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Saturday, June 28, 2008

[PA] A cop in 3 towns - Officer Walter Johnson is charged with terroristic threatening

I keep rereading these few sentences trying to find the part that says he's in jail or that his ex's family is being protected. It's not there. They are all in my prayers.

Westview Officer Charged With Making Terroristic Threats
Suspect Works For Three Departments
WPXI.com - Pittsburgh,PA
June 25, 2008
A part-time Westview police officer has been issued a summons on charges he threatened to kill his pregnant ex-girlfriend and her family. Channel 11 news has learned Walter Johnson faces three counts of terroristic threats and one count of harassment. According to court documents, Johnson got into an argument with [BW], the mother of his three children, on June 22. The documents state Johnson threatened to smash the head of [BW]'s father, to hurt her mother, and to kill [BW] and her parents. Johnson works for Westview, Avalon and Crescent Township police departments. The Westview police chief said Johnson has been removed from the schedule and his job status with the department is pending on the outcome of the case. Channel 11 has left calls with the other police chiefs to find out the status of Johnson's employment.


  1. Whoever wrote that stupid comment about the victim's kids - take that somewhere else.

    1. This guy is now charged criminally with assaulting a suspect, and was previously fired by Avalon Borough for numerous infractions. Sounds like more is going on than a simple custody issue, and that he could benefit from anger managemement and another profession.

  2. I actually know this person very well and hes an excellent cop person and father i think hes being set up personally

    1. AnonymousJuly 19, 2012

      then why did he get fired? your as pathetic as him.he was adirty officer with no morals. the sad thing is pieces of crap like him can always just move on to another dept.too bad wally, i guesss you got set up again to get fired.you a loser

    2. AnonymousJuly 24, 2013

      and your an asshole for writing this . !

  3. This blog (like life itself) has many people who were thought to be great people by co-workers but killed family members, girlfriends, kids, etc.

  4. Well his not in jail. he beat all the charges. It was a custody battle and nothing more. Good guy fighting for his kids an u condemn him.

  5. It's not a surprise on this blog that he beat all the charges.

  6. http://www.wtae.com/news/local/allegheny/Ex-cop-arrested-accused-of-breaking-suspect-s-jaw/-/10927008/16236476/-/1fl8hu/-/index.html?absolute=true

    A former Avalon police officer is being held in the Allegheny County Jail, where he allegedly knocked out a suspect's tooth and broke his jaw.

    According to the criminal complaint, Walter Johnson was still a police officer in April when he arrested a man for attacking another officer on Cleveland Avenue and took him to the jail.

    At the jail, Johnson pushed the man into the cell with so much force that the man was lifted off the ground and his head slammed into the wall, causing "dislocated fractures" to his jaw and loose teeth, according to the complaint.

    Another officer came in and found the man in a pool of blood, and doctors found a tooth lodged in the man's airway, according to the complaint.

    Johnson was fired in June after another officer told the police chief to look at surveillance video of the incident and the chief called county police to investigate.

    Johnson was arrested Wednesday night and charged with aggravated assault and official oppression."

  7. this piece of garbage just got arrested on felony agg.assault, and official oppression.he wouldnt take a drug test, and he broke a persons jaw. what else do you think he has done.you peaple that stick up for him are just as bad as him.he has now been fired from 2 police depts.total piece of trash.his court date is aug 30 at tara smiths office.protesters should show up and tell them how you feel.there are unofficial rumors that tara and him get high together,so she will probably cut him more slack.the whole police dept in avalon are rouge cops.total garbage

    1. he was fired because he wouldnt take a ramdom drug test nice guy take your drugs then do them hihself

  8. Former Avalon police officer accused of assaulting man in jail cell
    By Adam Brandolph
    Thursday, August 23, 2012

    Allegheny County police arrested a former Avalon police officer who is accused of injuring a man in a jail cell.

    Walter Johnson, whose age and address were not available, was charged with one count each of aggravated assault and official oppression for causing what police said were serious injuries to Robert Szilagyi when he threw him into a holding cell at the station on April 20, according to a criminal complaint. Szilagyi was handcuffed at the time, police said.

    Police said Szilagyi suffered several broken bones and severe bleeding.

    Johnson was fired in June.

    Avalon police Chief Thomas Kokoski was not available for comment.

    Johnson was arrested on Wednesday, arraigned that night and released on his own recognizance.

    His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Aug. 30 before Bellevue District Judge Tara Smith.


  9. Fired Pa. officer charged with assaulting prisoner
    The Associated Press
    Friday, Aug. 24, 2012

    AVALON, Pa. -- A Pittsburgh-area police officer fired in July for refusing a random drug test has been charged with covering up his alleged assault of a handcuffed prisoner.

    Online court records don't list an attorney for the former Avalon Borough officer, 37-year-old Walter Johnson, who faces a preliminary hearing Thursday.

    Allegheny County police say Johnson threw the handcuffed man into a holding cell wall with such force that the man's jaw was broken and his teeth loosened - including one later found lodged in his airway. Investigators say another officer came in to find the victim lying in a pool of blood.

    Borough manager Harry Dilmore says Johnson was fired for insubordination. Police got a tip to check the holding cell surveillance video after he was fired and found evidence of the alleged April 20 assault.


  10. Does he still have have some cop jobs or has he lost all of them?

  11. the county detective's that i talked to said "hes fried, he will never be a cop again.


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