also said Del. Donald B. Elliott (R-District 4B) had done the same.

    In addition, Nigh said she listed Del. Richard B. Weldon (R-Brunswick) and former Del. Patrick Hogan (R) as references, but did not know if they were contacted to speak on her behalf.

    Nigh vehemently claimed that her appointment to the commission was based on qualifications, and not political favoritism.

    “My record stands for itself,” she said.

    “I’m 42-years old,” Nigh added. “This is what I love to do. I’m good at what I do.”

    Telephone messages left at Brinkley’s home and district office -- earlier and this evening -- have not been returned.


    Brinkley comments to Frederick News-Post, confirms domestic disturbance
    Questions Linger In GOP Ranks

    By Wally Edge
    June 6, 2008

    In this morning's edition of the Frederick News-Post, reporter Meg Bernhardt confirms the occurrence of an apparent domestic disturbance late last week at the home of state Senate Minority Leader David Brinkley (R-New Market).

    The Frederick County Sheriff's Office confirmed that deputies responded to an incident at Brinkley's home and that no criminal charges were brought, but would not release any further details "except through a formal Public Information Act request."

    Yesterday, rumors swirled in Annapolis that Brinkley was engaged in an extramarital affair leading to such an incident.

    "We are working on our marriage," Brinkley told the paper. "We have been in counseling. We are very optimistic on the outcome and frankly reinvigorated. We thank everybody for their calls and prayers of support. Our family is making time to work through this."

    Yet Brinkley's marital problems alone do not seem to be the issue casting dark shadows on his political future. Several state Republican leaders and insiders reached out to by PolitickerMD.com expressed that they are most worried that Brinkley's affair seems to have been with a member of his staff. The question of whether Brinkley improperly used the influence of his office to the staffer's benefit is the axis of his colleagues' concern.

    The arrival of these details could very well determine whether Brinkley can hang on to power.


  2. I wonder if anyone has bothered to ask Ms. Nigh's husband about his comments on the situation. It's well known that he worked for Mr. Brinkley on his campaings and his business.

  3. From what I have heard (from the horses mouth), someone SHOULD ask Mr. Nigh and Ms. Brinkley about their sides of the story. It is not uncommon knowledge that Ms. Nigh and Domestic Abuser Brinkley were caught mid-coitus by Mr. Nigh in his home when he returned home early from work. This is supposedly the event that touched off the entire event! But don't believe me - the truth is as simple as asking them!

  4. It doesn't matter. I get it, but I've made better choices. WE ALL have to be held to the law or we will be no better than society's that don't hold court before a stoning.

  5. Point taken; however, if the A.G. were to subpoena Brinkley's financial records, both personal and campaign, There would be at least one surprise for his constituents. The fact that Brinkley established a retirement annuity as a bonus for Ms. Nigh with one of the companies he sells them for, paid for from campaign funds and then collected commission on the deal, would seem to peak some interest of the legal type.


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